Clay County Communications
Board Meeting
January 12th   5:15pm
At the Station
World is Invited to Attend

Minutes Approval
 Celebration Acct Change
 Budget Digest – Buy The Transmitter?
 Time for Membership Drive?
Station Report
 Dec Report
  B Ball Season
  Froze Pipes
  Program Losses
 Year End Report
Valentines Day Dance?

January 09 Station Report

 We had ups and downs in December, First the Bad: The American Story Teller series ceased production. Adventures in Contemporary Jazz went off the web. Our morning person Lisa Heidebrecht left the Workforce program and full time at the station. All will be missed. Our station manager spent much of the month away from the operation due to illness.
 Once cold night our water line in the restroom ruptures and sent wa wa all over the carpet. William Boggs did the repairs and I shampooed the carpets. On another cold night, even with the heater on 50 degrees, the water lines froze but did not burst.
 Here's the Good:  While AW was away, others took up the slack and kept the station on the air and in good shape. The Widen Warrior, that's Steve Butler from Harrison, agreed to come back to a weekday morning slot. Frank came back on an every other Saturday schedule with the Freedom Factory. Fred and Kayla remained dedicated to offering their shows. Dave's floating schedule is working out nice.
 Tiffany Farmer organized and pulled off an absolutely wonderful Christmas Dance at the Senior Center. Complete with contests, munchies, live music, and decorations, our first time ever Winter Dance went over well.
 WYAP is now airing new programming from the Quality News Network in New York. So far we're using Jake Longwell's 60 minute old time radio shows and a jazz program. He has two other offerings we haven't air to date.
 New Years Eve at the station was well attended. Munchies, chatter, and the Clayberry Ball Drop were the high lights of the evening.
 With 3 games under our belt, the CCHS Basketball Sportscast have been going very well with good audio, few skips or other audio issues. Our Sportscasters this year include: TG Griffith, Josh Shamblin, Nada Waddell, Dale Mullins, and Dawn Mullins as a backup and are providing a great service to our listeners.
 Equipment wise, we're holding up well with nothing out of service at this time. The newly improved Frontier DSL continues to offer a pretty good speed.
 Since losing our regular morning person, we're been offering blocks of news and commentary via an automated play list. Our longest play list so far has been 5 hours. It's nice to offer up independent shows without the need of being at the station the entire time.

Jan 09 Financial Report

Celebration Acct    598.46
Savings     10.94

Checking Account
Beginning Bal    788.05
IX Web Hosting    59.40
1968 Farm Store    208.78
1988 Clendenin Floor   31.80   steamer
1989 Air Care    107.96  new thermo
Total spent     408.14
No Deposits
Ending Balance    379.91

Since last Statement
Deposits (1-4-09)   445    Nevans, Updegrave, Johnson, Jack Brown, Sampsons (all B ball sponsors). Big Otter Tire (F ball), Salisbury, John Coulter, Judy Gregerich (B ball)
   380   Kates; Kings; Kayo (B Ball); and Frank Tobia Sr (30)
Total Deposits   825

Checks written since last statement
1990 Wa wa   60  2 months
1991 Power   300  $50 balance due
1992 Tif Farmer   70  reimburse from Xmas party
Sub total   430.00

Best guess, as of Jan 10 2009, WYAP has $734 in checking

Bills paid but royalties are now due!!!

DECEMBER 8, 2008


 Present: Peter Triplett, President; Fred Sampson; Dana Perkins; Elizabeth Sampson, Tiffany Farmer, Frank Tobias (absent: Andy Waddell, Lindy Myers).
 Meeting called to order by P. Triplett, at 5:30pm
 Minutes presented by Fred. Moved to approve by E. Sampson, seconded by Dana; Motion Carried.
 Because of the unexpected illness of our volunteer, Program Director, Andy Waddell, no station report and financials were available. Will take them up at next meeting.
 New thermostat is in and working.
 Frank suggested we need a new mixer, duplex box hybrid? Tiffany suggested that we have the next fund raising in February.
 We spent rest of time discussing with Tiffany in finalizing plans for the Winter Fest. To be held 12/12/08 at Senior Center at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
 Meeting adjourned with motion by Fred, seconded by Dana. Next meeting, January 12, 2009 at 5:15 at the Station.


WYAP Bd Meeting
Feb  9 2009     5:15pm
At the station
Public Encouraged to Attend

 GKVF Grant
 Yes We Can     Frank
 Budget Digest 09 request
 Obama    $$$$
Station Report
 Monitors 2
 Media Player Switch
 New Tele Equip donation
 Froze pipes
 Web Cam Down
 Web site Hack change
Membership Campaign
 On Air
 Correspondence Campaign
 In Print
Valentine's Dance   Tiff
By Law change
 9 to 11 member board
 Designation of a quorum

Feb 09 Station Report


Freezing temps shut down the restroom for much of Jan. The problem occurs when temps drop below 25 degrees. I think the problem is outside the station where the water line crosses the ravine. So far nothing damaged inside.
A hacker whacked the station web site Jan 26th making viewing impossible. Although not malicious, easy to restore, it showed us  the need to change passwords every so often. The web cams came back on line the first week in Feb.
Programming wise, we added Bruce Cutler's Country Roots program once a week; Pacifica's 4 hour Black History month programming; and, plan to broadcast the all night Homeless Marathon Feb 23rd. Kayla continues to grow with her Wed afternoon show.   Dave is now coming in around twice a week for his evening shows. Fred invited in a guest speaker for his Roundtable Show. Very nice addition. We're continuing our second month with lots of auto inserted news and documentary programming M thru F. So far no comments from our listeners either up or down.
So far, YAP has been able to sportscast all the CCHS home games and sounding pretty good too. A set of headphones for the phone jam box ($13) was replaced. There's about 6 home games left in the season. Sportscaster TG Griffith came up with a way of sending the gym's audio directly into our broadcast box making the homecoming apart of our Feb 6th offering. Real nice.
Wrapped in a towel and with a 60 watt light bulb glowing, the slave 'puter at the transmitter shed has not froze up this season. We received word from Bob Eakle that he's donating a phone connection box ($500) which should allow us to do much improved phone interviews. The equipment was shipped Friday Feb.  6th.
Our nearly new mixer board has many options to make life easier. We hooked up the Room A radio to the mixer Feb 6th. Now, the broadcaster can easily know if the signal is going out on the 101.7 FM airwaves. Something we've needed for a long time.   A newly downloaded freebee playlist creator is working much better than our live365 software. Not perfect but working!
Problems: The internet connectivity at the shed is dropping our signal often. Switching to the media player in the broadcast booth has not improved our logging in via remote. It's made it worse! I can longer log in from home and change the playlist at midnight. That's a real problem Saturday nights when we normally shift to gospel tunes.
Our returning morning guy has not.  The Machine has been away due to cold weather. We're in need of  new Celtic tunes;  and more, much more, local content programming.
I will be back up and running unrestricted by the end of this week.
Prepared by A Waddell

WYAP Financial Report
Feb 9 2009

Celebration Account     598.46
Checking Account:
Beginning Balance      379.91
Checks and Debits:
Clay Wa Wa      60. (2 months)
Elk Power       300. (1 ½ months)
Tiff Farmer       70.00 (reimburse)
Frontier       200.
Radio Shack       13.77 (Sports Headset)
Total        643.77

  B Ball: Mardell Nevans; Nancy Updegrave, Country short Stop, Jack Brown, Fred/Liz, Salisbury Auto, John & Judy,  Football: Big Otter Tire
B Ball: Kates, King Towing, Kayo Starcher
Membership: F Tobia Sr     380.
Total Deposits      775
Ending Balance      511.14

Since Statement:
1195 WV Surplus      100.  (2 monitors)
1196 Radio Shack      26.49 (Monitor cable)
1197 Andy Waddell     12. (6 flags)

My best guess , today, WYAP has    372.65 in checking

Bills Due:  USPO $38; Frontier 285; Elk Power 300; WaWa 22;  ASCAP 252; SESAC 120; BMI 298
Total Due:    $618  plus $670 in royalties

Note: We have NOT donated to Pacifica nor any of our other providers. That's also something we need to do ASAP.

