Jan 08
Station Report

The month of Dec 07 came and went with a bang. Our annual Holiday party was well received with approximately 20 in attendance. Food items were donated by many for the festivities. Drinks and supplies were paid for by the station ($40). The raffles netted $45. The station was well decorated for Christmas.
The New Year’s Eve party was different this year. Around a dozen or so young people came to the station to have fun and watch the mighty Clayberry Ball drop at midnight. In years past it was a mostly adult crowd that filled the station. That 8 to 15 year old crowd participated in on air discussions. For many, it was a first time being on a radio. The station purchased around $35 in party supplies with Delta Communications picking up the rest of the tab and all of the pizzas. Our special audio included debuts CDs from three West Virginia musical groups.
Programming wise, we saw change during the last month of 2007.  Songs from the Hills by the Coal Mt Coon hunters was discontinued at year’s end, their decision. That program aired on WYAP for over 3 years on Friday nights. Nice show and a big loss for local content programming. Also in Dec , came and went was  an old time rock n roll show. After airing the shows a couple times, I didn’t like the product enough to endure the process of receiving the free offering. The two minute Country Music moments show also stopped production of the weekly series.
On the plus side, Debbie Samples agreed to do a Friday night show called Discussions with Debbie. The question and answer show deals with a common sense look at issues facing private citizens like Ms Samples.    Senator Shirley Love is once again providing Friday morning Legislative Updates , 9am.
Our Basketball sportscasts are going well with equipment doing fine and complete broadcasts  with ½ of the season behind us. Our volunteer sportscasters (Phil Carte, Robert Thomas, Dale Mullins, and Nada Waddell)  have shown up and done good work. We did have a problem with one of the headphone combos not working right during a boy’s game. The plan is to send both headphones over to Simpson Neal for a check up.
Lisa Heidebrecht continues to do an excellent job in the morning shift slot, 10 to 3pm M – F. With Lisa at the station we are able to offer a whole host of newsy and informational shows on a regular schedule plus her own 1pm music show. Unfortunately for YAP, Lisa has taken a part time job with a local grocery store and will soon be leaving her M-F slot. Our hope is Lisa will remain with the station as a volunteer in her spare time.
Jane Cook’s Operation Home Ties continues to grow. In Dec she recorded Christmas greetings for the troops. She has put together a “Walk to Iraq”  activity to go on during the next couple months.    Dave, Avis, and Frank continue their shows. All three provide nice diversity to our operation and do great.
Equipment wise, nothing new has broke down. The trailer is holding up well with no major problems.
In the way of a recommendation, when grant monies become available, I’d like to spend a bunch of $ on four needed items: a new, easier to operate live booth mixer, the much needed seven second delay switch,  hiring Bryan French to reset up the EAS system, and the mandated transmitter kill switch. Guesstament: $2000.00.    AW

 Financial Statement
Jan 08

Beginning Balance   143.46

 IX Web Hosting  58.71
 Live365   29.88
 Harold Allen (jam)  10
 Pacifica (Donation)  50
 Lisa H (Donation)  25
 Frontier   110
 Insurance (1/4)  112.83
Total     406.42

ENDING BALANCE 12-31-07 143.04

Since last Bank Statement
 B Ball sponsors
 Memberships  130.00      1-11-08
 Memberships  45.00          1-12-08
Total     $175.00

Spent since last bank statement
 Electric   200.00
 CCHS donation  25.00
Total                               225.00

Balance unhand   45.00

Accounts payable
 Frontier   216.
 Electric   150
 ASCAP   243
 BMI    287
 SESAC   116

Receivables Jim Samples  50      Digest Grant  2000


Board Meeting
Feb 18    5:15pm
At the station

 05 Grant Received
 07 $4000 Grant/ Loan
  Time to purchase equipment
 08 Request
 Donor Equipment
 Membership Campaign
  Need mailing list ASAP
  On Air Campaign Working
 ACT Grant – Nope
 Media Justice – No Word yet
 GKVF Gant Application and Purpose
 Other Grants
Station Report
 Live365 Gone
 New Shows
 Supplies Needed
Summer Jam Needs

Feb 2008

WYAP made it thru the  conversion from live365 service to webcasting on our own server. We made it but many listeners have emailed with connectivity problems. It may take several weeks before they find us again. With our own server, we can hold just10 listeners at a time, down from 30.
Vagabond Robert Hughes is now on his cross country trip to see America. He plans to email in audio clips of his journey. We will air those sound bits and then post on the soon to be public, Download page on wyap.com
The new late night Lisa show is a real hoot. The paranormal offering (without a permanent name) is aired Thursday's at 10 pm.  Friday night Feb 15, The Machine interviewed guests to the station from the Appalachian Economics Conference held in Calhoun County. Those interviews will soon be posted on the download page as well.
The year long Walk to Iraq program continues to grow. Around 25 participants are now reporting their miles walked. Pedometers (30) have been ordered for those folks. The next official walk is March 15th at Lake Sampson.
We're ready to finish off the CCHS basketball season. As of now, we have been successful in airing all boys and girls games. Meal vouchers will be given our volunteer sportscasters, Dale Mullins, Nada Waddell, Phillip Carte and Rev Robert Thomas.
Termites have invaded the station. We're in real need of fumigation ASAP.
Equipment wise, nothing broke in Jan 08. Robert Hughes dropped off several CDs for our use. Many Mp3 tunes from Jane Cook's collection are available for our use. Ditto for Dave's stash. Ernest Workman donated several LP records. We are in good shape music wise for now.
As more of our broadcasters use the call in lines, Skype tele service and interview guests, we are in real need of that $700 audio booth mixer .
One of the goals has been to cut the brush down to the river behind the station. I have two kids willing to do the work for $60. As soon as the weather breaks and funds become available, they will get that job done.
As soon as basketball season is over, it'll be time to start booking Summer Jam acts for 2008. WYAP will partner with the Apple Festival for a two day Independence Day Celebration complete with fireworks that Summer Jam weekend.
We made it thru Jan in one piece. Good
Report prepared by Andy Waddell

