Clay County Communications, LTD

PO Box 954 * Clay, West Virginia 25043

   Everyone at the station is a volunteer. Thousands of hours have gone into building and operating WYAP. Even with volunteers and donations, this itty bitty radio station takes a money to stay on the air.    Our monthly operating budget is $350. If you like what you're hearing and know the importance of growing the platform for change in Clay County West Virginia, how about some help.

    Become a member:  Membership Dues are $30.00 per year. The $30 is used to help pay the electric, telephone, DSL bills, insurance and royalties. Becoming a member of YAP RADIO  gives you voting privileges for Board members each January and more. Send your $30.00 check or money order to: Clay County Communications, WYAP-LP ; PO Box 954; Clay WV 25043. You'll receive a membership card and the feeling that you've done something special for Clay County West Virginia 
   Our PaylPal button is located on the home page.

    On Air Sponsors:    Money is always involved. Clay County Communications is a non profit corporation and supported by people just like you, the folks that are interested in this county. For Clay County's public radio station to survive and grow, a business plan has been implemented. The plan calls for a three prong approach to financing such a weighty task. In addition to memberships, we depend on corporate sponsors and individuals for on air sponsors. Our rates are down right cheap, $20 per month. In return for being a sponsor your name and messages are mentioned at least 4 times during each 24 hour program cycle.
   For details on how you can get your corporate name mentioned around the world and locally on 101.7FM, email us, or give us a call, 304 587-8353.

Dec 9 2013 Christmas Board Meeting


   If you have suggestions please email us todayWYAP@frontiernet.net