WYAP Bd Meeting
Jan  18 2010   5pm
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

 New Year’s Dance statement
 Grants March 1 deadline, operation of News Dept, $25,000
Station Report
 Moving Room A to Room C, Cost $50+-
 Setting up transmitter at station for emergency times
 Frozen pipes
News Dept
 Meeting Coverage
 Public Affairs and distribution to FSRN, Pacificia
Valentines Dance Feb 13
Summer Jam Producer
Bingo Update
Election of Board
Election of Officers
Anything else?

  Jan 2010 Station Report


During the last 30 days or so….
   Volunteers remain steady, programming remains stable, two new shows, one environmental (Love this Planet) and one folk music (Midnight Special to be auditioned Jan 18th) have been added to our line up. Equipmentwide, nothing broke. We added one $300 set of headphones that are doing great. With that addition, we now have a spare set of headphones which could be used for a third sportscaster.
  Tiffany loaned WYAP around 50 CDs (New Country, Rock, &  some Christmas) which  have been ripped and added to the playlists. Leading up to Christmas, the Station Manager managed to delete nearly all our seasonal tunes. The producers of Trance on the Porch allowed us access to their resources plus some in my personal stash, we got thru the season OK.
  Basketball season is under way. Our sponsor request netted 10  bringing in $500 when all have paid.
  Before the big snow, the last of the concrete was added to the base of the new tower. Last support strap was added the day the tower was raised. We are ready for a boom truck to switch the antenna to the new tower.  TD has agreed to do the transfer as soon as the weather cooperates.
  The water lines froze up twice before the big snow. RW was paid $X to wrap the pipes. He did a good job but still the pipes froze up each time the temps dropped below 25 degrees.
   YAP went off the air Dec 19th during the first minutes of the big snow fall and did not return on 101.7 for seven days. Power was restored to the station in four days but not to the transmitter shed. During a time when we could have been a benefit to the county, we weren’t. That is unacceptable.
  Since we have an extra transmitter and antenna, my strong suggestion is to immediately: 1 Wire up the generator to the station breaker box; 2 Set up the old transmitter at the station; 3 Erect the old antenna on the existing aluminum pole above the stage.  Cost would include some connectors and coax, maybe as much as $125 at the most.
  If we do that, at least the town and some close by, in the valley, listeners would have a source for important information. The recommendation to the Board is to make this project priority one, above all else.
  Room A is very cold in the winter. Trying to do financials in that room is all but impossible. Suggestion: Trade out Room A with Room C. With all our junk in A and behind a closed door, we may look a  little more presentable.
  With money in place and very strong person to run it, the news department is ready to start up  in January. In addition to the coverage of public meetings, public affairs shows should also be produced and provided the world thru the Pacifica network download site, audioport.org.
  All in all, we ended 2009 in a very embarrassed fashion, off the air and unable to live up to our mission station.
Report prepared by A Waddell.

WYAP Financials
Jan. 11, 2010

Bank Statement 11-30-09 ~ 12-31-09
Auto Withdraws
$83.40 Web Hosting
$99.97 WWW.Newegg.com
$309.38 BSW
$4.13   NAPA
$26.50  Sweeper rental
$30.00  ATM  (to auction)
$11.02  AW reimbursement
$96.85  Frontier
$171.57  Elk Power
$35.90  Clay Water
$28.89  Family Dollar
$8.80   Stamps USPS
$70.00  Senior Center
$20.90  Clay Auto Parts
$30.00  Simpson Neal
$33.39  Family Dollar
$25.00             Ron Walls (repairs)
$1,073.01   Total Debits
$    0                Credits
$720.02 Closing Balance
No checks out since statement!!
$800.00           Deposit 1-8-2010
$1,520.00        New Balance as of 1-8-2010*
Bills paid on 1-8-2010
$199.18  Elk Power
$20.37  Southern States
$35.90  Clay Water
$96.05  Frontier
$297.00  BMI
$30.00             Tiff Reimbursement from party
$841.52     Balance to the best of my knowledge
We still owe $252.00 to ASCAP and $120.00 to SESAC.
Financial Report page 2
Jan 11, 2010
Monies received from our New Year’s Eve Party
Blue Tickets   $68.50
Red Tickets $104.55
Cake Walks $10.72
Donations $95.00
  $278.77 Total (Best Party Ever)
Basket Ball Sponsor’s money received
$50.00  Kate’s Florist
$50.00  Salisbury Auto Salvage
$50.00  Michael Asbury
$50.00  Mountaineer Mini Storage
$50.00  Fred & Liz Sampson
$50.00  Jack Brown
$50.00  Tiff’s Tees
$80.00  AW Donation
$50.00             Fred & Liz Sampson (Membership)
$800.00  Deposit which was made on 1-8-2010
All change went in the change box.
Prepared by:  Tiffany Farmer (Secretary/Treasurer)

December 7, 2009


Fred Sampson -  Vice President
Andy Waddell  - Vol. Station Manager
Tiffany Farmer – Secretary/Treasurer
Dave Derby
Dana Perkins

Fred called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.
Andy moved to approve previous minutes which were not on the agenda Dave seconded.
Dave moved to approve the meeting minutes Tiffany seconded.

Check 2103 had not cleared the bank and was sent back to us.  It was written out to the wrong company.  The check will be reissued to Pacifica for the same amount. The financial report was discussed including checks out since statement, all bills paid up to date except Southern States that arrived yesterday.  Dana moved to approve financial report and Dave seconded.

New Media Grant:
Discussion was held on the New Media Grant we need to apply for it Andy agreed to do so.  He thinks the due date for applying is March 1.

Tiffany is to send a letter to find out the statis of the application we sent in a while back for increase of power. (FCC application)

Andy is ordering a new headphone/mic combo for the station/ballgames.  We are in need on a new set. Cost around $270 for the new set.

Tiffany to send Josh and TG a Christmas card thanking them for all they do for the station in the sports season.

Dana made the motion to approve the station report Dave seconded.

Football sponsors are needed as of now we have
Tiff’s Tees, Delta, Napa, Nancy Updagrave Ins. We still need about 6 more sponsors.

Work party was held all is done except for putting up the Clayberry pole for new years and adding plastic to the windows.  Andy is going to see if Ron Walls can put up the pole for us.  Dave approved the report and Dana seconded.

Christmas party:
Andy is to reserve the senior bldg. today for the 19th for WYAP’s Christmas party.  Tiffany is organizing the party.  We have give a-ways and decorations already.  Tiffany will make up a nice basket for the station to raffle off. Fred is checking to see if they still have the round table cloths from last year.  Tiffany is going to make up an invite to pass around town and will hand deliver them to the businesses/folks in town.