January 14, 2008

 Present: Peter Triplett, Dana Perkins, Dave Derby, Andy Waddell, Fred Sampson, Liz Sampson, and Frank Tobia
 Meeting called to order 5:33 PM. Minutes from 11/07 read; Dave moved. Fred Seconded, to approve. Motion Carried.
 Andy gave the financial report. Budget tight. Fred Moved. Dave seconded to accept report. Motion carried. Andy moved to get bank loan/or line of credit for $3500.00. Liz seconded; motion carried.
 Live 365 situation was discussed. Fred moved; Dave seconded, that we drop 365. Motion carried.
 Fred and Andy agreed to start membership campaign for February.
 Station Report: Debbie began show on Fridays at 8:00 – Discussion with Debbie  Lisa no longer at the station; she got a “real” job. Will do shows as can.
 Jane:  Iraq walk will begin at 12:00 from the station on 1/19/08
 Terri Lively will have a talent search on 1/19/08 at 6:00 PM in High School Auditorium.
 Andy recommended grant monies be used for 4 times: a new, easier to operate live booth mixer, the seven second delay switch; hiring B. French to reset EAS system and the mandated transmitter kill switch.
 Fred moved; Dana seconded; approve station report. Motion carried.
 Grants:  Media Justice; Budget Digest; GVKFG; and Hamburger Helpers are due.
Minutes from 11/07-WYAP
 Election of Officers:  Liz moved; Andy Seconded; all officers will remain the same for 2008.
 Station layout:  after discussion, Liz moved and Dave seconded that we continue to use Room B as our roundtable discussion, interviews, Bd Mtg., etc; and also develop it as a Welcome Center.
 Motion carried Fred moved. Dana seconded that we adjourn. Motion carried. Submitted by Elizabeth Sampson; Secretary


Station Report
March 10 2008

 We made it thru Feb 08 with only one equipment melt down. Our oldest puter, purchased in original buy from Delta, Bert the puter, died in Feb. The normal problems remain: have to restart the slave puter in the transmitter every third or fourth day; DSL slowness results in choppy audio feeds and cut outs; and,  during the coldest of weather we went off the air when Bert the puter froze up (literally, the light bulb burned out)
 On the plus side, a new from Surplus Prop. Dell with Soundblaster sound card replaced  the departed Bert and has greatly improved our product. Clarity and crispness is most noticed.
 We actually bought three puters from Surplus in Feb. We have two of em ready for “other” uses at $110 each.  If those other uses materialize, the plan is to buy three more keeping one for  inhouse use, maybe for Room A book keeping and recording.
 Discussions with Debbie was a one hour show featuring Debbie Samples common person, person on the street, look at  current events and politics. The format was a Q&A with the Station Manager each Friday evening at 8pm. With his entrance in politicians, the show has been cancelled until someone can volunteer to be the questioner. Note: The week night might be changed if you’re interested in being a part of it.
 Fred Sampson’s Thursday night Roundtable show is focusing on candidates for office. So far his candidate response has been very good. Fred covered the expense of  mailing out 50 invitation letters
 The next event is March 15th at Lake Sampson, noon start time, where WYAP will sponsor a walk around the lake in support of the military. We have 30 pedometers to give to participants with T shirts coming.
 With $ on hand, here’s the recommendations fro equipment purchases: Pay what ever it takes to get Bryan French down here to make the “adjustment for the EAS system (maybe $300); purchase a new mixer consul for the live booth ($1000); and one higher quality earphones for the DJ’s ($100 or more).
Prepared by A Waddell

 March 20008 Financial Report

Checking ( as of Feb 29 2008)
Beginning Balance   198.12
Deposits    2815 total ($2000 05 Budget Digest; Memberships                                                    R  Holcomb, M Boggs, P Carte, C. Evans and M Asbury; Sponsors: R Holcomb; R Eakle 300; Health Dept 400)
Checks In:
AUTO  Amazon   89.70  30 pedo, Health grant
Simpson Neal   30.00 repairs
Elk Power    400.
Farmers & Mechanics  112
ASCAP    243
SESAC    116
BMI    287
Frontier    206
WV Surplus    225
Total spent (with checks in) 1709.54
Ending Balance   1303.58

Spending since last bank statement
USPO    36   box rent
USPO    41 postage stamps
Staples    33.91  black ink cartridges (2)
Total spent since last statement 110.91
Deposits since last statement 420.00  (Conley membership, R Eakle $300; C      Bernacchi 100)
Right now in checking 1612.00

WYAP Board 2-18-08

Peter Triplett-President, Fred Sampson-Vice President, Andy Waddell, Station Manager, Dave Derby, Dana Perkins, Frank Tobia, all members
Also present, Amos Waddell (Andy's Brother), Mr Tobia, (Frank's Dad)
Pete called meeting to order @5:27 PM
 Minutes of 1-14-08 were read and approved with 3 corrections, ie:  (1) add Frank Tobia as present, (2) Correct line of credit to $3500.00, (3) Correct Terri Lively will have a “talent search”, to correct a typo. Dave D. motioned to approve, Dana seconded. All voted aye. (Fred agreed to E-mail corrected report tonight to allow Andy to go tho the Bank for a $3,500.00 letter of credit or loan.)
 Financial report by Andy was reviewed and discussed:
Andy advised that we had received the State 2006 Budget Digest $2,000.00 and that his letter sent out at Christmas time announcing our upcoming Fund Raising had caused people to send in membership and donations of $205.00.
Andy also announced  that ALL bills were paid and we have some cash on hand giving us some moving room, We are in the BLACK for now. Hooray. Dave moved to approve Financial Report, Frank seconded. All Aye.
 We reviewed Andy's station report Feb 2008 at length. Dave moved to approve. Dana seconded. All voted Aye.
 Andy asked Peter if he could provide a Mailing list of voters for our Fund Raising efforts. Pete said he would provide.
 Andy reported on Grant efforts: We did not get the ACT Grant; Media Justice Grant; No word yet.
 GKVF Grant. We asked for $12,900. No word yet. The purpose is to grow 3 festivals for Clay Co., ie, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.
 ACT Grant. Andy advised that we would need to spend the money and ask them to pays when we sent n the canceled checks. He advised us he was NOT going to as for this Grant as we would have to first spend our Money and ask them to reimburse.
 Andy reported that “LIVE 365” was gone and we now have to click the red ON-AIR button on our Web Site to access the on air broadcast.
 We discussed the FCC application and agreed that our 1000 WATT station request was in jeopardy because the 3 stations that applied:  Fayette Co. Mr. Syner, The Church Group and (I forget the 3rd one) all had larger audiences than we do  and that our application was perhaps going to be denied on that basis. Our Texas Engineer, was late in submitting his report, however, the information in his report was correct. The consensus was that we have no recourse with the Texas engineers report.   We also discussed how Mr. Eakle from S. Carolina may be able to help. Andy will ask him what equipment he has for we need to fix some of our stations broadcast difficulties.
 Andy advised that the Budget Digest request we submitted requesting $9,000.
 Dave motioned to adjourn, Dana seconded. We adjourned Fred Sampson (Temporary Secretary, in Liz's Absence)