WYAP Minutes from 1/12/09, Board of Directors


   Present:     Fred Sampson; Andy Waddell: Tiffany Farmer:  Peter Triplett; Dana Perkins; Dave Derby; Elizabeth Sampson    Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by President, P. Triplett;
   Minutes from previous meeting presented;  moved to be approved by Fred, 2nd by Dave.  Motion carried    Financials:  Information presented Andy W.  Dave moved, Fred 2nd to be approved.  Motion carried.
    Still pending receipt of monies on 2 grants (budget digest type) . One for 4,000 in 2007 and one for 4,000 in 2006.  The both have been approved but there is still paperwork pending; awaiting necessary forms.
   Andy reported need for a better sound and this could happened with a new type transmitter (7 second delay; cut off is part of it).  Cost around $800.00.   Dana moved, Fred seconded to purchase the new transmitter.  Motion carried
   Membership drive;    Fred and Andy agreed to work on this.
Grants:  AC for operations approx $4200.00 available   Grant available Fresh New Voice; 2 yr. grant $25,000 by 2/12/09;  Frank Tobia told Andy he would work on it.
    Station report: was presented by Andy W.  Liz moved, Fred seconded to approve the report.  Motion carried. Year End Report was presented.  It will also be included with Winter Newsletter and will be mailed with membership letter.
  Friday Town council Meeting:  Mayor Brown paid $250.00 for WYAP sewer hookup that had been in controversy since we had paid $125.00 which we understood was the full amount.   Board approved sending a Thank You letter to Mayor Brown.  Peter Triplett suggested that Mayor Brown’s picture with thank you be put on the Website. All agreed it was a good idea.
   Valentine Day’s Dance will be Saturday 2/14/09 at the Senior Center at Two Run at 6:30 to 9:00.  Tiffany is coordinating the event.
    Board Member elections:  Fred moved; Dave 2nd that we would retain the 9 current 9 board members.  They are:  Peter Triplett; Fred Sampson; Elizabeth Sampson; Dana Perkins; Dave Derby; Andy Waddell; Lindy Myers; Tiffany Farmer; Frank Tobia   Motion Carried.    Election of Officers:   Dana moved; David seconded that we keep the current officer in place.  Motion Carried.
Officers are: Peter Triplett, President;    Fred Sampson, Vice President;  Elizabeth Sampson , Secretary/Treasurer.
   Andy Waddell presented to the Board that he believed we should increase the number of Board Members and that the by-laws be changed to reflect the change and that the by-laws also state that the officers shall be elected from the Board of Directors.  After much discussion the following By-Laws change was recommended and this will be the first reading of those changes and then can be voted on at the next meeting.
By-Laws Changes Proposed 1/12/09

I.  Article 4.  The number of Board of Directors shall be eleven. Officers shall be elected from the Board of Director Members.
II. Article 5.   A quorum shall be 51% of the members of the Board of Directors.
   These proposed changes were voted for by:  Liz Sampson; Fred Sampson; Andy Waddell; Dave Derby; Dana Perkins; Peter Triplett; and Tiffany Farmer, each have signed the written proposal.  There were no nay votes.  Those notes will become part of the Board Minute Records, attached to the permanent file. The seconded reading of the By-Laws change will be at the regularly scheduled meeting in February.
   Fred Moved; Dave seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The next meeting on February 9, 2009 at 5:15 PM
    Presented by:     Elizabeth Sampson, Secretary

WYAP-LP 2009 Property Statement (as of June 30 2008)
Clay County Communications: 300 Main St, Clay;  PO Box 954, Clay
EIN: 31-1507082

Item      Purchase Price  Current Value
1982 Cliff 10 x 40 trailer   $2200.   $1500
Wooden stage    $1800    $500
Clay Welcome Center   $200    $50

Broadcast equip (station)
2 puters     $150    $100
Mics Earphones, cables   $450    $200
Mixers, Cd players    $1000    $600
CDs, phone, monitors   $100    $20
Frig, Microwave, junk   $0    $0

Office Equipment
Chairs, tables    $100    $20
2 puters, monitors, printer  $250    $100
2 file cabinets    $50    $25

PA System
2 Peavey Speakers    $400    $200
2 monitors     $200    $100
Mics and stands    $350    $200

Transmitter Equipment:
P-Tech Transmitter   $2300    $1200
Equalizer     $120    $25
Conditioner     $100    $20
Puter, monitor    $100    $25


WYAP Bd Meeting
March 9th  5:15pm
At the station
Everyone Invited

Meeting Minutes (on web)
 Membership Campaign Update
  Bd member dues
 ACT Grant  response from Gaye
 09 Budget Digest to be submitted (for what)
 08 Budget Digest  - what we're asking for
 New Voices grant
 Loan OK'd, transmitter, delay, cut off equipment
 Requests to: CCC, BDA, CAEZ, Town, Solid Waste
Station report
 New Telephone Interface
 2 monitors and tower sold, paid, one more to go
 HP to King
 TG and Baseball season, parks & Rec tele needed
Work Party Date
 Wind damage
 Paint roof
Bunny Hop Fundraiser?
By law change vote, 51% to 5
Summer Jam time, auction coordination

March 09
Station Report

Robert Eakle came thru again with a nice telephone interface which should make on air interviews more audio. So far, it is hooked up, and appears to work. We need someone here late night and someone on the other end with a radio tuned to 101.7 so we can try it out.
At the station we properly hooked up the radio to the mixer and can now monitor our FM signal from the broadcast booth. A world of difference!
We continue to have internet connectivity problems at the transmitter. Pete has monitored the connection and discovered the system is disconnecting often resulting in YAP going off the air. Frontier once again! Trying to eliminate the problem, we switched out the Dell for an HP at the transmitter site. Helped but still no solution in sight. During Feb, at times, it was all but impossible to stay on the air. It was bad, real bad.
Reps from Prometheus visited the station the last Saturday in Feb.  The visit answered many questions and renewed a relationship for technical support in the future.
The just completed B Ball season went very well including airing the first sectional game for the Panthers. Our audio and sportscasters came across very well. TG has received a  $20 gift certificate for his efforts. Nada and Dale will soon receive theirs.
Kayla has added sidekick Ashlie during her Wed afternoon show. The duo is now working together for better programming. I hope someday, Ashlie will expand to her own afternoon slot aided by Middle Schooler Rebeccah.
Throughout the daily cycle, many newsy, interviews, and commentary shows are being inserted. Haven't any comment from the public on the programming.
Environmentalist Tammy Rose is considering a weekly program  as is Glen Sutton. Both should be up and working by month's end.
Equipment wise, we need another puter in Room C work station which drives the printer. Broadcast equipment is holding up well with no breaks. With winter behind us, the water lines freezing during cold temps may be behind us until November. We hope to order the new transmitter and gear this week maybe.
The Machine wants to reestablish the Skype tele service for airing long distance interviewees, so far we haven't taken the time to do so.
We made it thru Feb but just barely.
Report prepared by A Waddell

March 09
Financial Report

Celebration Account was closed
Beginning balance   511.14
Deposits    1116.46
(Valentine Dance 176; Frank 260; Farmers Insurance $32; Celebration Acct 598.46; Wilson Funeral 50)
Surplus    100.    2 monitors
Radio Shack    26.49  monitor cable
A Waddell    12.     reimburse for 6 flags
Senior Center   70.     Rent
Surplus    75.    1 puter
Tiff Farmer    70     reimburse, Valentine
Family Dollar   16.16  cleaning supplies
Ending Balance   1257.95

Deposits since last statement 175.
(AW loan 100; D Moore 50; J Stover 25)
Checks since last statement
AW      12     flags, caps
Tele     200
Wawa     30
Elk Power    250    (Balance 50)
USPO     19     (6 mth rent)
BMI     298   (royalty)
ASCAP    252   (royalty)
Surplus    115    (puter and small monitor)
Total     1212

Best guess, total in checking 220.00
Still owe one royalty, 50 in power & 14 Tif.
Receivables: 110-one puter; 150-one puter


Bd Meeting
April 13 2009   5:15
at the station
All Welcome

 Obama Stimulus
 10 Budget Digest
 07 Budget Digest – Loan (transmitter)
 Celebration Update and Equip Needs
Station Report
 Ramp Completed
Crappy Audio
Standing Wave
 New DJ
 New Puter x 2
Bunny Hop   Report  Tiff
Celebration Update
 Letters for RT sign, metal 101.7FM signs
Summer Jam Update
Work Party
 Cleaning Welcome Center, Window cleaning, carpet cleaning, underground storage, bring down PA system, install backdrop,

Station Report
April 2009

  WYAP’s product is sound. During March and continuing into April, our product sucked. It was almost non existent on 101.7FM and not much better on our webcast. Here’s why
   With the installation of the new stereo transmitter, the reverse power (standing wave) gauge indicated a big problem. The new tranny is more sensitive than the old one and prevented a stronger signal.  Also, most of our music was recorded in mono to take up less storage space and bandwidth. With the tranny broadcasting in stereo and the input just mono, the sound was coming out of just one channel radio.  Crappy.
  In the way of correcting… Attempts have been made to get up on the tower via a “bucket” truck and adjust the standing wave. Weather is not cooperating with Dee Campbell committed to providing the service. More than half the music has been re-ripped to stereo so far. The Shoutcast server has been reconfigured to stereo mode.
  On the plus side, 13 year old CJ is now broadcasting after school on Thursdays. He has had a great start. We continued to add newsy, commentary and documentary programming shows. Weekdays we are now averaging 8 hours each 24 hour period for that audio.
   Dave and Tif along with help from Pete, Fred and Keith put together the much needed wheelchair ramp to the station. Now completed, the addition also increased stage size and better organization for getting music acts on and off the stage. Very nice and long needed.
  Dave, Kayla, Ashleigh, Fred and now CJ continue with their local content programming. Their commitment is great. Saturday night’s Frank has not been at the station this year and reports illness is keeping him away.
  Our equipment is holding up well with no breaks to report.
   With the CCHS baseball season underway, we’re having problems getting the telephone line installed at Clay County Park. Principal Dobbins is the guy responsible for the hopefully free tele service there. Weather hasn’t helped either. The holdup now is Parks and Rec who have the say in the line being ariel or underground.
  In the way of recommendations, we did use two mic cables for use with the new transmitter. Those cables need replaced. And, WYAP has never made the $100 donation to Pacificia which we need to do now.
Prepared by A Waddell

April 09


Beginning Balance   1257.95
Deposits    175.00 (AW loan, J Stover 25; D Moore $50)
     3,700   bank loan (grant)
Total Deposits   3875

Auto     12.70 Ginos party pizza
Auto     20.00  Gift Certificate
Auto     2538.00  new Transmitter (grant/loan)
2002 AW    10  reimburse flags and hats
2003 Frontier   200.
2004 Wa wa    30.00
2005 Elk Power   250.
2006 USPO    19.00   6 mths rent
2007 BMI    298
2008 ASCAP   252
2009 WV Surplus   115  puter & monitor
2010 WV Surplus   275  puter & projector
2011 Surplus   75    puter
Total debits    4094

Ending Balance   1038.25

Since last statement
Deposits     165 (Tiff $20; M King 110; Senior Center 35)
No checks out
As of today , my best guess 1203.