Dana moved to adjourn and Fred seconded.
Prepared by T Tiffany


WYAP Bd Meeting
Feb 14  5:15pm

 Budget Digest
 ACT, Gaye Evans leaving
 Valentine Dance Report
Station Report
 Gospel Hour, Route 66, Vault, Bridgette
 Clean Up Time
 Josh and Brian
 B Ball
 Baseball and Softball season
Summer Activities
 Healthy Stuff
 June Jams Acoustic
 Drive In movie
 July Bingo
 August ?
Public Comment

Station Report Feb 2010


   All the financials and puter from Room A have been moved to Room C for Tiffany’s use. Also: the counter tops from A were also installed in C for use as a workstation. Room C is now for storage.  Keeping that door closed may help reduce our heating bill expense since we’re only heating three rooms now.
  Since last meeting, a used ceiling fan ($20) was purchased as well as a nice plastic folding table ($40).  Jan Franetti donated an overhead projector to the station. Not sure what we’ll use it for, but we got one.
   No additional shows added since Jan 18th Bd meeting. Midnight Special shows are very nice and have been aired three times so far. One new Zydeco CD ripped and ready for air play.
    Cheryl White, head of our news department, will come in for the first time Tuesday the 9th for getting our heads together. First topic: DSL, and the Frontier merger. Hope to have the first installment ready in a week or so. If it comes out pretty good, will submit the effort to Pacifica and FSRN for possible airing.
   Basketball season schedule is all messed up due to weather related cancellations. Games are now coming back to back. Our volunteer sportscasters are doing a good job and provide good coverage.
   Friday afternoon Feb 5th, puter #2 went south. This is the unit all broadcasters use for downloads, finding web based info and emailing. Without it, we’re hurting big time.  Will try and get Pete to look at it ASAP.
   Other than the puter, all else is working fine.
  Report prepared by A Waddell

  February 10
Financial Report

BINGO Account Balance   111.98

Beginning balance    242.86

Budget Digest    2,579.38
Returned BSW Speaker   259.99
293.00 (Kearns $100 New Yrs Eve       blue tickets $89, New Yrs Ever red tickets $94)

Total Deposits     3,132.37

2211      25.00 Rent/ New Yrs Party
2212       815.00 Delta Ads
2213      11.00
2215       75.39 Clay Water
2217      106.00 Frontier
2218       121.00 SESAC

Total Debits     1,153.39

Ending Balance     2,221.84

Since Last Statement
Checks out
2214           435.34 Elk Power
2219          2,500.00 Peter Triplett
2220      12.00 Ashleigh Cutler
2221      16.00 Ashleigh Cutler
As of 2/10/11       -741.50 is in the bank

Bills Owed
State      25 Business License
Clay Water Works    35.90
Black Diamond Power   686.71
ASCAP     255.00 Royalty
Frontier     194.91
Delta      335.00 Advertising
BMI      301.00 Royalty

Deposits      50.00 Bball sponsor NAPA
      50.00 Radio Add Central WV Aging
      50.00 Bball sponsor Updegrave
      50.00 Bball sponsor Teresa’s Place
      50.00 Bball sponsor Delta Com.
      50.00 Mike Asbury
      50.00 Bank of Gassaway
      25.00 Bball Donation, Carole Pierson

from Jan. 18, 2010 Meeting


   Present: Fred Sampson - Vice President; Andy Waddell - Vol. Station Manager; Tiffany Farmer – Secretary/Treasurer; Dave Derby, Elizabeth Sampson, Frank Tobia
   Fred called the meeting to order at 5:20 pm. Meeting minutes were discussed Dave motioned to accept the minutes, Andy seconds, no one opposing.
   The New Year’s Party was discussed we cleared approximately $218.00.
   Financials were reviewed and found in order Elizabeth motions to approve the financials, Tiffany seconds.
  March 1st is the deadline for operation of News Dept. grant in the amount of $25,000.
  Station Report: We discussed the need to be on the air in cases of an emergency such as the past storm where the public wasn’t aware of where to go to a shelter or to get water.  The antenna needs to be put up at the station and equipment for emergency broadcast, etc. Frank made the motion to approve, Dave seconds motion passed. Our generator is 5,550 watts.
   News Department:  Motion made for a contract with Ms. White for the ACT News Grant for local news, conditions to be specified in the written contract.
   If the Senior Center is available on Feb. 13, 2010 we plan on a Valentine’s Dance.  Andy will check with them on the date.
  Bingo update: The building at two-run is available for use for bingo as soon as the license is updated.  Andy is to check on the updating of license ASAP.
  Board Elections were held  11 people were voted for and are board members, Pete, Fred, Dana, Liz, Dave, Andy, Tiffany, Dawn, Kayla, Frank, and Josh. New members to the Board of Directors are: Dawn Mullins, Kayla Farmer, & Josh Shamblin.
   Elizabeth made the motion to retain the current officers which are as follows Peter Triplett - President, Fred Sampson – Vice President, & Tiffany Farmer – Secretary/Treasurer, Frank seconds the motion Dave closed nominations everyone agreed.
   Dave suggested we review and discuss the by laws next meeting Tiffany seconded.
   Meetings will be left at the 5:15 pm time.  Elizabeth moves to adjourn Tiffany second meeting closed.
Prepared by Tiffany Farmer

WYAP 2010 Valentines Dance


I recounted all the envelopes the girls counted.
Donations $19.00
Cake Walk $11.00
Memberships $ 60.00   Danny Eagle, Polly Belt, Don Samples
Red Tickets $67.00      Baskets (The girls had $85.00 wrote on the envelope)
Blue Tickets $100.00    Little gifts
I added the $8.00 in change & the $20 for AW’s dues which totaled the $285.00 deposit
   All of the envelopes were counted correctly except for the red ticket envelope which was $18.00 short for what ever reason.
Prepared by:  Tiffany Farmer


March 15 Bd Meeting 5:15
At the station
Everyone Welcome


   08 Budget Digest Ready    AW
   New Voices Grant   AW
   10 Budget Digest  AW
   Bingo Update      AW
   Membership Update   Tiff
Station Report
Summer Jam  Need Producer Now
News Dept
Non Profit Tax Conference

Station Report March 15 2010


   A year ago YaP invested in a better quality headphone set in the live booth. We did that because the cheapy units would break after a  couple months of use. The better quality set is now getting fuzzy. Heads up for a need to replace sometime soon.
  In the way of programming ….
  For about five months we’ve been airing a tape delayed  three hour Thom Hardmann Show M thru F beginning at 4pm. The  format is a live call in on current events listened to by 3m  a day. Because of the delay, local listeners have not been able to participate via the tele.
  Beginning today the show will be available to 101.7 FM in real time, noon to 3pm.Since we’re required to do a station ID at the top of each hour, there may be a problem with the shows. Am working on that now. The noon start starts fits a little better with our schedule of AK-94 on Wed at 3:30 and Fred on Thursday’s at 6pm
 Our news dept is up and running with Cheryl White providing the casts. The first one on broadband in our area is in the can and has been aired. The first one wasn’t perfect but it’s a darn good start.
  Late nights’ we’re airing two hour music shows including: Trance on the Porch; Kaleidoscope, and Midnight Specials. The last two are eclectic in nature and offer a variety of sounds.  Also, DJ Mark in the Ozarks is offering 59 minute shows featuring Bing Crosby. We have 10 shows available now and have used four of em. More offerings are coming n a monthly basis.
  So far WYAP has not included much if any classical music. That’s about to change with the addition of Mountain Music from Gordon Hall in CT. Each year 26 shows are available that feature chamber music, string music. Not sure how it’s going to go over but we’re going to try it.
   The station made it thru the winter without any major damage to report. The equipment is operating well and stable. Volunteers came thru again and we were able to sportscast all home basketball games.  It’s time to move the antenna to the new tower as soon as TD is available to donate time. Hope that happens this month.
   Sadly, the opportunity to apply for a full power license didn’t work out. Turns out the only area in West Virginia allowed to apply was in the St Mary’s area of the state.
  Prepared by A Waddell