Clay County Communications
Board Meeting
April 14, 2008
At the Station
Public Encouraged to Attend

 07 Budget Grant and Loan
 Hamburger Grant
 Paul Robeson Media grant
Town WA wa & Sewer request
Station Report
 Two new programs
 Return of Josh T
Three Festivals
 Apple, Town, CAEZ, BDA input
Work Party
 Use of under the trailer
 Clean up

April 2008


The last 30 days saw many improvements at WYAP. The new live booth console, headphones, and Shure mic arrived and put to use. Listening to others on the radio, I can tell a real difference with the high dollar mic. In the booth, the new headphones make a world of difference with greatly increased sensitivity.  The Arrikas mixer is only partly installed. Not installed is the automation software and playlist creator. That software was installed on another puter for trial runs. At first blush, it might be very good software but appears very confusing to me. The mixer itself is quite an improvement to what we had offering a couple new features like previewing a CD without the public hearing the preview.
For the best sound during Fred's Roundtable discussions, we switched away from the big condenser mic to individual ones trying to eliminate hum in the audio stream. With the new console in place, we're going to try the one mic approach again in hopes the hum will be gone.
During the April 1st  Clay Council meeting, they indicated they can hook up the wa wa and sewer service in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Council was told we have some $$ to work with , just not enough to pay full price ($600 for connections and more for pipes and labor). The Mayor and Council seems willing to make some donation in time and hook up charges. Dollars for the project come from the GKVF grant.
In late March, property owner RT Sizemore indicated that we should be in good shape for continuing our outdoor music shows this summer. He said as of that  conversation, there was nothing in writing on use of the old grocery store building.
In March we added two new programs. The American Story Teller 5 minute show is a non political, non religious show covering odd little things that happened to the producer over his life time. His voice is great and similar to Garrision Keillor. PR Watch is the second offering and once again it's a 5 minute program delving into tidibits main stream media forgot to tell us.
One year ago, Josh Taylor volunteered at the station for after school, daily shows and help with Summer Jam. The high school junior is coming back with a Wed, 3 to 5 pm gospel music show.  Debbie Samples is another new volunteer at the station. Ms Samples has agreed to handle the Summer Jam bookings like musicians, crafters, and concession people bookings.   Avis Rose and Jane Cook have both "reupped" for Summer Jam duty. We are seeking a co host to assist Avis. No luck yet.
WYAP is in serious need of a work party to get ready for summer. In addition to shampooing carpet, general cleaning and such, we need to establish a new storage area under the trailer.  Room A is full of seasonal decoration stuff as well as items we need to keep but away from that room. With the bathroom soon to be in service, all the work and office supplies have to be moved elsewhere. I am suggesting that we use the area under the back of the trailer. To do that, we need to establish a hinged door with lock facing the river. After access is made, we have a bunch of moving and arranging to do. My guess, about 8 hours of work for three people.
Last year we were able to cut the brush about half way down the river bank. This year we paid for two boys to cut it clear down to the river. Looks much nicer already. Last year, twice, boaters and canoers wanted to park and come up to the Jams, they couldn't.  They can this year. We  have a brand new path down to the river , making easy access to boats and such.
Report prepared by A Waddell  end

April 08

Savings Account     13.86

Checking Account
Beginning Balance     1303.58
Deposits      420.00 (Conley $20.; R Eakle $300
             C Bernackie $100)
       3500.00   bank loan

BSW       1842.85   Arrakis Console
Staples      33.91   toner
USPO       41.00  USPO 100 stamps
USPO       36.00   box rent
The Kitchen   40.00  (4 gift certificates)
Tiff Tee 192.00   (24 shirts Health   Grant)

Checks/Auto written since bank statement
Matt Carte 40.00
Dayton Waddell 40.00
BSW $130.88    3 mics & amp
BSW 364.46      new mic
TOTAL 575.34

Deposits since last bank statement 300.00 R Eakle donation
20.0 Casto membership

Best Guess Balance as of today  2750.00

Debts outstanding and unpaid:
Farm Store      6.51
Elk Power      375.38
Frontier      74.20

WYAP – Minutes - March 10,2008

Present:  Peter T., Dana Perkins, Andy W., Fred & Liz Sampson, Frank T.

Meeting called to order 5:40 PM. Minutes from February read, Dave moved, Dana seconded. Minutes approved as presented

Budget Digest of 2008 was approved for $2000.

Finance report submitted by Andy. Balance in checking $1612. Fred moved, Dave seconded report to be accepted. Motion carried.

ACF not funded for general operating funds.

Time for Walmart application. It is every 12 months.

Membership drive is still in progress. Got a dozen new members.

Repeaters for broadcasting has to be applied thru FCC. No window now.

Frank inquired if we can modify one application to keep to allow us to be competitive. And will email B. French, to inquire and will let us know.

FCC has accepted both our proposals, we asked the first one to be tossed out.