Bills Owed
Farm Store    581
Wa Wa    51
Power     518
Frontier    77
SESAC    120

Board Meeting Minutes
WYAP 3/9/09


 Present: Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell, Peter Triplett, Tiffany, Fred Sampson, and Elizabeth Sampson
 Meeting called to order by President, Peter at 5:40 pm
 Minutes Andy moved; Dana seconded that minutes be approved with the following amendment. Page 1 at the bottom, 2007 budget digest if for equipment. Motion Carried.
 Finances:  Fred Moved; Dana Seconded that financial report as presented be approved. Motion carried.
 Membership monies received thus far is $75.00. Fred completed a letter and Andy & Fred will take care of mailing out requests.
 Appalachian Community Trust Grant: Guy called, “We made the first round”
 Business cost for sponsorship is $20.00 per month or $240.00 per year.
 09 Budget Digest request will be for renovations, i.e. wheel chair ramp
 2008 - - $3,000; 2007 - - $4,000
 Loan of $3,700 was approved.
 Request $1,000 each from Town, BDA, CAEZ, Parks and Recreation, and County Commission.
 Pete will research possibility of increasing Low Power. Increase to 500 from 100.
 Baseball 2nd week next month. Andy will talk to parks about a dedicated phone line in order to broadcast games.
 March 21 at 9am – Clean Up Work Party
 Bunny Hop – Dance for Saturday night 4/11/09 at Senior Center 6:30 to 9:00
Prepared by Elizabeth Sampson

09 Celebrations Report

Funding Agencies
CCC    No
BDA    $1000
Town    $300 plus traffic control/police/dumpster
CAEZ   $1000  send invoices
Parks/Rec   1st Thursday in May
Ice Cream Grants  see Fran

Debits we need to do:
Insurance    $600
Bands     $500
Dogs, Dance, Run
Karaoke Contests   $900 (300 each celebration)
Advertising    $200

We plan to charge an entry fee for Run, Dance, and Dogs entrants this year to defray cost

Plastic letters for RT’s sign
3 Guitar mics
2 guitar  ¼” to XLR connection on snake
2 Mic stand extenders, boom stick
1 new 50’ speaker cable
Stereo 1/8” cables for CD player
3 Mic cables, 25’
Prepared by A Waddell


Board Meeting
May 11th   5:15pm
Everyone Welcome

Station Report
Telescoping Tower?
 General Ledger
 Bingo Update (Bldg)
 Spending $$$ equipment
 Loan Pay off Update
Celebrations 09
 Parade Organizer Needed
 Apple Festival participation
 $$$$  Town, CAEZ, BDA, No CCC, No word on Parks and Rec yet.
Summer Jam
 T Shirts
 Volunteers and assignments
 Schedule  May 30th Yes or No
Drive In Movies
Work Party Much Needed



We're back!  After 7 weeks of near zero audio, WYAP came back in full force Thursday afternoon April 30th around 2pm. T Duffield volunteered some time and bucket truck and in a matter of 30 minutes, the standing wave was corrected. The difference is stunning.
With the new transmitter outputting in stereo and all our music now ripped to stereo, for an LPFM, the sound is surprising.
Since then various boardsters have emailed in sound quality reports. After moving the direction of the antenna several times, I think we're about as good as it's going to get. The new direction is pointing more southerly which allows better reception down to  Procious and resuming on Camp Creek Hill while allowing mostly static free listening to the North to Ivydale. Tiff reports reception is better heading to Lizemores but still not good.
That seven week long problem was not with our equipment but getting to the equipment, antenna. There is a solution. Instead of antenna mounted 35 feet in the air, there are telescoping towers available. With a crank the mast can be raised and lowered as needed.  If we can get one, it could be attached to the existing utility pole. When we need to move it, just crank it down and put in a pick up truck.
Not cheap but with a little luck, we might find a used one for a couple hundred dollars. I am now searching.
Programming wise, we're holding our own but with no new offerings. Volunteers are doing a good job with Jane Cook coming back for a Saturday afternoon show before Jams. It will be good having Jane back behind a mic.
Baseball season came and went without a broadcast. P Dobbins is supportively of the effort and has said he's working on a new landline at Clay County Park. Don Jarvis with parks and Rec said to bury the new line. That has been conveyed to Mr Dobbins.
We have not sold the old transmitter. I think we should.  If a telescoping tower becomes available, I think we should buy it. We should never allow ourselves to be without a product and at the mercy of  begging. Volunteers came thru but it was a sad time for 7 weeks.
Prepared by A Waddell

May 2009 Financial Report


Beginning Balance    1038.25
 4-06     165.00(Tif membership, M King puter, refund)
 4-14     430.50(change, Pete $$, Sally puter, Hop $$, Valentine)

WV Surplus     150.00 (2 puters)
Senior Center      70.00  (Deposit)
Go Mart      46.62  (chicken for dance)
SESAC     120.00
Elk Power     350.00 of 500.00+
Wa Wa       55.00
Frontier      85.00
Farm Store     300.00
Tom Pringle      10.00 (internet camera)
NewEgg      68.97 (3 DVD burners)

Ending Balance     $378.16

Deposits since last statement
5-2      325.00 (CCSC puter, BC&G, refund, Kitchen)
5-4      410.00 (Town Donation, szali puter)
5-11      300.00 (Cash on Hand)

CKS written but not in:
Tif reimburse      40.00 (for party)
Tif Farmer     775.00 (purchase PA system)
Go Mart      10.22 (wa wa)
Surplus      75.00 (puter)
K Mart      XXX (don' know, flowers)
K Mart       12.02

My best guess, today, $500 in band and $475 in hand AW


WYAP Bd Meeting
June 8 2009
Everyone Invited


 ACT $2500 Grant
 Loan extension
Celebration $$$
 CAEZ Balance
 09 Budget Digest $3000
 Bank Loan due
 Memorial and 1st Jam $$$

Station report
 Telescoping Tower
 Puter RAM memory
 Main puter bogging down
 New broadcaster

Memorial Celebration Review
Summer Jam Update



 Syndicated from Pacifica, we're now auditioning Talk Nation radio show. Pretty cutting edge 30 minute offering on current events.
 With Summer break here, the Wed afternoon AK-94 show will go off the air until Sept. High Schooler Hallie says she's starting a Monday afternoon show. CMS broadcaster CJ says he will continue his Thursday afternoon show thru the summer. Frank's Saturday night slot is now occupies with a Drive In movie outside. Frank was emailed as to another night for his show. No answer yet.
 Jane Cook is now doing a Saturday afternoon 3 to 5pm show during the Jam season, country and bluegrass and whatever else she can dig up. Great to have Jane back and in a great schedule allowing for hyping the Saturday night shows.
 Pat Black says he may station 18 to 24 year old WorkForce workers at the station for six weeks this summer. We can use them, maybe two, both on air and for recording new music,. Equipment wise, we can handle two doing recording in Room A and C. They should start the last day of the month and work 30 hours per week.
 When transferring files from one live booth puter to the other, our play list skips and hangs up. Makes listening all but impossible. Notices the issue two months ago but may have been present a long time and just didn't notice it. We're buying additional RAM memory for both puters.
 WYAP is in need of another external hard drive. Currently the two we use are nearly maxed out making recording this years Jam's impossible.
 The station bought a used projector from Surplus last winter. The thing works but is a little fuzzy (even after Pete cleaned it) during Saturday night movies. Currently to drive the DVD movies, we're borrowing Nada's lap top puter. Instead of continuing lap top usage, we plan on finding a small, light weight, DVD player for purchase or donation. I think they are available for less than $40 new.
 Saturday afternoon just before the first Jam, there was a reaaaaaal nasty smell present around the stage area. Didn't notice it Sunday when I was there. Not sure the problem but it was bad.
 Summer is here and we're in high gear.

Report prepared by A Waddell

June 2009 Financial Report

Beginning balance  378.16
325  (Clay Services, BC&G sponsor, refund, Kitchen sponsor)
410  (Town donation, Frank outer)
300  (cash on hand)
155  (cash on hand)
1130  (BDA donation, cash on hand)
190    (cash on hand)
Checks :
2021 Tif   40.    reimburse bunny hop
2022 Tif   775  purchase PA system
2023 Go Mart   10.22 wa wa
2024 Surplus   75  1 puter
2025 K Mart   12.02   purple flowers
2026 K Mart   12.02   flowers
2027 Thomas Helms  30   weed whacking
2028 Family Dollar  31.80  supplies
2029 Farm Store  225  pay bill
2030 Elk Power  250
2031 Foodlan   20.55  wa wa
2032                      NOT IN NOT IN
2033 Family Dollar  22.53  charmin
2034 Dollar General  14.84  hula hoops
2035 Kathryn Workman 10.00 winner
2036 Kathryn Workman 10  winner
2037 John Boy Workman 10 winner
2038 John Boy Workman 10 winner for kid
2039 John Boy Workman 10 winner
2040 Tommy Pringle  40 winner
2041 Vicky Nottingham 25  winner
2042 Maxine Metheny 75 travel stipend
Ending Balance   792.10
                         Since last Statement
Deposits:  $660(CAEZ reimburse)   $360 (Delta, Delta, CCSWA, Waddell)
Checks written since last statement
2032  State Auto Insurance  505.77
2043 Surplus    150
2044 Auction    XXX  giveaways and radio
2045 Delta     110   advertising
2046 Anthony Helms   30   weed whacking
2047 Family Dollar   21.67   don’t know
2048 Foodland    6.17   wa wa

Best guess as of June 6 2009, we have to our name:  $947 plus $250 cash

Spending it All

Bank loan is due $3700,  needs extended this week.
Receipts for budget digest: new egg 68.97; transmitter 2538; projector and puter 275; monitor and puter 115.00; cables 225; PA system 775;  all that adds up to 3772 additional receipts from surplus for puters =450 (mic clips not in yet)

200.00 needed to Purchase tower

 80.00 RAM memory strips needed

Outstanding bills:
25.0 Sec of State
26.0 185.00  Frontier
27.0 55.00 wa wa
28.0 171.00 power
81.00   Farm Store

FOR May 11, 2009


Present:  Andy, Tiffany, Pete, Dana, Dave, & Frank

Opening:  5:25 pm

Station Report:
Andy suggested selling the old transmitter.  It was decided to hold off until fall.
We discussed the need for a Telescoping Tower and all agreed to look for a used or free telescoping tower so the station will never be without a product.