WYAP – LP 101.7 FM
Financial Statement
March 6, 2010


Bank Statement dated 1-31-10 ~ 2-28-10
Beginning Balance   $818.91
Total Debits    $802.98
Total Credits   $535.00
Closing Balance   $550.93
2-8-10      $250.00
2-16-10    $285.00
Auto Withdraw
2-4-10       $25.00        check #2137  (SOS Fee) Secofstate WV Treasury
$60.00  Jan Panetti   table & fan
$100.00  Pacifica
$21.08   Family dollar
$97.01  Frontier
$35.90  Clay Municipal Water
$252.00  ASCAP
$200.00  Elk Power
$11.99   Foodland water
At this time no checks are out and the check book is to the penny once again.
Bills due at this time but not paid yet
SESAC  $120.00
Clay Municipal Water $35.90
Elk Power Co.  $350.16    ($91.92 was left over from last month)
Frontier  $96.18
Total due $602.24
Prepared by Tiffany Farmer

From February 8, 2010


Present:  Pete, Andy, Tiffany, Kayla, Dave, Dana, Josh, Fred, & Elizabeth.
   Pete called the meeting to order at 5:30.  We discussed the minutes Andy moved to accept the minutes Fred 2nd all others agreed.
   A briefing was done on the financials we didn’t have our bank statement for a full financial report at this time.  We still also have 2 basketball sponsors who have not paid which are Delta and Mike Asbury.
   Membership drive needs to be started and will be started this weekend at the Valentines party which needs to be a success. Dana Perkins name needs added to the membership list. Pete made the motion for Tiffany to do membership letters for a mass mailing after the party is over and she has time to breathe. Dana 2nd. Fred agreed to cover the cost of postage.
   Station report was discussed we have computer problems Pete is on the case.  We are going to get the generator hooked up so when the lights are out we can still be on the air. Our Tax and SOS licenses are good until June 30, 2010. The $25. sec. of state fee was paid for 2011.  We now have an agreement with Clay Senior Center for Bingo and approved usage.
   We have a grant due by Mar. 4. for the news dept.  We applied for ACT grant for general operating expenses for $335.00 a month.  The budget digest needs done now!!  We are going to ask for new equipment such as head set, zircon, hand recorders, hard drive backup, and karaoke equipment.  Dave suggests a banner with our logo on it for the games and the need for a station mascot.
   Josh is to talk to Parks & Rec. about telephone lines for the baseball season and local programming for the sports program.  Kayla is to make a poster for the high school recruiting more high school broadcasters for another teen show.
   We discussed the need to change the by laws such as missing meetings etc.  Elizabeth is to work on the by laws and we shall read, discuss, tweak, and decide acceptance for the next meeting.  Andy moved to except Josh 2nd.
Meeting adjourned 6:57.
Minutes prepared by Tiff


April  5 2010   5;15
At the Station

 Budget Digest
 Media Voices
 Membership Campaign
 Bingo Application
Station Report
 News Dept
Summer Jam
 Producer Needed
 Community Support
 Town, CAEZ, BDA, Solid Waste
Spring Work Party
Anything Else?

Station Report
April 12, 2010


   Equipment wise : the live booth camera is not publishing images as it should. All other equip appears to be functioning 100%
   Emails have been sent for Mountain Music programs in the near future. There is no cost for the 2 hours offerings.
   We now have a dozen of so new Spring or Summer PSAs to freshen the playlists.
   With the resignation of News Director Cheryl White, that department operation is stalled. Newspaper and web ads will be placed soon for a new Director.
   With warm weather here, we need a good clean up of the station, lot, and welcome center. The sooner the better would be great.
  Dale M is donating a working ‘puter to the station.
  Short and sweet, March was a very quiet month.
AW end

  WYAP Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2010


Present:  Andy, Pete, Tiffany, Josh, Kayla, Fred
  Pete called the meeting to order at 5:19    Motion to accept the previous minutes, Fred motion,  Josh 2nd .  Motion passed.
  At this time we are holding off  by law changes until Elizabeth is back.
  Financials were discussed about how much we have left in the bank and how much we owe at this time.  All agreed to pay $200.00 to Elk power and pay $96.18 to Frontier. Fred motion to approve the financials Andy 2nd. Passed
   Budget digest 08 : Pete will gather current receipts to go toward the grant   Board motioned and approved applying for a 90 day note for up to $3,000.00 at the Bank of Gassaway to be repaid from the 08 Budget Digest grant.  Vote was unanimous.
  New Voices Grant:  Andy applied for a $25,000 2 year news department grant. AW felt the chances are slim at best but we are in the running.  We may know something by summer’s end.
   2010 Budget Digest:  Andy applied to all Senators and Delegates for money for back up equipment. We should know something by fall. If successful, those funds would be available in late 2011 or ’12.
  Bingo the application still hasn’t been turned in yet. Membership Tiffany is to start with 22 membership letters.
   Station report: Headset is fuzzy we have a need for a new one at a later date.   A new show Mountain Music will bring  classical music, mountain music, chamber music, string music.  MM is free of royalties.
   FCC: The full power license we applied for was only available in St. Mary’s WV.
   Summer Jam: Josh Shamblin agreed he would serve as Producer.  We also discussed asking Tom Pringle to  volunteer for the warm weather outdoor productions.
   News Dept. Cheryl White is starting our news dept. she is doing a once a week show.
   Non profit tax conference coming in April. Elizabeth and Andy may attend.
   CCHS Baseball games start soon. To sportscast from Clay County Park, we need a land line.  Josh is to get with Parks and Rec. to check about getting land lines in.
   Andy moves to adjourn Josh 2nd all others agreed.
report prepared by T Farmer


WYAP 101.7 FN
May 10  2010 5:15pm
At the Station
Everyone Invited


Station Report
 Music Mt
 Stage Cleaned Dave
 License received
 First Event Friday May 28
 Monthly and July Schedule
 Health Grant: Basketball & Streakers Club
 BDA Request
 Town request for dumpster, cones and barrels
 Solid Waste request for dumpster and sponsorship
 Bank Loan Received
 Use of Bank  $$
Celebration Weekend
Work Party

May 2010


  Since last meeting Jason Hubbard has joined the ranks of volunteer broadcaster. Learning quickly, he is now on his own doing a blend of modern music with little commentary. With each show he is getting more confident and is talking more. Great!
  YAP has added its first chamber and classical music show, Music Mountain from Connecticut.  The two hour presentation is being aired Sunday thru Wed nights. Soon I plan to start it on Sunday afternoons.
  Station gear is all working fine with good dependability as long as the DSL holds up.
   We now have an outside garden hose faucet installed on the back of the stage. I plan to donate my old garden hose as soon as I get a new one.
  Dave Derby spent several hours pressure washing the stage, porch, steps, and ramp. It looks much better
  M.C. is cutting our grass and weed whacking     Price $35 each time.
   Without a producer, Summer Jam is dead. Attempts have been made to find a responsible and willing party but without luck. Hate to see such a fine draw for the county die but it has. Sad.
  WYAP will start advertising the Small Town America Celebrations. The Memorial Day event is three days including: Bingo, yard sales, Karaoke, lawn mower racing and concerts. Posters will go up this week.
  Last summer 101.7 purchased 2 cornhole courts. To do our Friday night contests we really need at least one more court, preferably, two more courts and bags. Bill Dunn has agreed to let us use the Pedal Paddle ones this summer, no charge.
   A work party is really needed. Projects include: opening welcome center, steam cleaning carpet, moving room A to the storage area, a general clean up and window washing,  erecting backdrop on stage, and moving PA system to the station.
Report prepared by  A Waddell