GKVF Grant $9000. Of our proposal. Some modifications of our plans will need to happen because of less dollars than requested.

Fred made motion to go ahead and work with Town and others for the three festivals this summer. Dana seconded. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn to April 14th @ 5:00 PM


Clay County Communications
Board Meeting
May 12    5:15pm
At the station

 No time for Celebration account and getting checks,   Spend more GKVF Loan $$ ASAP: seven second delay, transmitter cutoff switch, 2nd mic, suggestions
Building Improvements: Harold:    New Storage Door for back of trailer;  6 new lights for Stage light under overhang;   Remove window unit A/C;  New monitor stands for stage; Put up backdrop; Patch metal walls in front and A/C cut out
3 Surplus Puters $110 each
Restroom Update
 Dan gave OK
Antenna Arrived
 Pay to put up   Fabion Brown, maybe $100 to $200 (Budget Digest)
 Decide direction of antenna
 Policy for review and approval
May 17th Puppet Show
 Off Air; Only using stage;  Avis and Jane will handle opening the station for church use; Need someone to close up at 9pm
Memorial Day Celebration:  Schedule; Parade Organizer needed;  Crafter Organizer needed
Summer Jam
 Debbie Samples Scheduling
 Avis and Tiff hosting
 Need 2 volunteers nightly
 T shirts for staff only 1 doz
 Change in schedule to June 7th
 No MLK Choir
 Pete’s bigger PA Available?
 Amp being repaired now
 Need someone to call crafters and vendors

May 08 Finances

Beginning Balance   $3007

 Eakle Donation   $300
 Casto Membership  $20
 BCG Sponsor   $120
 F Szali (puters)   $180
 Replenish Deduc  $65

Checks and Auto
 BSW     $130   headphone and amp
 Sweetwater   $364   mic
 ATM Clay    $65  yard sale unspent
 Progressive Concept  $41   new antenna
 Dayton Waddell   $30  yard
 Mathew Carte   $30  yard
 Dayton Waddell   $40 yard
 Elk power    $400
 WV Surplus   $225
 Staples    $8.75 white out
Total      $1755

Ending Balance    $1937

Checks not in
 Frontier     $200


Board Meeting
June 16th   5:15
At the station


 GKVF Report
 Budget Digest $4000
 Bank Loan
Station Report
 Dead Puter /  web cam
 Josh is back
 Sewer  (Town & Harold)
 Carpet, chairs, light hum, storage
 Stage Extension
Summer Jam
 3 new volunteers
 New PA problems

Station Report
June 2008

Since last meeting: new carpet has been added to rooms A B and D; five new chairs were purchased for the interview room; one new battery backup was purchased and is in use;  the underground storage area was completed and much of the long term junk is now stored there; the outside lights were repositioned for better Jam use; the outside trailer holes have been patched, and tons of office supplies ($260) have been bought.
High School broadcaster Josh Taylor has returned to WYAP. In June he is doing a two hour gospel rock each Thursday afternoon. In July he plans to come in two or three days a week for his programming.
Frank Tobia emailed last week reporting his finances are in the gutter (high gas prices) and will not be continuing his Saturday night show nor be able to help with Summer Jams.
The new antenna has not been installed. Was scheduled twice and our bucket truck guy failed to show. He’s the only game in town and I continue to try and motivate without success
Programming wise, we added no new offerings. Volunteer broadcasters  Dave, Jane, Avis, and myself continue our efforts. Lisa has been having some personal issues which has kept her from the mic. I expect Lisa back soon.
We have some equipment problems. Wally 1 which drives web cam 1, went south shortly after the big storm June 4th. It will not even start up. Nothing.     Direlos in room 1 is having temper tantrums where the CD drive door opens and closes without end. Also, web cam 2 on Direlos is not working just right.
 During the carpet installation I noticed a damp spot along the outside wall near the window in Room B. It appears to be a leak from the wall or roof. We need to fix this right a way for fear of damaging the floor.
 All in all, WYAP continues to limp along as best we can. AW

June 2008
General Account Financial Report

Checking Account
Beginning Balance   1,937
No Deposits
 Auto Oriental Trading 80.55 (Celebration to reimburse)
 Elk Power   200
 Lively Insurance  505.77 (Celebration to reimburse)
 Mat Carte   60   lawn care
 Frontier   200.
Ending balance   890.75

Checks written & not in
 Go Mart   18.72  bottled wa wa  Jam
 Joy Odell   40. Karaoke (Celebration to reimburse)
 Tom Pringle   20 Karaoke (Celebration to reimburse)
 Hailee Deems  30 Karoake (Celebration to reimburse)
 Mat Carte   60 lawn care
 Family Dollar  19.05 toilet paper Jam
 Farm Store   118.99 Repair parts
 Frontier   70
 Elk Power   50
 WV Tax Dept  50 two years

Deposits since last statement:
Reimbursement to WYAP
From Celebration Acct  676.32
Delta Donation   100
Dawn Mullins Donation  40  from dog contest
Total Deposits    776.32

As of today I think we have    $1190 in the general checking account


First Report


 We’re underway with the fifth year of Summer Jam. So far this year:
 The borrowed from Pete, Yamaha PA head, is much stronger in performance but harder to use. The June 7th Jam was NOT broadcast, we just couldn’t figure out how to make things work. The June 14th Jam went much better with our on air sound excellent.
 Avis and Tiffany are doing a great job on stage. So far, we have had great help volunteer wise. Tif’s daughter and a buddy have helped with give aways and raffles. Dave and Pete continue to add to the overall outcomes as well. After each show, others have helped with tear downs. Muchly appreciated!
 Frank’s Hot Dogs has agreed to be at each Jam selling some pretty good munchies. After two shows, he says he’s making enough $$ to make his travel worthwhile. WYAP receives 0 from his sales.
 After two shows, crowds are around 70 nightly. I think that will grow as summer moves on.
 So far this year, we have not handed out gas stipends. That will change as out of county, out of area musicians come to Jam.
 We still have a couple nights that are in need of musicians. Still working on those with several regulars not signed up yet. We added Tommy Hamrick’s Triple Threat Blues Review for Blues night. Greg and Roberts Wagoner are returning after a year off.
 Needs: crafters to set up; trinkets to hand out nightly, a restroom, and a few more singers.