Andy stated that 1 check was not recorded for around $10 - $12 and all Broadcaster royalties  were paid.
We owe the Secretary of State $25.00
Southern States $281.00
Frontier is paid up except for this month which is approximately $100.00
Power Co. is owed $177.00 total owed $333.00
Water & Sewer is owed $24.24

All agreed to pay $250.00 to the Power Co. and $200.00 to Southern States.

For Summer Jam we need to purchase the following:
Pink Tickets, water, pop, & toilet paper.

The Apple Festival has agreed to sponsor us $120.00 and we will have an Apple Festival Night.  They will also be putting a kid’s booth up at the 3 celebrations.

Andy has not heard back from the Parks & Rec. about the $2,000.00 he asked for.
So far we have received:
$300.00 from the Town
$1,000.00 from CAEZ
$1,000.00 from BDA
$0000.00 from CCC

We owe $505.77 for Station Insurance which is due May 15, 2009 this amount is for the full year.

Andy is to give bills to CAEZ for $1,000.00 in donation.

We will pay the bills first to see if we have the extra money to obtain the bingo licenses.

We have spent $3845.00 of the $4,000.00 grant money and we still need 3 or 4 cables 2 sound mics and 2 mic stands with boom arms.

We decided to purchase 2 mic stands with boom arms, 2 mic cables and 1 speaker cable 50ft. from Mercy Music Supply.

The loan payoff date is June 10th.  We may have to pay interest on the extra 90 days.

Andy is going to get a statement from the bank for cancelled checks and turn in receipts to Connie at County Clerk's office.  ASAP.

We need people to hang Banners.

We will have no parade for Memorial Day but will have one for the 4th of July and Labor Day with our famous, most wonderful, detail oriented organizer the “Tiffanator” in charge of the parades.  HA HA!!!!!!!!!

Summer Jam:
We have not got enough money to purchase new shirts this year for now.
Volunteers – Jane Cook is coming back this year, Andy, Tiff, Pete, Kayla, hopefully Ashleigh. Dave isn’t sure about his schedule, Frank may come help some.
Summer Jams will start at 6:00 – 7:30 this year 7:45 at the latest.
We will then send them to the auction and ask them back for the movies which will start around 9:30.  We will start on May 22,  2009 and will leave out the May 30th weekend.

We are in need of a work party ASAP!!!  We start May 22 and Andy is going to make up a list of stuff that needs to be done before then and email it to all board members.   Andy is giving signs/flyers out for everyone to put up anywhere that we can.
Andy is working on the entertainment schedule for the Jams.  Kayla and Ashleigh need to put signs up at the High School.  We aren’t sure if we will get the plastic letters for the IGA sign or not yet.  We talked of the need to find a variety of bands.

It rained, it thundered, the sun shined, a rainbow popped out without a pot of gold at the station and we all went home.

Meeting Closed.


WYAP-LP 101.7 FM
Board Meeting
July 13   5:15pm
At the station
Everyone Welcome

 ACT Grant Project
 Bingo Application
 Jam and Celebration accounting
Station Report
Summer Jam Report
 Equipment Upgrades
 Floor Tile Install
 Fix Wooden Bench  Dangerous!

Station Report
July 09

  Since last board meeting major upgrades were made at WYAP.
  To alleviate hard drive storage shortfalls, a new 500 gig external hard drive was installed in the live booth. That drive replaces an 80 gig unit which is now being stored in case of failure of the new unit. A second external in Room A has now been cleaned off and a complete list of all our music is stored there as well. We now have redundancy.
  The main drive computer in Room D was replaced with a faster, newer, IBM Think Center. With that unit now working, we are experiencing fewer episodes of drops, stutters and lock ups. The removed from service puter, Dell, is being stored in case the new unit heads south. Redundancy there as well.
  Both of the upgrades were critical and much needed.
 Programming wise WYAP is now offering two new shows from Pacifica and an independent program. From Pacifica comes Talk Nation and Mid Week Politics produced by David Pakman. Independent Angela Mc Kinney’s Initiative Radio is also a once a week treat.
  Sound, programming , and equipment wise, all are solid. Our weak link is the  DSL transfer to the transmitter. Common are, drops in service, complete outages, and packet loss resulting in audio going off the air for a split second at a time. Additionally, every second or third day, someone has to run up to the shed and restart the puter player window. That’s a real pain in the butt to say the least.
  The solution is simple, a direct telephone line to the transmitter shed eliminating the DSL connection. The cost for that may be as high as $80 per month.  Bingo proceeds may provide the $$$. In any case , to make the improvement, we need to somehow increase our monthly operating budget from $350 per month to around $450 per month to do the upgrade.
  At the station we need to paint the roof this summer, the sooner the better.  We should budget $150 for the paint, rollers etc and paying someone to do the labor.
  Report prepared by A Waddell

   Financial Report
July 09

Checking Acct
Beginning Balance    792.10
6-3 CAEZ     660.77  (grant reimburse)
6-8 Mix     360  (Delta donation 75; Delta puter 110; Solid Waste sponsor150; Waddell radio 25)
6-10  ACT     2500  (news grant)
6-11 Apple Fest    120  sponsor
6-27 Mix     508.21 (Tif Reimburse; Nada RAM 20; Delta 2nd IBM 110; Delta donation 28.21; Frank Szalai  puter 150)
6-27 Mix     120 (R Nutter, Mabel Nutter, Judy Dunn, Barry Klingensmith membership)
Total Deposits    4268.98
Auto PartsPC    60 (RAM)
Auto PC Progress    53.98  2 strips RAM
Auto Sweetwater    75.96
Auto Walmart    18.02
2032 State Auto    505.77
2043 Surplus    150  (2 puters)
2044  Starcher    42.25
2045 Delta     110  (newspaper ad)
2046 Anthony Helms   30 grass cutting
2047 Family Dollar   21.67 TP, bags, ?
2048 Foodland    60.93  wa wa
2049Bank of Gassaway   58.04   interest on loan
2050 Greg Payne    200 telescoping tower
2051 Foodland    28.77  wa wa 7 x 24
2052 Long shot    50  gas
2053 David Hopkins   90  cornhole courts
2054 Surplus    200 2 puters 1 monitor
2055 Radio Shack    78.03 radio, adaptors, KVM

Financial Report Page 2
July 09

Since last statement
7-12      245  jam collections

2056 Staples    28.21
2057 Dave Reese   30  gas
2058 SOS    25 reg fee
2059 Family Dollar  51.80  charmin
2060 Kates Floral   37.50 ballons
2061 Electric   300
2062 A Helms   50  grass cutting
2063 T Farmer   50 reminburse
2064 Ben Fuller   40 gas
2065 Family Dollar  ??   candy for parade
2066 J Welch   20  dog winner
2067 A Gumm   20 dog winner
2068 Wa wa    100
2069 Farm Store   80.61
2070 Frontier   300
2071 – 73  payouts for winners
2074- 2075  void
2076 White Trash Heroes 350
2077 Go Mart   ??
Auto Ginos    57.82  energy express
2078 Tudors    33.69 energy express
2079 Tom Pringle   35   Karoke 2nd also
2080 Auction   37.40 giveaway trinkets and tarps

Best guess as of today  around  $1600

Jam Income 09

Memorial Celeb
Karaoke    15
Calk Walks    20.50
50/50     44.50
Wa Wa    8.   88.00

June 6
Calk Walk    14
Memberships    120
WAWA    3
50/50     9.50   146.50

June 13
Cake Walks    20
WAWA    6
50/50     27.50
Blank Envelope   20   73.50

June 20
Cake Walks    4.50
WAWA    19
50/50     55   78.50

June 27
Cake Walk    13.50
50/50     47
WAWA    6   66.50

July Celeb
3rd Wawa    4
4th Cornhole    45   ½ of that, pay out
Karaoke    35
Wawa     38
Raffle     44 basket  166

July 11
Basket Raffle cont.   34
50/50     34.50
Wawa     0   68.50

Total         687.50



Peter Triplett, President
Fred Sampson, V.P.
Elizabeth Sampson, Secretary/Treasurer
Tiffany Farmer
Andy Waddell, Vol. Station Mgr.
Dave Derby

Pete called meeting to order.
No meeting Minutes available for Approval. Tabled until next meeting.