WYAP 101.7 FM
Financial Statement
May 25, 2010

Bank Statement
Balance forward   $550.93
Total Debits       $516.80
Total Credits         $2,845.00
Closing Balance    $2,879.13
Checks written
$200.00  Bingo
$250.00   Elk Power
$35.00    Matt Carte (grass)
$19.46    Family dollar
$12.34   Foodland
      Closing Balance  $2,879.13
Checks since the statement
$50.00  CCHS Royalty
$25.00   CHS Boosters
$80.00  Clay Water
$300.00  Elk Power
$200.00 Frontier
$33.00 Cody (repairs)
$9.01 Family Dollar
$34.95  Family Dollar
$20.00  Ginos
$40.00  Matt Carte (grass)
$211.80  Bingo Shop
$18.49  Family Dollar
$35.00  Senior Center (rent)
$502.77  Insurance (paid in full)
$50.00  Farm Store
         New balance as best figured at this time  $1,269.11
Bills still owed at this time
SECAC  $120.00
Elk Power $124.31
Water  $38.37
Frontier $189.32
Totaling $472.00
Prepared by:  Tiffany Farmer

WYAP 101.7 FM
Meeting Minutes
from the April 12, 2010


Present:  Pete, Tiffany, Kayla, Andy, Dana, & Dave
   Andy moved to change the agenda minutes to discuss corn hole grant and a walking grant.  Dana made a motion to approve the minutes Andy 2nd all others I.
   Financials were discussed Andy move to pay $200.00 to the power co. and $110.00 to Frontier and $50.00 to Clay Water.  Pete 2nd and all others agreed.
Andy moved to change the bank signature card to Pete Fred & Tiffany.  Dana 2nd all others agreed.
   Delegate Walker said were getting $2,000.00 from the House of Delegates.
Randy White may provide some money also.  Cheryl White is done as the news department head.  Do to family illness. We will start the search for a new department head.
   Bingo licenses were approved.  Senior center at two run is approved for holding our games there.  AW to get with Dawn to see what night a week and to see about starting in May.
   We have received 5 memberships back and he is going to send more.  He is also going to place an ad for a new news department director.
Josh has said he no longer wants to be the producer for Summer Jam.  Timmy James was called we haven’t heard back from him.  Bill Triplet was also called.    Summer Jam will not go on this year unless we get a producer ASAP. But we will do the 3 celebrations.  Aw is going to go to some meetings to see about getting some financial support.
   A cleaning party needs done ASAP.  Deck washed, windows washed etc.  set for April 24, @ 12:00  The need for an outside faucet was approved by AW Dave 2nd all other I.
   Terry Duffield might move the antenna tomorrow or ASAP.  AW to see about a corn hole grant 500.00 and have every Friday night corn hole games.  AW to see about a grant for walking Nada will lead the group.  Pedometers, socks, t-shirts, etc.  2 times a week.  Andy moves to apply to the health dept. for the corn hole and walking challenges Dana 2nd all others I.
   Meeting adjourned 6:54pm
Prepared by Tiffany Farmer

JUNE 2010

AGENDA June 17 2010
WYAP-LP 101.7 FM
At the station  5:15pm
Everyone Welcome


   ACT Operations Grant
   Bank Loan
   Benidum Grant
Station Report
   Main Puter Issues
   New Shows
   Cornhole / Movies
Fas Chek Sign Lease
Possible Move Update
   Location Options
July Celebration
   Schedule additions
   Start times
   Volunteers needed

June 10 Station Report


New programming added since last meeting includes:
  Juke in the Back – outstanding 50’s music show including in depth history of that era. Airs late night Fridays and Saturday mornings. 60 minutes
  Music Mountain –  2 hr  chamber music show from CT includes background info. Very good and equal to any public radio show today. Airs Sunday Monday and Tuesdays late night
  Kitchen Cuisine -  cooking show, 30 minutes, with background on food
  Curious Show -  30 minutes, in depth exploration of a single topic each offering. Very professional
Our main drive puter is acting up. Shut downs are coming every few days resulting in being off air. Bad audio driver messages are also reducing on air time. Hope to get Pete in real soon to figure out the problem. If that puter goes down, we go off the air. Poof!
The AK 94 show and Roundtable shows are taking the summer months off. Jason Hubbard’s on air offerings have cut back. Lisa Heidebrecht insomnia show airs about once a week. Dave continues his music shows usually once a week, Sunday’s often.
  Friday night cornhole contests have been lightly attended but are catching on with kids coming. One Friday night movie has been shown. Around a dozen attended that offering.
prepared byA  Waddell

WYAP 101.7 FM
Meeting Minutes
from May 10, 2010


    Present Andy, Tiff, Dave, Kayla, Dana, Fred, Liz     Fred called the meeting to order @ 5:26 pm
    Minutes were discussed Dana motioned to approve Dave 2nd all others I meeting minutes were approved.  The station report was discussed Tiff motioned to approve Kayla 2nd Liz moves to approve the minutes Dana 2nd.  All others I.
   Bingo licenses were received and  plans to start Friday May 28th at the Senior Center at Two Run.  Andy wants to plan bingo every night in July.  Games will always be held at the senior center –two run.  Time will be Friday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 supplies will be around $360.00 we will also have special games. Discussed getting with Lizemore fire dept. to borrow their machine.  Andy to check on insurance for 6 month premium instead of 12.  Liz wants it paid in full.  Andy to check about a figure for the EAS to get a figure and if it is less than $500.00 get it done.  Fred moved Liz 2nd.
Memorial Day Celebration
Fri. Bingo
Sat. Dances, Karaoke, dance contest, concert Tiff & Tom
Sun. Lawn Mower races, band
AW wants to do cornhole & a movie on Friday nights. AW  May 15 E-990
Meeting adjourned Fred motioned Liz 2nd all others I.
Minutes prepared by Tiffany Farmer


July 12 2010
Bd Meeting
At the Station  5:15pm


 ACT Grant
 Celebration Proceeds
Station Report
 News Dept
 Friday Night Stuff
 B Ball update
 Busted speaker
 Repaired speaker
Bingo Update, schedule, $$
CCC Update, meeting, RT, Sign, other locations
July Celebration Comments
Labor Day Celebration Changes