Jam Financials  June 16 08
Cash not deposited

Walk to Iraq
T shirt sales  19

June 9th
Cake Walk  20
Memberships 20
50/50   19.50
Water sales  3
Total   62.50

June 14
Cake Walk  16.90
50/50   23.50
Water sales  4
Winner donation 23.50
Total   67.90

Total   149.40 not deposited, cash


WYAP Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda
July 14     5:15pm
At the station
Public Encouraged to Attend

 General Operations
 Jam $$$
Grant Application (Media $$$)
Summer Jam Update
Celebration Update
Station Report
 More Chairs
 Equipment Purchases
 Welcome Center

July 2008 Station Report


YAP radio grows each year, each month. June was a biggy for our operation. After two years of no facilities, the indoor restroom is now in operation. The Town of  Clay was been very supportive of the project and supplied the outdoor part of the service. Total cost to the station for the connection ($125) , plumbing supplies ($70) and labor ($70) is well within our grant budget. It is so nice to come into the 21 century.
Programming wise, we have some strengths and weaknesses. Strengths first. Our on air volunteers are doing super. Dave is coming in an average of twice a week and doing longer sets often until midnight. Jane's Saturday show continues to provide a side of war not found on commercial media. Her "walks" are attracting more people. Avis Jo has quite a following on the air including listeners emailing in with requests and complaining when she missed a show when she was sick a couple months back. Our news and commentary programming continues to offer info found few other places. Frank remains away from his Saturday night show. Josh and Lisa are doing shows when they are available.
On the down side, we need more on air people and specialized programs. Many  hours go by without a live voice to provide local info. It would be good if Board members could take an hour a week or so and get behind the mic.
 Equipment wise:   the new carpet and chairs give us a more professional look; dB power amp is back working and allowing us to rip more tunes and get them into new playlists, something we've needed for months; the load of office supplies makes getting projects together much easier. Pete reinstalled the web cam software and both eyeballs are working better.
William Boggs thinks the leak in Room B is coming from the window jam and not the roof. He plans to make repairs sometime this month.
In the way of changes, a couple.  I'd like to run over an idea to get the signal to the antenna during the Board meeting.  Second, we aught to hire William or someone to paint the roof during the hot months. My guess for paint and labor, $200 at the most.
AW end

Financial Report
July 14 2008

Beginning balance June 1 08   890.00
 June 17     816.32
 June 30     370
Total       1186.32
1913 Go Mart     18.72
1914 Joy O’Dell     40.00  GKVF to reimburse
1915Haylee Dennis    30.00  GKVF to reimburse
1916Tom Pringle     20.00  gave back as donation
1917Matheew Carte    60.00  grass cutting
1918Family Dollar     19.05 Jam giveaways TP
1919Farm Store     118.99  repair parts
1920Frontier     70.00  partial
1921Elk Power     50,00  partial
1922 WV Tax     50.00  two years
1923Family Dollar     37.08 office supplies
1924Mathew Carte     45.00   grass cutting
1925Go Mart     18.72  wa wa
Total Spent      577.56
Ending Balance     1499.51

Since last statement
Deposits      1000.00 BDA goes Celebrat Account
Checks written but no in as of statement date
1926 Clay Auto     26.50  new locks
1927Family Dollar     18.47
1928Family Dollar     27.56
1929GoMart      18.54   wa wa
1930Karoke #1     60.oo   Celebration to reimburse
1931Karaoke#2     50.00  Celebration to reimburse
1932Karaoke#3     35.00  Celebration to reimburse
1933 Rich Allen     125.00  Celebration to reimburse
1934Family Dollar     84.75 chairs
1935William Boggs     90.00 plumbing (Celebrate)
1936Mathew Carte     60.00
Total not in       595.82
My best guess in checking
As of meeting date     903.00
 Cash on Hand not counted

July 2008

We are half way thru the season.  In spite of rain, threat of rain, and threat of thunderstorms before each Jam, the shows went on. Our product this 5th year is fair smoother and more professional than every before for a number of reasons.
Volunteer support has been great. Avis and Tiff seem to have meshed well on stage with youngsters Ashley and Kala doing excellent each week giving out freebees. Dave organizes the raffles along with Jane. Jane adds to her duties the selling of T Shirts, memberships, cake walk collections, and ice water sells. Add it all together and we are having a successful summer series averaging around $70 each night for the station. High mark was $168. Special note extended to Tiff's husband Keith who has added a strong back (and smile) for our operation.
Cakes walks were added before show time this year . They appear to be a big success in crowd appeal as well as raising money (about $20 per night) for the station. Tiffany has donated several cakes with Nada offering up  at least two during each of the first 7 shows. If anybody else can donate  baked goods, it would be appreciated.
The borrowed PA head is doing very nicely offering a stronger sound throughout the parking lot. Having Pete at each Jam has made a big difference in getting the sound issues ironed out.   Our on air audio remains hit and miss with some weeks sounding great and others… yuk.
Even during rain storms, crowds show up.  I expect record numbers this year if we ever have a dry evening.
Frank McCullough brings his hot dog stand each night. He says he's doing  well money wise. Having a dependable food vendor each night adds to the Jams.
Our Welcome Center opened two weeks ago. Literature and sign were added last week.  How we made it without such a facility I don't know. Curb appeal of the enhancement is the talk of the town. Great PR!
Equipment wise everything is working and there is no need for other Jam equipment.
If the volunteer commitment continues, Summer Jam 08  should go down as the best yet luring people from all walks of life into a lawn chair on the parking lot.
We’ve got a keeper!
AW end