 Andy reported $101.00 in the bank. He expects Budget Digest monies can be available to WYAP by September 10th 2009.
 Andy moved that we buy a telescoping Tower, available for $200.00. Fred Seconded. Approved.
 Andy advised he had ordered 6 new Memory Strips of RAM to be installed in our Computer, to increase MEMORY.
 Andy advised terrible feedback from Guitar Microphones on Saturday Jam. He advised he had purchased a “SOUND HOLE MIKE” to be used on Guitars, complete with controls needed.
 Andy advised the CAEZ had approved $1000.00 for 3 CELEBRATIONS and we need these $ before July 4th, 2009.
 Andy advised that we are qualified for $3000.00, for 2009 Budget Digest monies.
 Tiffany moved, Dave Seconded we authorize Andy to purchase the needed RAM strips, the Sound-Hole-Mike and to pay the outstanding Bills. All voted Aye.
 Andy advised we need a new DVD player rather than using Computer for playing and recording performances.
 Andy advised the Summer Jam's were underway and that we had made approx $180.00 at the first one, 6 new memberships, cake walks, etc.
 WYAP discussed regarding more Board Members.
 Andy moved, seconded to buy CD's music from a yard sale, Board moved “NO” to this
 Dave advised that C.J. Had a “RAP” person who wished to perform on our Stage.
Andy agreed to discuss the limitations we require with this person and determine if we should allow him to perform.
 Andy advised that Pat Black had advised he has 2 people to help WYAP and this may be up to 5 people during Summer Jams to help us. Andy advised he could use them to set up the Summer Jams Sound Track.

Fred moved and Tiffany seconded that we adjourn. We adjourned.

Next meeting scheduled for July 13th, 2009 @ the station in Clay.

Elizabeth Sampson, Secretary/Treasurer

Jam & Celebration Report July 13 09


   YAP is half way thru the season and is much better equipped to handle outdoor music shows this year with the addition of some critical equipment.
   In years past we had major problems with guitar  “reflection” in the mics. The addition of two sound hole pick up mics ($80 each) has completely eliminated that problem with acoustic model guitars. We purchased a ¼” to XLR cable which is used with guitars with electric pickups. Those two purchases greatly improved the sound.
   Higher quality speaker cables ($150+) were purchased as were various connectors from Radio Shack ($37).
  Our used ($200) audio projector is very fuzzy, it sucks. We have borrowed a unit from a YAP supporter and have every intent on keeping (borrowing) the unit if at all possible.
  One of our big Black Widow speakers is sounding fuzzy. We’re getting by with an older Peavey unit. We need to replace that big speaker before Labor day weekend when big bands grace our stage again.
  Attendance is down this year. Not sure if it’s the 6pm start time or something else. Now into our 7th week of production, our biggest turn out nights have about 100 people in the parking lot.
  With the 90 minute format being adhered to, we are using fewer musicians in 2009.  The variety of groups this year includes blues, traditional, country, bluegrass, rap, gospel and Americana.
  Weekly movie offerings are being well received as something fun to do for the late night crowd. Out biggest night had around 20 in attendance for the free PG-13 or less cinema treat.
   We have a big success this year in the form of Corn Hole contests. During the July 4th Championship, we had 9 paying teams in the competition netting the station $23.50. During each Jam (if its not raining) we set up the courts and people have fun time practices.    Lawnmower racing is being added Labor Day Sunday as is a second Corn Hole championship.
  It takes about 6 hard working volunteers to make each Jam possible. So far this year, we’re well staffed. Joe and Tonya  are now volunteering to do much of the parking lot duties of giving away freebees.
  WYAP is providing weekly Jam Newsletters to attendees. The 4 pages offering  a hype to become a member, accomplishments , schedule, and keepsake images. Musicians especially like to see their pictures in the Jamletters.
  Last week a new Kiosk was added in the parking lot. The enclosed information center will be maintained with schedules and event postings.    AW


WYAP-LP Bd Meeting
Aug 10th  5:15pm
At the station

 08 Digest $$
 10 Digest $$
Station Report
 Burning down the station
Summer Jam Report
Football Season
 Equipment upgrade maybe
News Department
Labor Day Celebration
Work Party
 Roof Paint
Winterizing Welcome Center
New ceiling fan install
Updating rest of wall outlets

Station Report Aug 09


  There have been many hard earned improvements at WYAP since opening as an internet only station years ago. None have been more dramatic than the changes made in the last 30 days.
  Most noticeable, in July, we changed the way the transmitter receives our audio feed. Instead of using a puter and player hooked up to the DSL, WYAP purchased a Roku Soundbridge 1001 internet radio ($137), hooked it to the DSL and then to the transmitter. A remarkable change occurred. Now, when the power goes off and later returns, the radio comes back on automatically. When the DSL blinks or stays off for hours, when it returns, presto!, so does 101.7 FM.  Even better, when we reboot the main drive puter at the station, we no longer have to go to the shed to restart the puter there. Instead of driving up to the shed every a day or so (or more often) to restart the player, no trips are needed.
  Additionally, our sound quality is much improved. The volume level  is almost as strong as heard on commercial stations. The clarity is so good, we turned off the equalizer at the shed.
  The part about not having to drive to the shed or call Pete at 11 at night to restart, is such a relief. Losing our feed during a ball game or Jam, is now past history. Dependability and sound quality have increased 10 fold at least!
  A second improvement was the reorganization of the live booth. Instead of having a mouse, keyboard, and screen for each puter, we purchased a KVM switch ($11) which allows both puters to operate on one mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Our volunteers are just now learning the new way of going from one puter to another. Trying to improve time motion for volunteers, CD players, and phone were rearranged. Now the operator can see the screen, mixer needles, and CD display without moving their head. Nice.
  In other station news….     Live booth puter 2 has been reformatted in hopes of returning some dependability there.
  With football season upon us, we purchased  a new sportscaster headphone/mic unit online for $28. Not sure it will work but if it does, that’s much cheaper than other units which begin around $250 each. Our broken headphone combo will be taken in for repairs (maybe Simpson Neal) and kept as a spare or when we use three sportscasters during a ballgame.
  Earlier this year Mr Eakle donated a new piece of equipment (housekeeper) to receive phone calls. We hooked it up back then but never actually put it to task. Sometime before the Aug 28th season opener, those experiments will have to be done.
  We did not get summer help from WorkForce as was planned. WYAP never received an email or call with any explanation.
  Equipment wise at the station, A/C, live booth, etc., no break downs.
  With school starting, Kayla and Ashleigh plan to return to their Wed after school time slot. No word yet on CJ returning this fall. Jane Cook has been doing a Sat. afternoon 2 hour show during the  Jam Season. Not sure if she plans to continue after Labor day. Will ask. Dave continues evening programming a couple times per week. He uses his laptop hooked up to Puter 2 for playlist. Check with Dave for info if you plan to program. He’s got it working slick!.
  Sometime before the Apple Festival, Pete plans on picking up the telescoping tower and installing it. Our goal is to have the rig in use before cold weather hits.  When it gets working, our antenna should be about 6’ higher in elevation.
Report prepared by A Waddell



   WYAP is down to just three outdoor music shows this season. So far this year:
 2 jams were called early due to weather.   For the first time ever (6years), the Aug 1st Jam was cancelled two hours before show time due to lightning, thunder, wind and a monsoon.
  Not sure the reason but attendance has been down this year. My guess, we averaged around 60 to 80 people in June and July. That is also affecting our water sales plus raffles. It’s down.
  The new cornhole courts are being heavily used. We have a hit!
  As for the Welcome Center, we’re going thru two rolls of paper each Saturday. Well used and received by all.
  Our hot dog vendor was away from three Jams this summer.  He was replaced (mutual agreement) by a new vendor which also offers desserts/ice cream. Unfortunately, she only showed for one Jam and was absent Aug 8th. Will contact her ASAP.
   Equipment wise, we blew one of Pete\s PA speakers which needs to be repaired right now. Our new  guitar sound hole mics are doing great. The additional speaker cables and longer mic cables have been a blessing.
  Tiffany has made the change from co host to host with good stage presence. Vols. Jane, Dave, Pete, Ashliegh, Kayla plus a couple newbees have eased the burden of the production a bunch. We are in our stride with smooth offerings, good service to our performers, and  quick take downs afterwards.
  The Drive In Movie is a great addition but once again, turn out has been light. We are averaging maybe 8 in attendance in addition to our staff.
  Our last show of the year will include an antique car show with the We Care Club theme that night. Should be fun.
  The new kiosk is being kept up to date. Jam letters are handed out weekly.
  Although not a season with huge crowds, our WYAP product is smooth, organized, and well received by those interested in being about of the great outdoors in Clay West Virginia.
Report prepared by A Waddell 

JULY 13, 2009


Peter Triplett, President
Fred Sampson, V.P.
Elizabeth Sampson, Secretary/Treasurer
Tiffany Farmer
Andy Waddell, Vol. Station Mgr.
Dave Derby

Pete called the meeting to order at 5:25 p.m.

Discussion regarding corrections to the minutes pg. 2 WYAP discussions about more board members, Pg.1 Andy reported $101.00 in the bank which is really $1,200.00, Pg. 1 CAEZ approved $1,000.00 for 3 celebrations, Pg. 2 Andy moved, seconded by Dave to buy Music CD’s from a yard seller.  Board moved “NO” to this.
Andy moved to accept changes to the minutes Tiffany seconded.

Discussion about the new Tower purchased.  We need a long bed pick up or trailer to get it here from the Pinch area to Triplett Ridge installed beside our other tower.