July 2010 Station Report


 Programming additions include a new “Kitchen Cuisine” 30 minute show ona  weekly basis. New shorts include the ACLU Legal minute and Health Bites from Layna Berman.
  New Dept Director Tammy M Rose is continuing with her 7 minute Tree Hugger Environmental shows. She has completed her third installment. A Kiddie segment is  now included in each show.  Newbee JH has not been seen or heard from since the last Board meeting.
  All in all, our program line up has improved big time this year. The quality of each is actually very good. The short fall for the station is local content programming. Listenership most likely would go up if there were more of the local shows and programs.
   Friday night Cornhole and Movie XXX have been lightly attended so far this year.  Well worth continuing, WYAP is making the opportunity available. Best of all, it’s nice to have something to do each Friday night.
   Three Bingo match ups have been held. With a minimum of 15 needed to play, we’ve made that number on all occasions. Considering the amount of work it takes for the games and the income potential, it’s well worth the effort.
    Since the donation of the plastic letters by Fairview Baptist, YAP has been using the big Fas Chek read a board sign. It is a real benefit for the operation since it allows instant notice for anything we’re up to.
  So hows the Welcome Center doing? Were averaging 2 rolls of TP each week. During the last Celebration, we ran thru 4 rolls of the stuff in 48 hours.
  Equipment wise, we managed to blow up the small retro PA speaker during the last Drive In Movie. According to Simpson Neal, it’s toast. AW is lending an identical unit for summer use at the movies and Bingo.  The cheapy garden hose (Family Dollar) has blown apart for the second time. When someone gets to Charleston, we need to purchase a heavy duty hose.
Prepared by A Waddell 

WYAP 101.7 FM
Meeting Minutes
from June 17, 2010


   Present:  Dave, Fred, Liz, Pete, Tiffany, Kayla, Andy    Meeting opened at 5:15
   Financials were discussed including ACT grant, Bank Loan, and the Benidum grant.  Andy is to see what we need to do for the community grant.  Pete moved to approve financials Fred 2nd all others Aye.
   Station report:  We have issues with the main computer Pete is to check on fixing it.  We have now added new shows and now are offering corn hole and drive in movies each Friday night. Dave moved to approve the station report Tiff 2nd all others I.
   Fas Check sign lease was discussed and approved by all. AW will try to secure a formal lease
   Possible move update options were discussed and all agreed to check all options.  AW to check with J. Sizemore.  Elizabeth agreed to check with a Two Run property owner as a possibility. Andy to also talk to the Dentist office about use of the red wall for advertising.
   Bingo was discussed. Our first games had  a good turn out.  State Code requires WYAP to open a Bingo checking account.  Andy moved to open the checking account at the Bank of Gassaway and Dave 2nd , all others  Aye. Discussion on reopening the Celebration account with all in agreement if that old account still exists.
  Motion by Fred, 2nd by AW to change signature officers on both checking accounts to be, Peter Triplett, Fred Sampson and Tiffany Farmer. Motion passed
   July celebration was discussed and we need all hands on deck for the celebration to help out.  We have a lot of new additions added this time and intend on starting later in the day so it will be alittle cooler.  As many volunteers are needed as possible.
   Fred moved to adjourn and Pete 2nd all others  Aye.
  Prepared by:  Tiffany Farmer


Board ReScheduled Meeting
Aug 23 2010

 Bingo Proceeds
 Spending Bingo
 Bank Loan
 ACT Grant
By Law Change, 2nd and final reading
  To provide a method to remove Board members for non participation in three functions without prior excuse to read: Without an excused absence submitted in advance, absence of three functions in a row shall be grounds for automatic removal from the Board of Directors.  Change to be retroactive date of first reading.
Station Report
 New & Lost Programs
 Floor Damage
 Termites and other Nasties
 Moving Update  Location Search
Spending Quickly
 RAM Memory
 New Sportscaster Box and Headphones
 New PA Speaker
 New Outdoor Music Cable
 New Shure Mic for Room C
 Repair Speaker Peavey
 Fixing EAS

Labor Day Celebration
Football Season

Aug 2010 Station Report


  With Aug nearly behind us here’s the station report for July and Aug
  YAP has aired environmental show Earthbeat for five years. The hour long weekly series came to an end July 31st due to financial short comings. In other down side news, Jason hasn’t been at the station this summer with his late evening offerings.
   We’ve got bad bugs.  If you look around the door openings you will notice some kind of dusty powder droppings. I think that’s the residue from termites attacking us.
   The Board asked about painting the red wall across Main street. I checked with Bowan Dental and home owner Denise Holcomb. Neither say they own the block retaining wall.  Wonder if RT own’s it?
   We have one more basketball rim to assembly and erect. I can’t figure it out and am in need of a mechanic for that project.
   The Labor Day Celebration is Sept 3 thru 5. To make it  a success, we need all the volunteer help we can muster.
   Bingo game fundraisers are going well. The loaned bingo equipment is working well.  We are averaging around 10 players each time. That number needs to go up to around 25 or so to make some real money.  The Senior Center location is fine with ample parking and good HVAC.
   The new Shure mic  arrived and is installed in Room C for PSA work. A few new PSA’s have been recorded. Nice sound!  The new sportscaster box and headset combo arrived. Initial trial use was very encouraging. We’ll know during the first football game in three weeks. The unit offers the ability to hook up to a cell phone and can be battery powered.   With those capabilities WYAP can now do a broadcast from anywhere cell phones work.
   I ordered a bunch of new RAM memory strips ($133) to boost station puter performance. I ordered the wrong strips and they will have to be returned (15% restocking fee) and reordered.
  TG Griffith has agreed to sportscast the CCHS football games. Emails to his asst. Josh Shamblin have gone without a response. New CCHS principal Melinda Issacs said WYAP is a go in the press box for 2010.   Last year Tim James agreed to serve as a back up sportscaster. This year I asked Tim if would be interested in heading up CMS football game sportscasts. No response yet.
A Waddell 

WYAP 101.7 FM
Financials for August 16, 2010

Statement date 6-30-10  - 7-31-10
Balance Forward   $696.60
Total Debits  $1,479.10
Total Credits  $1,292.00
Closing Balance  $ 509.50

7-2-     Deposit  $462.00
7-7      Deposit  $790.00
7-13    Deposit   $40.00

Checks paid:
Elk Power $103.98
Kates Florist  $102.50
Frontier  $188.50
Clay Water $74.37
SESAC  $120.00
Southern States $84.55
Matt Carte $40.00
WV Surplus $40.00
Foodland $28.84
Maxine Metheny  $70.00
Senior Center  $35.00
Clay Water $39.49
Sampson Neal $20.00
Frontier $98.87
James Thacker  $350.00
Matt Carte  $35.00
Tammy Rose  $48.00

Checks out since statement:
Delta (Water Chips for Bingo)          $39.00
Bank of Gassaway (Renew Loan)     $38.16
Family Dollar                                       $23.36
Tiff (Reimbursement)                        $200.00
Foodland                                              $12.34

Deposit was made since statement on 7-12 for $3,000.00
Balance to the best I can figure is about $3,196.64
Prepared by:   Tiffany L. Farmer

WYAP 101.7 FM
Meeting Minutes For
July 2010


Present:  Pete, Andy, Fred, Tiff, Kayla, Dave, & Dana
Meeting called to order at 5:25 pm

Minutes were discussed Dana moved to approve Andy 2nd.

AW is to get with the Dentist office about painting the wall.
The ACT general operations grant in the amount of $3,000 is to be released to us soon.

Bank loan is due Fred motioned to extend the bank loan Dave 2nd all others I.  The Act Grant goes in savings. We need to purchase equipment to receive reimbursement for the Budget Digest.  All agreed equipment is needed.

Station report
Motion to remove clause that there are to be no kids at bingo.  All agreed.  Flyers should be hung to advertise the bingo better.

Tammy Rose is now heading the News Dept. and doing well.