Financial Report
Celebration Account
July 14 2008

Beginning balance     4636.20
Deposits      1000.00  (CCC)
Checks written
3 Dawn Mullins     40.00 donated back
4   Connie Lupardus     40.00  dog contest
5 Natalie Cole      125   karaoke equip rental
6   Jill Aplin      75.00 karaoke winner
10 Clendenin Floor Covering    443.98   new carpet
1001 Staples      268.22  office supplies
1002 K Mart      26.70  bug zapper
1003 Family Dollar     79.45  chairs and supplies
1004 Clendenin Floor     174.32 new carpet
1005William Boggs     80.00 outside lights
1006 Delta Communications    420.00  advertising
1007Bk of Gassaway     62.57  loan renewal
1008 General Account    676.32  reimbursement
1009 Air Care      72.61  repair A/C
1010 Harold Allen     70.00 repairs
1011 Not in Void maybe
1012K Mart      42.30   July decorations
1013Lowes      194.78 banner pipes/flanges
1014Harold Allen     200.00  Welcome center construc
1015Clay Co Parks     1000.00   fireworks
1016Connie Sizemore     250.00   pageant awards

Total checks in     4341.24
Ending balance     1294.96

Checks written since last statement
1017 Delta      320  posters ads
1018 Town of Clay     125  tap deposit
1019Steve Goodwin Band    400  long shot band
1020 XXXX      300 band
1021 Dog Show     40
1022Dog Show     40  donated back
1023 First place     40 dog winner
1024Jr Tallman     400 band
Total not in      1665

Best I can figure as of today
In Celebration Account    (-371.00)


Board Meeting
August 11 5:15 PM
At the Station

Meeting Minutes
 April, May, June, July
   $4000 06 Budget Digest
   $2000 08 Budget Digest
   Media Grant – Elizabeth
 Bingo Applications

Station Report
Jam Report
Upcoming Labor Day Needs
 Jane Gone
 Volunteers for Parade
 Banners down
Bylaws and Board Member Elections
Replacing Board members, Delbert Davis for instance

Station Report   Aug 08


   We have not followed up on installing the mini transmitter and testing a way to send our signal to the tower.
Purchases this past month include a used flat screen monitor $50, 2 mice ($2each) and a battery backup ($20) from state surplus. Turns out the battery backup is a bust, we're out the $20. The plan is to go back to surplus and try to get a second flat screen monitor ASAP.
In July Lisa did not do her paranormal show. She's facing some serious health concerns. Josh remains a long term no show. Steve Butler, the Widen Warrior came in one morning and got on the air. I think sometime soon we'll get Steve back behind the mic. Dave, Jane, and Avis remain loyal contributing volunteers and provide some darn good programming. We need Board members to add some diversity to our volunteer mix. The Story Teller series has been added to our regular playlists every 2 hours.
Much needed new tunes (Don Dixon, CCR, Rick Nelson, Foreigner, AC/DC, Amos Lee,  Davis Carll, Jerry Lee Lewis) were added to our playlists in July.  10 new PSAs were also added. Those were the first additions in months. Even with those, our playlist remains very stale and in need of fresh voices and sounds.
We have one HP puter sold but the $$$ have not been received. A second puter is ready for sale but with no takers.
Equipment wise, we're in pretty good shape with no break downs to report.
As we finish off the music show season and get into football time, new carpet and chairs have been added, the light tubes in room A are much quieter, and the HVAC appear to be in good shape and ready for winter.      AW

WYAP Gen Account Aug 10 '08

Beginning balance as of July 31   1499.51
 BDA    1000 (put in Cele acct)
 Pool Donate 30; Nada Waddell donation 40; 6-28 Jam 52.; July 4 jam 107.; July 6 wawa 8; July 5 jam 156; July 12 jam 195
 CAEZ 495; July 19 jam 134; July 26 jam 76; membership 20.;        695.00
Total deposits      1898.58

Checks in
 #1926 Clay Auto   26.50
 1927 Family Dollar   18.47
 1928 Family Dollar   27.56
 1929 Go Mart    18.54
 1930 XXX    60.       (GKVF) Karoake
 1931 XXX    50.        (GKVF) Karoake
 1932 Mike Truman   35         (GKVF) Karoake
 1933 Rich Allen   125.       (GKVF) Singer
 1934 Family Dollar   84.75
 1935 William Boggs   90.
 1936 Mat Carte   60
 1937 Deposit to Celebrate Acct 1000
 1938 Family Dollar   26.46
 1939 Go Mart    18.54
 1940 Dayton Waddell   40.
 1941 Family Dollar   17.76
 1942 Tele    200.00
Total Checks in       1898.58
Closing Balance       1888.93

Checks NOT in
 1943 Go Mart    37.59
 1944 Surplus    79
 1945 Go Mart    28
 1946 Elk Power   135
 1947 Family Dollar   34.45

Total checks not in    315

Checking account as of today, as best I can tell   $1573.93
      Those 4 checks marked GKVF ($280 total) should have been paid out of the Celebration account. No checks available that weekend

WYAP Board Meeting Minutes of July 14, 2008

Peter Triplett, President
Fred Sampson, Vice President
Elizabeth Sampson, Secretary/Treasurer
Dana Perkins, Member
Andy Waddell, Station Manager

Pete opened the meeting at 5:25 PM .

Andy asked that Bingo and FEMA  be added to the agenda.

No meeting minutes for June 15 to approve.

We discussed the many items on the listed financial pages.
Andy advised the items and $ spent on the CELEBRATIONS that were to be reimbursed to WYAP.
Motion to approve by Fred, seconded by Dana, All voted Aye.

Andy advised that a Grant for (MEDIA PROGRAMMING) was looking promising.
Elizabeth agreed to look at it and get back to Andy with a recommendation.
Andy advised that the Grant was due in August or September.

Andy reported that he was certain that Summer Jam was a success despite rainy weather and that the Cake Walks were pleasing the crowds and WYAP was making around $100 per night. All were asked to donate a CAKE or baked goods for the Cake Walks. Also, the outdoor and indoor facilities were so welcome.
Also, the Welcome center was attracting favorable comments, Volunteers have been GREAT this Summer.

WYAP grows each year and each month.