We have spent around $900.00 out of our $2,500.00 grant with around $1,600.00 left.

Discussions about the contest we have during the Jams/Celebrations such as the Karaoke contest raising the entry fee to $7.00 each person 1st place will get half the purse and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd will receive a certificate to off set the cost for the station.  All events will be for half the purse.  The financial Report dated July 09 states beginning Balance of 792.10 added cash on hand bringing that total to around $1,042.10.

Fred moved to approve the Financials Dana seconded.

Members discussed Bingo license Andy moves to apply for license Fred seconded the license are good for 1 year.  Members agreed to get cards with plastic markers or sliders so they can be reused.  All was in agreement to move forward as soon as possible.  The camp ground was discussed as a possibility for holding the bingo games.

Discussion was held for the options for our DSL service.  Talked about getting a business line installed Fred made a motion to get the 2nd business line installed Dana seconded.

Lawn mower racing for the Labor Day Celebration will be added this year with an entry fee.  Under studies are needed for Tiffany, Andy, & Pete.

Two new ladies mentioned to Tiffany the willingness to volunteer at the Jams.  All agreed we will get them started next jam.

The Bathroom floor needs fixed, the tile is coming up and water is seeping in the floor boards.  The bench needs immediate repair it is dangerous!!  Fred volunteered to fix the Bench.

Elizabeth turned in her resignation as Secretary/Treasurer.
Andy moved to remove Elizabeth as Secretary/Treasurer.  Dave seconded.
Elizabeth moved Tiffany be elected Secretary/Treasurer.

Pete made the motion to adjourn Dana seconded.  We adjourned.

Next meeting scheduled for August 10, 2009 @ the Station in Clay.

Tiffany Farmer


Station Report Sept 09

  Station operations stabilized considerably with the addition of the Roku internet receiver (July 23rd) at the  transmitter site. We’ve had our share of power and DSL outages but in each case (except once) the Roku returned YAP to the air as soon as utility service was restored. We have been rock steady for 6 weeks now. It is wonderful
  Programming wise… Thom Hartmann’s show has been expanded to 3 hours daily Mon thru Fri. Initiative radio is now aired regularly on Monday’s. Talk Nation and David Pakman’s Midweek Politics continue to add zest to our new programming. No new program content is in the works at this time.
  The AK-94 returned to the air Wed Aug 26th. It’s good to hear young voices once again. CJ says he’s going to do his Thursday after school show but to date hasn’t been in.
  One DHHR worker (AB) was suppose to start Wed Aug 26th. She didn’t show up. I have called the agency and told them, we don’t need her.
  WYAP was the only broadcaster of the  Aug 29th CCHS season opener football game. TG and Josh did an excellent job with very clear reception. 4 listeners were on line. There are 9 paying sponsors. Tim James has agreed to be a backup sportscaster when needed.
  To better protect our web site content, the IX web hosting added additional viewing restrictions (Aug 27th) in an attempt to stop hacking. To date, wyap.com has not been attacked.
  Equipment wise:
   the new innkeeper telephone interface is not working properly. It has a very tinny sound on air. Most likely it is not the machine but us trying to figuring it out. For sportscasts, we have reverted back to the phone mate unit used in the past.
  YAP purchased  a $30 earphone/mic combo to be used by the sportscasters. It doesn’t work. One of our original headphones only provides sound out of one ear speaker. Neal Simpson checked it out and said the problem is not in a broken wire but instead with the earphone speaker itself. Translation: not fixable.
  In the live booth, problems were experienced with the HP  P-4. We swaped that one out with the spare Dell originally used as the main drive puter. Everything is working OK now. We need to replace the Dell and save it as a backup for the main drive unit. Dave Derby has loaned us a puter in case the backup unit fails. Derby’s puter has not been checked out as of this meeting.
   The mixer board, CD players, etc are all working smooth.
Station report prepared by A Waddell

Sept 09 Financial Report
As of August 28, 2009

Checking Account
6-30-09 – 7-27-09
Beginning Balance   $3,254.11
Deposits  7-13  $ 245.00
D. Reese  $ 30.00
Secretary of State $ 25.00
Family Dollar ( Charmin)  $31.80
Kates Florial (Mem. Balloons)  $37.50
Elk Power  $300.00
A Helms $ 50.00
Tiff (Karaoke use) $50.00
Ben Fuller (Show) $ 40.00
Family Dollar ( Candy) $10.30
Jacob Welch ( Dog winner med.) $20.00
Abby Gumm ( Dog winner small) $20.00
Town of Clay Water $100.00
Farm Store $80.61
Frontier $300.00
John Workman $50.00  (1st place karaoke)
Josclyn Truman $ 35.00 (2nd place karaoke)
Thelma Beckett $ 25.00 (3rd place karaoke)  ??????
White Trash Hero’s $350.00
Gomart Water $ 20.42
Tudors $ 33.69
Ginos $ 57.82
Tom Pringle $35.00 (Karaoke)
Auction $ 37.40
Closing Balance $ 1,465.47

Since Last Statement
8-13-09 $234.18
8-27-09 $418.87
Total Deposits $ $653.05
Outstanding checks
Helms (grass) $50.00
Water $ 16.17
Southern States $ 76.44
Clay Municipal Waterworks $ 13.19
Elk Power Co. $80.69
Frontier $ 79.61
Water $  ??????? (unknown)
Family Dollar (charmin) $26.50

Mistakes found in check book $1.35 to the good

Best guess as of 8-28-09
Total around $1,777.27
Minus the unknown check amount which will be on the next statement

Deposit made on 8-28-09 for $300.00
Bringing the total  to around $2,077.27

09 Summer Jam Final Report

  Bad weather kicked our butts for the first time ever this summer when WYAP cancelled a Summer Jam. Two other shows were closed early do to rain. Two Drive In Movies were also cancelled.
  Crowds were respectable but no where as large as in 2008. Not sure of the reason but guesses include: earlier start time and other activities IE auction.
  The volunteer staff was excellent this year with enough horsepower to get each show  on air.
  Additional musical talent additions this year included, rap, punk rock, and mountain dulcimer.
  This year we added Drive In Movies after each Jam. Attendace is not high. My guess, we averaged 16 per showing.
  Some thoughts.
  Clay County benefits greatly from WYAP efforts. The station benefits with an increased “footprint” in the community. Musicians view a radio show quite differently than volunteering for a regular show.  Financially, we garner few extra dollars from the huge effort.
 Just as we get negative comments on a different genre of music each day of the week, the majority of the public has little interest in music other than bluegrass and country. Some have even commented that only gospel music should be aired.
  What that being said, it’s amazing how some, many,  do appreciate oddball offerings. We had  many more teenagers in attendance  during the nights we offered younger style music genres. The rest of us just gritted our teeth.
  With this being  my last season as producer of Summer Jams, who ever shoulders the responsibility next season, should be given free reign to make any and all changes, additions, reductions as he or she sees fit.
  It’s been a good run, Andy Waddell

Jam Income 09

Memorial Celeb
Karaoke    15
Calk Walks    20.50
50/50     44.50
Wa Wa    8.   88.00

June 6
Calk Walk    14
Memberships    120
WAWA    3
50/50     9.50   146.50

June 13
Cake Walks    20
WAWA    6
50/50     27.50
Blank Envelope   20   73.50

June 20
Cake Walks    4.50
WAWA    19
50/50     55   78.50

June 27
Cake Walk    13.50
50/50     47
WAWA    6   66.50

July Celeb
3rd Wawa    4
4th Cornhole    45   ½ of that, pay out
Karaoke    35
Wawa     38
Raffle     44 basket  166

July 11
Basket Raffle cont.   34
50/50     34.50
Wawa     0   68.50

July 18
Water     3
Cake Walk    4.50
50/50     51   58.50


Aug 1
Water     8
Raffles     11
Cake walk    5.50   24.50

Aug 8
Cake walks    10.50
Water     5
50/50     30.50   46.00

Aug 15
50/50     35
Wa Wa    8.50
Unkown    50   93.50

Aug 22
Cake Walks    12.50
Water     10
50/50     54.50   76.50

Aug 29
Wawa     3
Cakewalk    12.50
50/50     27.   42.50

Total , around       1026.00 income

Aug 10 09
Board Meeting


Present: Peter Triplett, Fred Sampson, Elizabeth Sampson, Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell, Dave Derby

Pete opened the meeting.
   No financial report available with a new sec treasurer just taking over. $1390 in the bank. 07-08 Budget Digest reimbursement ($2000 and $2000 will be available Aug 13th. Bank loan will be paid off first with about $250 left over for deposit in checking. 2010 Budget Digest request may have netted $1000 for the station. Nothing official yet. Dave motioned, Elizabeth seconded, motion passed to accept the available financials.
  Station report (attached) was read. No vote
  Jam report (attached) was read. Motion Fred, Second by Dana. Motion passed to accept the Jam report.
   Dave Derby donated a new ceiling fan.  Used telescoping antenna is ready to pick up from Greg Payne. Pete and AW will do the move sometime ASAP, before cold football season.
   We Care Club (first time event) is planned for the final Summer Jam, aug 29th. Car show too
   First game of the 09 CCHS Football season is Aug 28th. WYAP ordered a new  headphone/mic combo ($30) for the sportscasters. The broken comobo will be repaired if possible.  We need to come up with 10 sponsors ($50 each) to make the season possible. The new (Eakle donation) telephone interface unit has not been tested and needs to be in working order, ready to go, by the 28th.
   Funded by a ACT grant, we will start our news department sometime in Oct.
   No update on the WV Bingo license application.
   The Labor Day Celebration is coming and in need of a bunch of volunteers to make it happen. New events this year will include a Corn Hole Championship and lawn mower races. Date: Sept 5 6 and 7th.
   Work party is needed to: winterize the welcome center; paint the roof, and install the ceiling fan. Bd decided to hold off painting the roof. Pete will check with his brother about wiring the fan. Dave agreed to take care of the welcome center duties.
  Meeting ended at 7:05pm.
   Minutes prepared by AW


WYAP-LP Board Meeting
Oct 12 2009
At the Station, All Welcome


 Checks not in
 ACT Grant Deadline Nov 1
 ACT News Grant
Station Report
 Need for new tunes
 New Headphone Box
 New Headphone Combo (no worky)
 New Headphone Combos Needed
 Sports, B Ball
Summer Jam Final Report
Whitteker Update
Halloween Event
Work Party: Roof Paint, Winterize, Telescoping Tower, Jam stuff to Shed
What Else?