A Bingo report is due soon.  We are going to donate to the Lizemore Fire Department.  Fred makes the motion Dana 2nd.

We are still talking about locations.
July celebration comments
Fred would make no changes to our celebration.

Labor Day Changes
Andy thinks that we should change the time from 3:00 to 4:00 or maybe 5:00 due to the heat.  It would make the activities easier.

Addition to the By Law Change
The addition States:
Without an excused absence submitted in advance, absence of three functions in a row shall be grounds for automatic removal from the Board of Directors.  Put into article 7 in By Laws.  Dana motions, Fred Seconds to approve the addition to the reading of the By Laws.

Pete moved to adjourn Kayla 2nd all others I.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52 pm.

Prepared by:  Tiffany L. Farmer

Celebration 2010 Report


 WYAP has closed out the 2010 outdoor season at the station. Unlike the prior five years of mostly music shows, this year we worked to increase healthy activities along with three holiday celebrations.
  We added three basketball hoops and included three on three tournaments during two holiday activities. Friday night corn hole tournaments were received likewise.
   The reality is, Clayberry did not accept the change well. Attendance was next to nothing during the absolutely free Friday night Corn  hole and drive in Movie  offerings. This change to a healthier lifestyle is going to take some time at best.
   We added Bingo contests this summer. Although the attendance was not great, the bingo games turned out to be a great way to raise money indoors when the weather outside was miserably hot. The partnership with Clay Senior Center at Two Run is working well.
  Our three holiday celebrations were better attended but once again , down from previous years. During Small Town America Celebrations, several action items like Kiddie Karnivals were added to our normal stable of fun things. Music wise we offered everything from Rock N Roll to traditional sounds.
   Other non profits are reporting lower than normal attendance and that includes the swimming pool!  In the way of a reason, think economy.  I honestly believe, increased expenses and the long stalled economy have  left Clayonians with near zero left to spend on entertainment.
      On the plus side: those that did attend had a bunch of fun; each holiday celebration raised  $$ for the operation; vendors earned $$ for their groups; the new rubber ducky race raised  the most $$$; musicians are still willing to help us out and be on the radio; a new cable from the PA to the mixer board completely eliminated the five year old nasty hum; and, Team YAP pulled it all off one more season.
  While everything is fresh on our minds, we need to sit down and rehash what went well and what didn’t. Maybe look at later in the day activities during the hottest part of summer. Maybe revamp the entire thing… like going back to weekly music shows.
   101.7 FM offered the ONLY summer and holiday activities in 2010. Wouldn’t it be  shame if  we had to bail out on the county.
Report prepared by A Waddell


Sept 2010
Bd Meeting
Sept 13    5:15pm
Everyone Welcome

 Bingo Update
 Football Sponsors
 Bank Loan Pay Back
 ACT Funds
 White Letter
Celebration Final Report
Station Report
 B Ball
 New Broadcasters
 New Programs
 Halloween Party
BDA Agenda Request
Work Party
 Painting Wall
 Steam Carpet
 Floor damage
Inactive Bd Member removal
Any Other Discussion

Sept 2010 Station Report


   August brought some much needed additions at the station.
  A new Shure 7B mic in Room C now provides a much better sound for recording PSA’s. We also have a new headphone amp in the live booth. That not so expensive addition is providing a much better sound for the volunteer broadcaster.
  Programming wise, the station purchased  several used CD’s during a yard sale for $2 each. Notable inclusions: 2 HeeHaw Gospel CDs; Tex Ritter, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, 2 Louvin Brother Gospel CDs;  Jim & Jack, Christmas orchestra CD, and a bunch of TV theme tunes like from Paladin and Johnny Yuma.
  Jim O Dell and Joe Nutter donated new CDs as well as Mr Nutter’s daughter performing some great gospel offerings.
  Our late night Sunday thru Wed offerings now includes many great “canned” shows like: Midnight Special, Trance, and Kaleidoscope.
  One new weekly news cast is Behind the News with Doug Henwood. Very good offering thru Pacifica.
   AK-94 returned to the airwaves. Another high school broadcaster, Glen Boatwright  is now in training and plans to do Saturday evening rock n roll soon. Fred returns next week with Thursday night discussion groups on air.
   Station wise, we had a major water leak in August which resulted in a damaged restroom floor and ugly water stains on our Room C and D carpet. I don’t think there is serious structural damage but the restroom tiles are now in bad shape and the carpet is in serious need of the shampoo treatment.
   We do have serious floor damage in Room A  and under the white file cabinet. Under the carpet, the floor is gone in about a 1 square foot area.  It appears the roof or side wall is leaking.
  The Welcome Center has been well used this summer. We are averaging a roll of TP per week. There have been some nasty deposits left there but ^^%%!! Pukes. I guess that comes with the territory.
   It’s football season. CHS and CMS both are supportive with YAP sportscasting football games. That’s 4 CHS games, 2 CMS games, and maybe a championship pee wee football game. TG , Josh, and Tim are again volunteering their services. Tim will be the back up for the CHS schedule and be the lead sportscaster for CMS offerings. I will man the station duties for both seasons.
   The big news is a new sportscast box and headphones. The box is something we have needed for five years. With the new addition, WYAP should be able to better control the audio product, stuff like talk to the sportscasters off air, add a third talking head, and a mic to hear the ambient crowd sounds or half time activities.
Report prepared by A Waddell

WYAP 101.7 FM
Sept 2010


DATED 8-31-10 – 9-30-10
Balance forward
Total Debits $754.26
Total Credits $501.75
Closing Balance $333.69
$129.95 credit from Sweetwater Sound
$371.80 Deposit
Auto Withdraws
25.39 Gino’s
43.16 Gino’s
60.50 Computer Geeks
60.73 Ram Memory
259.99 Montiors
Checks wrote
40.00 Mat Carte
56.99 Nada reimbursement
20.00 Post Office
37.50 Kates Florial
150.00 Tiff’s Tees
closing bal.  333.69
checks out 48.00
188.50 Bingo Shop
bal. In check book
$97.16  .03 off
Deposit  going in tomorrow 10/12/10 $275.00

Celebration 2010 Report


 WYAP has closed out the 2010 outdoor season at the station. Unlike the prior five years of mostly music shows, this year we worked to increase healthy activities along with three holiday celebrations.
  We added three basketball hoops and included three on three tournaments during two holiday activities. Friday night corn hole tournaments were received likewise.
   The reality is, Clayberry did not accept the change well. Attendance was next to nothing during the absolutely free Friday night Corn  hole and drive in Movie  offerings. This change to a healthier lifestyle is going to take some time at best.
   We added Bingo contests this summer. Although the attendance was not great, the bingo games turned out to be a great way to raise money indoors when the weather outside was miserably hot. The partnership with Clay Senior Center at Two Run is working well.
  Our three holiday celebrations were better attended but once again , down from previous years. During Small Town America Celebrations, several action items like Kiddie Karnivals were added to our normal stable of fun things. Music wise we offered everything from Rock N Roll to traditional sounds.
   Other non profits are reporting lower than normal attendance and that includes the swimming pool!  In the way of a reason, think economy.  I honestly believe, increased expenses and the long stalled economy have  left Clayonians with near zero left to spend on entertainment.
      On the plus side: those that did attend had a bunch of fun; each holiday celebration raised  $$ for the operation; vendors earned $$ for their groups; the new rubber ducky race raised  the most $$$; musicians are still willing to help us out and be on the radio; a new cable from the PA to the mixer board completely eliminated the five year old nasty hum; and, Team YAP pulled it all off one more season.
  While everything is fresh on our minds, we need to sit down and rehash what went well and what didn’t. Maybe look at later in the day activities during the hottest part of summer. Maybe revamp the entire thing… like going back to weekly music shows.
   101.7 FM offered the ONLY summer and holiday activities in 2010. Wouldn’t it be  shame if  we had to bail out on the county.
Report prepared by A Waddell