The rest room being plumbed and usable is a biggie for us and the Town of Clay has been very generous and supplied the outdoor parts needed to make the trailer and Welcome Center usable with flushing toilets. Andy advised that David Pierson donated the LUMBER for the Welcome Center.
Programming wise our strengths are our volunteers are doing super. Our weakness is that we need more people using the blank on-air time. Hours go by without LIVE voice to provide local information.

Equipment wise, the new carpet and new chairs give us a more professional look.

Andy reported that William Boggs thinks the leak in Room C is coming from around the Window Frame and NOT the roof. Andy is having him CAULK around the window.
The consensus of the Board was that the roof needs painting anyway, Andy will see Wm. Boggs about painting the roof.

Page 2

Andy asked FEMA for $8,750.00 for storm damage to the station but was expecting NOTHING after talking with them.

Andy advised that the Lions Club has a lock on any Bingo being offered in Clay and they were not willing to offer Bingo at all times.
He wants WYAP to get licensed  for all other times that the Lion's Club won't handle.
WYAP could then sub-lease to anyone wanting to hold Bingo And WYAP could earn some money from the leaser for WYAP.
We agreed for Andy to look into this and keep us advised.

Dana made a motion to Adjourn, Seconded by Fred. All Aye.

Fred Sampson, 7-23-08

Jam Report  Aug 11 08


   In spite of serious weather squalls, each Jam has gone on as scheduled. Even on night's of wet weather predictions, we've had pretty good turnouts.
This year Frank's Hot Dogs was added.  The food wagon has been at each show except for one night in August. Each night he reports making enough to keep coming. Having Frank there meets two of our 2007 goals,  to provide food stuffs to our patrons and help grow the local economy.
As for our finances, the addition of cake walks are providing around $20 per night of additional income. We are experimenting with doing the cake walks at half time instead of  the current 6:30 time slot. I think our weekly take is averaging around $90. That's up fom last year. Cost wise, we are now goving away two Charmin's each week ($10)
Music wise, each show has been well received. The mix of music has come off well. We have learned something this year. Bluegrass music does not bring out the crowds. People talk about how great bluegrass is but not many actually listen to it on a regular basis. If we want to grow the audience, we need those rock n roll sounds  now referred to as Southern Country. True are audience is over 60, they want dance music to kick up their heals. Our Beach Night and Blues night were poorly attended as well as the Gospel Show held Sunday afternoon July 6th.
This year we added some new groups and lost some. Long time performers John and Marvina Loving have retired. This year we were, are, including new groups including Tommy's Triple Threat Blues Review, Blue Maggie, MLK Jr Choir, Long Shot, and  Jr Tallman.
The Clay County Promenaders have performed twice so far this year. We hope to get them back one more time before the season ends in two weeks. It seems like when we have them in attendance, they encourage others to get up and dance. That's something we have wanted for years and it's finally happening this 5th season.
The production is much smoother this year because of great volunteer support. The addition of Tiffany Farmer on stage with Avis is working well. Jane, David and Pete have been at nearly every show making raffles, fund raising, and audio much much improved. Two high school girls have made a big difference in handing out the freebees.  In years past, half way thru the season, volunteers all but disappeared. If we can hold it for three more shows, this will have been a greatly improved season.
One way to judge success is the number of out of state license plates in the parking lot. This year there have been many.
So far, no accidents and no major or minor confrontations to report. The addition of the Welcome Center has made the place much more inviting to our seniors. The equipment and sound is much improved since last year but in need of something to cut down on the hum and squeals. Pete is working on adding an amplifier to the new PA head. I think we need guitar mics. No decisions and still fumbling on the technical end.
All in all, this has been a great Summer Jam year.

Celebration Account
As of August 10 08

Beginning balance   1294.96
Deposit    July 15   1000.

Checks in
Delta      320.00 advertising/posters
Town of Clay    125. deposit
Steve Goodwin    275.  Longshot band
Rock Ranch    300.  satchel brown
Chelsa Welch    40.  dog pageant
Erica Schoonoer    40.  dog pageant
Nada Waddell    40  dog pageant
Glendale Tallman   400.  Jr Band
Farm Store     294 welcome center and wawa
Total checks in    1834.00

No checks out

Balance     460.96

08 Jam Income

June 9    62.50
June 14    44.40
June 21    139.25
June 28    57.

July 4    108.00
July 5    168.50
July 6 wa wa    8.00
July 12 Pool Donation  30.00
July 12 Cake walk 29; Membership 20; Basket raffle 35; 50/50 100.50; wa wa 16.  200.50
July 19 cake walk 41.50; tony samples 50.00; 50/50 84.50; wa wa  8     184.03
July 26    76.00 (Jane didn’t do book)

Aug 2   cake walk 22.50; 50/50 42.00; 16.00
Aug 9 cake walk 26; 50/50 66.00; wawa 10; t shirts 20.00; membership 20.00  142.50

Total to date     $1271.15


Board Meeting Agenda
Sept 8   5:15pm
At the station

Minutes (5mths)
 General Acct
 Celebration Account
 Media Grant due Sept end sometime
 Budget Digest 06 grant  & bank loan
 Shirley Love Phone call grant
Station report
Celebration report
Bingo Update
Football season
 CCHS change, Phil
Meeting time, date
Things not done
 7 sec delay
 Transmitter cut off
 DVD burners
Apple participation
 PA for Karaoke try outs
 Animals on stage