OCTOBER 12,2009


 WYAP was active in the Apple Festival by providing every other hour updates on activities and changes in schedule. We did that on Thurs, Fri., and Sat. As a paying sponsor, the Big Apple was hyped very well.
 We're now into CCHS football season with TG Griffith and Josh Shamblin returning sportscasters. With four games under our belt, the sound quality and on air personalities have been great. The change of administration at CCHS has been smooth with no change in their commitment to broadcast sports programming. WYAP purchased a $30 headphone/mic combo which doesn't work. Attempts to sale the new unit did not pan out.
 We are in real need of at least one newer set of headphones. The recommendation s to purchase a couple of units using grant funds.
 Clay Middle has contacted to sportscast their homecoming game later this week. That will be another first for 101.7 as we increase our community footprint.
 The new PA mixer board was damaged during the summer. Simpson Neal now has it repaired. Damage was a wire that broke lose from the power supply.
 Our newsy programming continues to grow with the addition of the 30 minute weekly., Gobal Report. During weekdays, WYAP offers an average of 7 hours of independent programming. On Sat., mornings we program about 3 hours. Sunday afternoons provide listeners with commentary shows like New Dimensions, World of Possibilities, Initiative Radio and Mimi Jergees.
 Michael Slater's show Beneath the Surface was too strong a show for us for tight now.
 Getting the most attention is the daily Thom Hartmann three hour talk show. Hard hitting and cutting edge to say the least. WYAP provides the entire 3 hours on Mon thru Wed and Fridays and shorter version on Thursdays.
 We purchased a new headphone amp connector ($70) this past month. Working better but still not perfect.
 Sound wise, at the end of PSA's and sometimes songs, the last couple seconds of audio repeats itself. Not sure why but rebooting the puter seems to reduce that affect.
 Lisa Heidelbrecht's Insomniac Nation show is airing around 3 am about once a week. Our regular volunteers, Fred, Ashliegh, Kayla, Dave and myself continue offerings.
 It's time to start the ACT funded news department this month. The plan is to advertise for the positions as well as a Supervisor for the project. Wish some careful budgeting, the programs and reports should make it thru the winter months.
 Recommendations:  Buy the newer headphone combo and start buying IBM puters from State Surplus once again

Report prepared by A Waddell

WYAP 101.7 FM
Financial Report for Oct. 2009


Beginning balance from statement
Checks paid out
$20.55 Foodland water
$20.00 Mike Evans visors
$30.00 Clay Humane Society mums
$150.00 Kates balloons
$40.00 USPO 12 months
$50.00 Jerry Helms Grass
$19.57 Family Dollar parade candy
$200.00 James Thacker gas band
$8.22 Foodland water
$97.70 Frontier phone
$117.94 Elk Power
$35.90 Clay Municipal water works
Closing balance $ 1,784.27
Deposit made on 10-09-09 $ 990.00
New balance $2,774.27
No checks out as of now bills to be paid but we are out of checks.


NOVEMBER 9, 2009 5:15PM
At the  Station
Everyone Welcome

 Dave Walker Budget Digest
 ACT General Operation Grant
 ACT New Dept
Station Report
 New Programming
Tower Update
B Ball Season
Work Party Really Needed
Anything Else

November 2009 Station Report

 New programs added in the last 30 days include the 2 hour “Trance on the Porch” music show with DJ Mark Hailing from Missouri. We have returned to a five minute fill in news report, International News Report to replace the failed Mitch Jesserich Show. YAP is now averaging about 8 hours of independent news, commentary shows each 23 hour period.
 One new Christmas CD has been received. Other new tunes have been added to the Jazz and Easy listening genres. We are in need of new Celtic and Rock n Roll CD’s for the play list.
 Each and every CCHS Football game was aired in its entirety. In addition to sponsors getting game time and daily mentions, WYAP sportscast two Clay Middle School football games, the CMS Conference Championship, and the New River Pee Wee Super Bowl Championship. In addition to outstanding work by TG Griffith and Josh Shamblin, Tim James has gotten his feet wet so to speak with two broadcasts. Out of pocket expense to air the CMS Championship was around $20.
 If we are able to get enough basketball sponsors, TG and Josh have agreed to handle CCHS Panther games. The Mullins tribe is bowing out of sportscasting the CCHS Lady Panther games after three years of work. Tim James has been asked if he would do the girls play by play. Tim said he would get back with an answer soon. A high school sophomore has also been tapped for duty. Now word from him.
 With Dave Derby back in the workforce full time, he's down to about 2 evening/ weekend shows per week. The AK94 show continues each Wed at 3:30 as does Fred's Roundtable each Thursday at 6pm. Other than those and my offerings, we are in very short supply on local content programs.
 Equipment wise, we are still looking for one or two new or slightly used headphone mic combo sets before the B Ball season gets under. Before the new News Dept can get out in the field, we need a good portable digital recorder.
 Dave Derby has loaned the station a new turntable which connects directly to a puter. If anyone wants to learn to use the thang, it's easy with training expected to take less than a couple hours.
 In house equipment is performing well with no break downs to report.
Station Report by A Waddell

Financial Report
WYAP 101.7 FM
November 9, 2009


Bank Balance from last statement $2,451.05

Checks out since last statement

$20.00 TG Donation

$10.00 Josh Donation

$100.00 Promethesis

$234.61 Elk Power (2 Months)

$75.39 Clay Water (2 Months)

$205.15 Frontier (2 Months)

$11.83 Southern States

$100.00 Delta

Total $1,694.07

Deposit to be made tomorrow for $272.00

To the best of my knowledge the new total should be $1,966.07

Tiffany Farmer

WYAP Meeting Minutes Oct 12 2009
At the station, 300 Main Street


  Present: Dave Derby, Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell, Fred Sampson, Peter Triplett, Elizabeth Sampson.    Meeting opened at 5:30pm
  No minutes available for approval
   Financial Report: No checks written this month. Financial report (see attached) presented, motioned by Elizabeth, second by Fred and passed unanimous vote.  ACT application is due Nov 4th in TN. We still have the News Dept grant funds and are ready to begin the process of finding workers and a supervisor for the program. Since the grant amount ($2500) was one fourth of the requested amount, the program has to be scaled back accordingly. Station Manager will get started with advertising for positions.
   Station report was discussed , motion by Fred, second by Elizabeth and approved by a unanimous vote. See attached.
  Final Summer Jam report submitted with recommendations for needs. No vote taken on report.
   Motion by Fred, second by Dana, unanimous OK to purchase: IBM puter from WV Surplus, used headphone combo for news Dept., and donate to Pacifica as soon as checks come in.
  Basketball season is just around the corner and sponsors are needed to get the games on air.
  One Peavey Black Widow PA speaker blew up. Board agreed to fix the speaker this winter.
  Board consensus, potential property purchaser William Whitteker is not a threat to the WYAP operation or location.
  If 5 volunteers agree, the station will offer a children’s Halloween party at the station, Oct 31st from 5 to 6pm. Dave has other commitment. AW is available. Other Board members  are to let the station manager know by Wed evening if they can help.
  A work party is needed to winterize the station and welcome center, paint the roof, move summer equipment to shed, and move/install telescoping tower. Fred is unavailable for a work party. Pete thinks the tower can be moved this Sunday afternoon. Names were submitted as handyman possibilities for the roof work.
  Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm
Minutes prepared by A Waddell.


DECEMBER 7, 2009 5:15PM

 New Media Access Grant
Station Report
 3 DVD Burners
 B Ball Season, Sponsors, Volunteers
Work Party
 Clayberry Pole
Christmas Party



  Since last meeting, WYAP has added tunes from around 50 CDs including a complete Elvis anthology set. Mostly country but some newer rock music.
   The Station Manager managed to dump loose screw up every Christmas tune and announcement in archives. They’re gone.  Found were a few stored in another folder plus a few more from the home stash. We are in real need to add to the remaining Xmas tunes. If anyone has some music, please drop off and we’ll return them to you as soon as they’re ripped.
    Pacifica has about 5 seasonal offerings which were are already using. Bruce Cutler from NY has programmed about 4 hours of country Christmas tunes for our use.
  High Schooler Austin  has agreed to do sports programming this B Ball season. The Sophomore is an avid sports fan. Tim James who went on the air during the football season has also volunteered as needed and as work schedule allows. Tim has kids in the pee wee football program and is a drummer for the Long Shot band.  My plan is to train Austin to do the pregame, half time, and post game work at the station and take  my seat to free me up for other duties, IE: working with the soon to be news department.
   TG is a go for the boys games as is Nada and Dale for Girls. TG is checking with Josh as to his availability. Tim will fill in both games as needed.
  The ads for workers in our new news department have been published once. Notices have also been posted on our web site as well as the Clayberry site. So far, we have received no resumes.
   I am trying to order 3 DVD burners (about $102) for the station. My first attempt failed when the card was denied. As soon as we get em, one is already sold for sure, maybe two. If two are sold, the station will keep the third with a total investment of about $23.
   Also found one headphone/mic combo which will work for the sportscasters. At first I thought the connectors were wrong but a second look cleared that up. Cost is about $270.  Hope to order this week.
   B Ball season is here but not the sponsors. So far, NAPA, Nancy Updegrave Insurance have signed on for the season. We need about 8 more to come out ahead.
  With the Senior Center at Two Run available Dec 19th and Tiff willing to organize, the Christmas party is on. I have already bought from the Saturday night Auction about $40 worth of give away. Take a look, they’re in Room C right now.
   Equipment wise, everything is working OK with no immediate needs .