Bd Meeting
Oct 11   5:15p
At the Station
Everyone Welcome


 Bank Loan
 New ACT Grant
 Bingo stuff, renew?
Station Report
 New volunteers
 New Shows
 New software
Halloween Fundraiser
Tourism Committee
Work party

Oct 2010 Station Report


   WYAP has not received a CCC eviction notice as of  Friday. A presentation was made during the Oct BDA meeting which asked permission to house the radio operation in the old State Road garage parking lot. They are to vote on the issue during their Nov meeting.
   Since last meeting many new announcements (PSAs) have replaced over used stale spots. No new programs have been added. High school senior Glenn Boatwright is now a Saturday night regular offering classic rock and roll and live interviews. Lisa Hiedelbrecht is returning to a middle of the night show  offering regular insomniac shows sometime after  1 am nightly.
  With winter, snow, snow days coming, in the last four weeks we’ve been working to improve the foundation broadcast infrastructure. Currently we have no automated way to include weather casts, time of day, nor change the playlist each night. Attempts to use freebee automated software have not worked. Pete has found a couple paid ones but even those have proven less than what we need.
  The new sportscaster gear is performing very nice and offering listeners a much clearer audio signal without the old hum issue. Out volunteer sportscasters are doing great.
   The fundraiser star tree, TP toss box, and dart board tree have been stored under the stage. The outdoor PA gear remains at the station and in need of storage in Pete’s shed.
   WYAP purchased a new in-house monitor ($300) for Room C and Bingo PA duty.  Although well built, I am ready to send it back for a credit and continue searching for a  better sound.
  Equipment wise we have no break downs.
  Other volunteers continue on a regular basis and offer a good contrast of local content offerings.
   Before cold weather arrives, we are in need of a work party to: steam carpets, general clean up, plastic on the windows, winterizing the welcome center, etc. Bill Dunn’s corn hole courts need returned ASAP.
   Prepared by A Waddell

WYAP 101.7 FM
OCT. 11,2010

Statement dated 7-31-10 – 8-31-10
Balance Forward $509.50
Total Debits $2,923.30
Total Credits $3,000.00
Closing Balance $586.20


Auto withdraws
$133.71                   Computer Geeks
$399.00          ?
$1,495.00  ?
$210.00                    Sweetwater sound
$19.96    Gomart

Checks written
2186 Delta  $39.00
2188 Bank of Gassaway $38.16
2190 Family Dollar  $23.36
2191 Tiffany Farmer  $ 200.00 reimbursement
2192 Foodland  $12.34
2193 Elk Power  $136.18
2194 Frontier  $97.06
2195 Clay M. Water $35.90
2196 Southern States $24.95
2197 Matt Carte $45.00
2198 Family Dollar $12.46

I’m showing $606.73 in the checkbook a difference of $20.53
Bills owed at this time
Frontier $96.28
Clay Water $ 39.49
Elk Power $ 116.48
Delta $815.00
Deposit ready for bank $175.00

WYAP 101.7 FM
OCT. 11,2010

DATED 8-31-10 – 9-30-10

Balance forward
Total Debits $754.26
Total Credits $501.75
Closing Balance $333.69

$129.95 credit from Sweetwater Sound
$371.80 Deposit

Auto Withdraws
25.39 Gino’s
43.16 Gino’s
60.50 Computer Geeks
60.73 Ram Memory
259.99 Montiors

Checks wrote
40.00 Mat Carte
56.99 Nada reimbursement
20.00 Post Office
37.50 Kates Florial
150.00 Tiff’s Tees

closing bal.  333.69
checks out 48.00
188.50 Bingo Shop
bal. In check book
$97.16  .03 off
Deposit  going in tomorrow 10/12/10 $275.00

WYAP 101.7 FM
SEPT. 13, 2010

Present Pete, Tiff, Josh, Dana, Liz, Kayla, Fred, Andy, & Dave
Meeting called to order at 5:18
Bingo approximately $506.00 left after purchase of supplies, rent and water
We will be hosting a bingo for the CCHS cheerleaders (basket bingo)
No football sponsors yet Fred & Liz have agreed to be a sponsor
Bank loan payback
Memory refunded receipt 131.71 purchased a sure mic, boom, & Cable
Headphone amp. Direct box, Balanced cable, Remote broad casting set, Headphones.
Bank loan payback as soon as possible after festival.
Act Grant Turned in Nov. 5th
Write letter to see if there are any budget digest to give us.
All in agreement.
Celebration went over well
Football Josh & TG will be the high school broadcasters
Timmy James will broadcast the middle school
We need to get the phone company to hook up the line again
BDA is pressure washing businesses around town for the apple festival
We have new broadcasters Aligha, Glen B.  New programs to start include kaleidoscope, midnight special, news, talk matters.
Halloween party is being worked on
BDA has on the agenda to discuss us moving to the state road garage.
We need to plan a work party.
Removal of Frank Tobia from the board of directors for inactive participation.  Andy motioned Tiffany 2nd all others unanimous.
Dave motioned to adjourn Fred 2nd all others agreed. Meeting adjourned at 7:00
prepared by T Farmer


Monday Nov 8   2010  5:15pm
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

Bank Loan
More Budget Digest Receipts
Staggers $$$
Perry $$$
Pay Back Tiff
White Request Sent
Bingo Funds Use
Change n Bingo Rent
Act Grant Submission
Station Report
 Football Season Update
 Show Loss: Behind the News
 New Show Ocean Radio, Dave Pakman Change, The Vault
 New Volunteer Roy
Christmas and or New Year’s Party
 Basketball Season Coming
BDA Update on State Road Garage

 Nov 2010 Station Report


  During the last 30 days WYAP changed program offerings.
  The long running Behind the News  went off the air. The weekly news cap will be sadly missed   Once a week Midweek Politics changed its name to the David Pakman Show and is now offered Monday and Thursday nights. The not so polished production  will continue to be aired late nights with an encore the following morning.
  Anthony Lucero's The Vault is a 60 minute look back on music with commentary. It is a high caliber show which is now aired twice on Saturdays,
   Running about 8 minutes, Health Bites is a spin off on the alternate health show Your Own Health and Fitness which is aired on Wednesdays. Health Bites is an in between main feature offering, a good filler.
   Two months ago the weekly Earth Beat show went silent. It has now been resurrected into an occasional program. A new environmental show is World Oceans. That 3 minute show fits between major shows and is laced with facts and commentary.
  Back in the 70's E G Marshall produced 60  minute scary mystery shows. Those programs are now available to WYAP which now airs them around 10pm nightly. They are great and a good addition to our stable of canned programming.
  Equipment wise, the new sportscasting gear worked very well all football season. Our audio feeds are noticeably improved. That was a well spent $1500 investment. We were able to broadcast all CCHS games and one CMS game this season which just concluded.
  TG and Josh have agreed to broadcast the boys CCHS B Ball games. Not sure about sportscasters for the girl's season. Glenn Boatwright has agreed to be the back up sportscaster for B Ball and wants to be the main during a planned first ever CCHS Baseball season. He would also like to air girls softball games at Bradley Field.
 Roy Cottrell returned to a Monday morning time slot for music, commentary. His first two shows have gone very well. His plan is to be on air a couple mornigngs per week as his work schedule permits.
  AK-94, Glenn Jammin and Dave's Time Tunnel continue to offer unconventional, alternative music and info. Nice. During each 24 hour period 101.7 FM is now offering about 8 hours of news and documentary programming.
  Getting ready to winter …. YAP can now manually broadcast via remote connection a weather forecast/conditions plus an accurate time reader voiced by Morgan Freeman sound alike. Recorded snow day and two hour delay messages can be manually inserted to keep our listeners informed.
  Lots of Kathy Matea, Vickie Bird, Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper, Tex Ritter, and Little Jimmy Dickens have been added to our Friday lineup.
   The Halloween Concert was well received by the community and a bunch of fun.
  Oct was a good month for WYAP-LP programming.
Report prepared by A Waddell


WYAP 101.7 FM
NOV. 6, 2010

Bank Statement dated 9/30/2010 – 10/31/2010
Bal. Forward $333.69
Debits $236.53
Credits $275.00   Made on 10/12/10
Closing Bal.  $372.16
Withdraws $188.53   Bingo Shop
Checks  $48.00   Tammy Rose ck. #2204
Closing Bal. $372.16
Checks since statement:
Elk Power $240.00
Checkbook Balance at this time  $132.16      (Best figured)
Bills due at this time:
Elk Power $130.03
Clay Water $ 11.29
Southern States $28.61
Frontier $291.48
Delta $815.00
Deposit ready for the bank to be deposited on Mon. Nov. 8,2010
$50.00   Pioneer Mart   b-game
$50.00   Embroidme
$100.00  total
Bingo Acct.
According to the statement has $761.98

WYAP 101.7 FM
OCT. 11,2010


Meeting started @ 6:06 pm In attendance:  Andy, Dana, Josh, Tiffany & Kayla
Receipts sent to Connie Workman last week, she will submit to the state Gov. the loan will be paid back shortly after we receive the check receipt.
ACT Grant:  We need to apply for the new operations grant.  Deadline to apply is Nov. 2nd.
Bingo:  WYAP is hosting bingo for the CCHS Cheerleaders Oct. 16, 2010 @ 6:00 pm.
Andy motions to accept the financials, Dana seconds all others I.
Returning the brand new monitor because it cracks and pops.
Work party needs planed asap.  The plan is to meet on Oct. 23rd. at 12:00 Dana moves Josh seconds all others I.
We now have audio weather & time of day casts.
Halloween:  trick or treat is Sat. Oct. 30th
Organizing our Halloween festivities which include a concert at 6:00 pm,
Costume contest, & handing out candy.
New committee is being formed to put together a tourism ad campaign for 2011.
Kayla motions for meeting to adjourn, Dana 2nd all others I Meeting adjourned at 7:25.
prepared by T Farmer


Bd Meeting
Dec 13th   5:15pm
At the Station
Everyone Welcome


    ACT Grant
    Bingo License and Times
    Membership Drive early?
Station Report
    New shows: Business Matters
    Dave Headphone/mic combo use
   Roy Cottrell
   Roundtable Show off till Jan
    B Ball season and sponsors
Christmas Open House?
New Year’s Eve Dance



  Up until November, someone had to be at the station to read a weather report. Now from a remote location, a weather report software can now be engaged so listeners can hear the most current forecast and predictions via “Weather Aloud”. Cost $30
   With the voice sounding like Morgan Freeman, from a remote location we can provide the exact time of day. Cost $20
   Using yet a third piece of software, from afar, Announcement can be aired via “Text Aloud” software. With text aloud announcements can be typed in and then aired.  Cost $30
  With these three programs, during emergencies, early morning snow days or 2 hour delays, or for quick updates on scheduling for instance, the station manger or Pete can launch the services better informing the listeners. This is another first for this station.
  All our audio files are on the external hard drive connected to the main puter. A back up hard drive is connected to “Lulu” in Room C. Since the last Bd meeting all tunes, PSAs, have been copied to the Lulu.
  The main puter hard drive was filled up with specialty shows like The Vault, Suspense Theater, Trance, etc. At full capacity, the main computer was slowing down, way down. All those audio files were moved to the external hard drive connected to the main puter resulting in the main unit performing well again.
   Over 200+ new tunes were added including Lee Moore, Mike Snyder,  Charlie Walker, Mel Tillis, Chuck Wagon Gang, Brighterside Quartet, Tammy Wynette, Senator Byrd, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, Maye Nutter, Vicki Bird,  Lulu Bell and Scotty, Country Gentlemen, Buddy Starcher,  Lorette Lynn, Lynn Anderson, Mitch Miller, Brenda Lee,  Heehaw Gospel, and Grant Peeples
   We are in need of more Christmas tunes. If anyone has holiday CDs, we need to make copies and then return to you.
  Roy Cottrell’s work schedule has changed and has been unable to do his morning shows. Fred’s Thursday evening show has been off the air but will return in Jan 2011.  The Pacifica Network is in management and financial upheaval. We should donate them $50 and hope for the best. If they go under, our programming will suffer greatly.
   Basketball season is off to a good start with Marjorie Dale , Nada, TG, and Josh returning for another season. Tim James and Glenn Boatwright have agreed to be backup sportscasters. The new sportscast equipment is working great. One lady called from Fairmont after a b ball games and thanked us for providing the service, she could hear her grand daughter play.
   Our product is improving with more diversity, dependability.    AW


WYAP 101.7 FM
NOVEMBER 8, 2010


Pete called the meeting to order at 6:18 pm
Fred moves to approve Sept. mins. Liz 2nd.
Andy moves to approve Oct. mins. Dave 2nd.
Budget Digest CPG $2,000 approved maybe more. Amend Oct. mins to show amount $ amount Connie.
Bank $43.23 charge on our loan.  Pete is going to draw money out of his own savings account and pay off the loan for us.  We are to pay Pete back asap when we get the money in.
$2,623.00  receipts turned in for the budget digest $500.00 in receipts still needed.  Motion made to pay Tiffany back for the New Year’s Party Andy motioned Fred 2nd.
Send a Thanksgiving card to Randy White.
Bingo check back to wyap for $188.53  Bingo rent dropped to $25.00
AW submitted ACT Grant $4,000.00
Station report :basketball starts on the 10th of Dec. a suspense program was added EG Marshall airing nightly at 10.  AQW motions to give school $50.00 for letting us broadcast & a thank u note.  Dave to donate $10.00 Fred and all others I.
Winterizing station party lights need took down.  Water is coming in the side room.  Roy will prob. be in to do shows Mon. – Weds 9-12.
New Year Party Dec. 31 Fri. night Aw to book room.
BDA meeting State Road garage parking lot
Kayla moved to adjourn Josh 2nd all others I meeting adjourned 6:25.