Station Report prepared by A Waddell


Beginning Balance        $2,451.05
Deposits      $ 272.00
ATM   $  70.00
84 Lumber  $    7.40
ATM   $  30.00
TG Donation  $  20.00
Elk Power  $234.61
Clay Water  $  75.39
Frontier  $205.15
Southern States $  11.83
Delta   $100.00
Family Dollar  $  20.60
Ron Walls  $100.00
Foodland  $  12.34
Matt Carte  $  42.00
Total Debits      $929.32
Ending Balance $1,793,73
Since Last Statement
Checks out, not in last bank statement:
2102 Josh Shamblin     $  10.00 donation
2103 Pacifica      $100.00
2113 NAPA      $    4.13
2114 Shampooer/sweeper    $  26.50
2114 AW reimbursement    $  11.02
2116 VOID
2117 Frontier      $  96.85
2118 Elk Power     $171.57
2119 Clay Water     $  35.90
All bills in paid
No Deposits
As of 12-7-09 best guess we have      $1,337.76

Prepared by Tiffany



We’re closer to being ready for winter.
  Fred and AW spent about 3 hours moving the larger stuff from the station to Pete’s shed three weeks ago. There is about half a carload left to go to storage. I’ll do that during my next trip up the hill.
  We also took done the old Clayberry pole, darn near killed us! The Sheltered Workshop donated  a 2”x 4” oak 12 foot long pole to replace the old one. It’s going to take someone on the stage roof and another on a ladder to erect the new pole. We need to do that as soon as we have a warm day.
   After three years of delay, the station roof has been painted with silver trailer paint. The total cost was around $170 and much needed.
  The Welcome Center has had anti freeze gel dumped in and the tank has been drained.
   During Thanksgiving break, Greg Wagoner, Eagle and myself retrieved our telescoping tower from Mr Payne’s home in Pinch W Va. Greg was given $40 for gas, we spent another $15 on food that morning. Since then, a 2”x 2”, 4” thick concrete pad with two rebars driven in and two more horozontal for support , was poured during the last week of November.
  Saturday morning Dec 5th (30 degrees and snowing) Dave and AW erected the tower with muffler clamps on the concrete embedded bolts and one brace and tie. A second and third tie / brace is needed before we try raising the thing. If all goes well, I hope to contact our buddy at the utility company and have the antenna transferred to the new tower…. sometime before Christmas I hope.
  Matt Carte and Dad installed the ceiling fan (Dave donated a new one) over Thanksgiving break. Installation cost $40 I think. With the new fan on, there is a real difference in the live booth. At top speed, it rattles too loud for a radio station. Currently we are using it on medium and low only.
   We rented a carpet shampooer Dec 5th. Cost $27.  I did the back work that night, supplied the cleaning materials, and took the thang back to Clendenin.
   Other than the Clayberry pole and adding plastic to the windows, WYAP is ready for winter…. Maybe
Prepared by A Waddell

WYAP Board Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2009 (rescheduled from November 9th)
Present: Fred, Elizabeth, Andy, Tiffany, David

 Motion by Dave Seconded by Andy to accept October and November meeting minutes as presented. Passed
 Motion by Andy seconded by Dave to put Sec/Treas Tiffany Farmer on the bank account signature cards. Passed
 Financial Report included: Budget Digest granted for $3000 and more recently $1000. The station for a $3500 ACT grant for general operations needs. Decision expected in late winter.
 We are in a holding pattern on Bingo operations due to no building space large enough to handle the fundraiser. Andy will check on two new possibilities. Consensus to hold off on purchasing the license until a suitable place is found.
 With the small ACT grant in place hiring info will be placed in the local paper and on the web site to get a news department staff in place by year's end. Suggestions included to contact CCHS to place a hiring poster at the school. The new department will need some kind of decent recording device and headphones for public meeting coverage. The grant funds will cover those expenses.
 Station report included new programming now offered on air and the need for more jazz and Celtic music to keep the play list fresh.
 The football season was a great success with enough paying sponsors, every home game aired without a problem plus the addition of three Middle School games and the Pee Wee Super Bowl, all firsts for WYAP. We're looking for at least one new earphone mic combo to replace one that is not working right. AW will search for one replacement and hope to have it in place for the upcoming basketball season. The search for basketball sponsors will begin right after Thanksgiving with the first home games coming the second week of December.
 Fred asked about using the Skype telephone service during his Thursday night roundtable show. Discussions with no decisions.
 WYAP purchased a used telescoping tower last summer and we need to move it and erect it before cold weather arrives.
 There are a bunch of work party duties in need of completion before winter including: painting the roof, steaming the carpets, moving jam equipment to shed, and putting a roof over the kiosk. Fred and Andy will work November 19th beginning at 9am. Tif is available with an SUV on Saturday November 21st.
 There is a goof on the financial report where a beginning balance does not match the month’s prior ending balance. Discussion with Tiff agreeing to figure out the problem and make corrections.

Minutes prepared by A Waddell

    2009 Year End Report


       Non profit 101.7 FM experienced  growth and stability during the last 12 months. When you factor in the poor economy and the shape of the nation in general, remarkable growth comes to mind. Here’s what we’re talking about.
      In 09 a new, not a used hand me down, stereo transmitter was installed. Up until then, our mono signal offered much lower sound quality and usually out of just car radio speaker. We also coupled a stereo DSL receiver to the transmitter to insure a much more dependable sound source without the buffering and down time after a power outage.  Instead of going off the air for hours after a power  or DSL outage, WYAP is back on as soon as utilities come back to life.
       A used, but in good condition, telescoping tower was erected near the transmitter site. When the antenna is switched to this tower, maintenance and adjustments will be a lot easier. Additionally, the higher elevation (38 feet) may increase our coverage area.
      In addition to adding lots of new tunes, membership supported YAP radio added late night music based shows from independent providers like Trance on the Porch, All Mixed Up, and Kaleidoscope. Our news department added one hour offerings, Talk Nation, Midweek Politics, Initiative Radio and the most listened to progressive voice, The Thom Hartmann Show each weekday afternoon.
      With increased volunteer support, local content programming continued during the last 12 months. Local voices included a Thursday night on air discussion group, Wed afternoon high school broadcasters, late late night shows  for insomniac listeners, and lots of sports offerings. In  addition to Clay High Sports, in 2009, three Clay Middle School football games including the Championship game, and the Pee Wee League Super Bowl were aired locally on 101.7 FM and around the world on the internet.
      During the Summer months, the staff organized and produced 14 Saturday night Summer Jam music shows where great West Virginia musicians were heard on the radio. This year more diverse sounds included two rappers and that teeth gritting music provided by area youth.   In addition to music, Cornhole contests and cake walks added some healthy things to do each Saturday. On the down side, for the first time ever, one Summer Jam was canceled when a monsoon storms drenched the county in July.
      There was a time when Memorial, Independence and Labor Days came and went without celebration. That hasn’t been the case for the last five years. In 2009, two and three day Small Town America Celebrations continued during those holiday weekends. Parades, Karaoke, yard sales, twist contests and great music filled the holidays .
      Each Summer our goal is to grow the tourism based economy and provide one more reason for folks to visit County Clay. In 2009, we did just that!
      Budget cutbacks and lack of grant support prevented firework displays in 2009. Funding from the CAEZ , BDA, Town of Clay, Solid Waste Authority, and from private donations allowed for everything else.
      With Fall coming, community based WYAP contributed to the grand daddy of em all, The Apple Festival, by providing up to the minute event updates.
      After the Big Apple came football season on 101.7FM.  True the High School football season went without a single win, we were there providing coverage to the many unable to get to the field. For the first time, YAP broadcast and then rebroadcast Middle School games as well as the Pee Wee Championship win. The rebroadcasts allowed the players and coaches to hear their names and efforts on the air.
      The New Year’s Eve party at the Senior Center (Two Run) polished off a great year. We danced, munchied, told stories, made new friends, and raffled off lots of items followed by the dropping of the Clayberry Ball at midnight. New York City ain’t got nothing on Clay County West Virginia!
      The year was made possible by the generous support of the businesses, government grants, private grants, strong volunteer efforts, memberships, and you the listeners. For that we would like to thank you for allowing us to grow the community radio footprint. Thank you for 2009.
      2010 is starting off with two new offerings. Soon a new “news” department will  provide coverage and discussions from various government meetings as well as public affairs programming.  In the coming months, 101.7 FM will begin hosting Bingo games in an attempt grow our financial independence.
    A Waddell