Station Report Sept 08

   First: we have not tried out the 1/3 watt transmitter in an attempt to get away from DSL; Bryan French has not been contacted; we have not purchased the 7 second delay or transmitter cut off switch. Time has not been on our side this past month.
   In the live booth, equipment is working OK.
   One of the features on the new live booth mixer is the ability to hook up a lap top puter for a direct feed of audio. Dave Derby is now using that feature and is doing well. The sound is good.
   New tunes have been added from Jerry Lee Lewis, Andy Davis, Davis Carll, Gary Abbott, Foreigner and Amos Lee.
  The round table discussion group returns to the airwaves Sept 11th. Fred is lining up candidates for office for his show. Lisa H says she will return to her Thursday night time slot  on the 11th. Frank remains caught in financial limbo unable to come to Clay on a weekly basis. With Dave’s work schedule, my guess, he will be doing his on air shows on the weekends only. We are in dire need of more local programming.  When you add  it all up, we have had 0 local content news, information programming since May. To get people to listen, we have to improve our offerings. How about you!
  Our first football cast went bad. Hooked up to a cell phone in Nicholas County, the audio was real choppy and distorted. There was only one land line there and another radio station loaned us their gear. We were thankful for the offer but learned a lesson, use our own stuff.
  Phil Dobbins from CCHS called last week and gave assurances we would be given priority in the press box for using the land line there. In years past we had to retreat to the fitness center when an away team station came to Clay. That’s a real advantage for our sportscasters. Also from Mr Dobbins, veteran sportscaster TG Griffith from Nicholas County is willing to help during football and basketball seasons. Current volunteers are Shawn Parsons, Josh Shamblin, Brian King, and Linda McKinney. For once, we have enough horsepower for the season.
   Mr Eakle donated  a brand new battery pack up to the station with a promise of a couple others. We received the unit last week but have been unable to get it to work correctly. Will call the seller ASAP for a replacement.
  It’s time for a work party to get ready for winter. We need that sometime right after the Apple Festival.  We have a small part in the Apple Festival requiring our PA system. As soon as the festival is over, all outdoor gear will be removed from room c and stored. Good time for that work party.
Prepared by A Waddell

Sept 08  Financial Report
General Checking Acct

Beginning Balance     1888.93
No Deposits
Auto Pied Piper     35.91
Auto NewEgg     103.96 4 DVD burners
1943 Go Mart     37.59  wa wa
1944 WV Surplus     79.00 Monitor, mice
1945 Clay wa wa     28.00  base rate
1946 Elk Power     135.00
1947 Family Dollar    34.45 Jam supplies
1948 Anthony Helms    30.00 grass cut
1949 Staples      27.53  Cds & cases
1950 Go Mart     18.54 wa wa
1951 WV Sec of State    25.00 tax fee
1952 Family Dollar    26.50 Charmin
1953 Debbi Metheny    20.00 Widen DVD
Ending Balance     1287.45

Deposits since statement
 9-4 jam & Celebrat cash   400
 9-4 change from jams   199
Total deposits not on statement   599

Checks written & not in
1955 Pooch      25. gkvf
1956 Pooch      25  gkvf
1957 Pooch      25  gkvf
1958 Karaoke     50.00 gvkf
1959 Karaoke     35.00 gkvf
1960 Karaoke     20.00 gkvf
1961 Go Mart     18.45 wa wa
1962 Family Dollar    42.39 cleaning, bags
1963 Tif Farmer     50.00 canopy, parade supplies gkvf
1964 Long Shot Band    275.00  gkvf
Total not in      565.84

Total as best I can tell as of today  1321.00 plus about 25.00 cash in box

Bills due:
Elk Power     352.10
Water      27.56
Clay Lumber    85
Farm Store     15.50
Ballons , Kates    150 (no invoice yet, guesstiment)
Total due     629 approx.

Football Sponsors 08 (not invoiced yet)
Dave Walker    50  pd, not deposited yet
Choices LLC    50 pd not deposited yet
Andy Waddell    50
Larry Cole     50
Jack Brown     50 pd, deposited
Tony Samples    50 pd deposited
Henry Clay     50
Mt’eer Mini Storage   50
Homestead Contruction   50
Commissioner Triplett   50
Delta      50
Kate Whittaker    50 pd deposited
Total Due     350.00

         Summer Jam 08 Final Report


With no rain delays or cancellations, the addition of the outdoor welcome center, indoor sanitary hook up, a working air conditioner, a much more powerful PA system, and much larger volunteer support staff, this fifth season of  Summer Jam goes down in the record book as the most successful yet.
Music wise we added new bluegrass groups like: Blue Maggie & Rocky Branch Bluegrass; big guitar licks like Triple Threat Blues Review;  three country/rock bands, including Jr Tallman and Longshot; and a gospel night featuring over 20 singers and backup from the Martin Luther King Jr Choir.  Each group was well received in their own way. We have a core of about 50 people that come weekly no matter what the genre and are our backbone. During some shows, blues, RR, gospel for instance, we saw many new faces, first timers! This year we had many more dancers from the audience.
The nightly blend was improved with emphasis on a  more balanced show from different genres of music.  Square dancing from the Clay County Promenaders was included on three occasions. Tif Farmer volunteered to back up long time host Avis .The two kept the show moving along with few dead air spots.
Crowd wise, the attendance increased. On many nights, the parking lot was full with vehicles up and down Main Street. Many showed up well ahead of time for best seating.  It’s hard to judge crowd size but most agree, attendance averaged around 100 people per night with many shows drawing well over 200 people. Our biggest attendance nights included Beach Party, RR, MLK Jr., and both night’s Jr Tallman appeared on stage. Judging by the number of out of state license plates, the notion of improving the local economy, worked.
Speaking of the economy, the addition of Frank’s hot dog cart gave attendees a place to  munch and certainly helped the pocket book of Mr McCollough. Getting food on site had a been a goal for a number of years and came together this 08 season.
We added cake walks before all shows and during the half time break during some of the shows. The walks were very well received adding to our economic picture.  Our staff donated raffle wicker baskets of goodies. Jane Cook worked ice water (good mark up), memberships ( maybe 8 new members), and T shirt sale almost every show. Dave Derby was the person behind the 50/50 drawings. Putting it all together, WYAP benefited greatly averaging around $100 per night in income. Our community footprint grew in 2008.
On the down side or at least in the way of improvement needed, we had few kids on stage this year, some of our veteran performers passed away or retired from the stage, and as of yet, we have not had any horns on stage, jazz artists, big band swing, or 50s Acapulco.
Suggestions for next year  include: better marketing in regional newspaper entertainment sections;  starting a Jr broadcaster program for kids under 12; selling a more artful, cooler looking T shirts and trinkets; and finally, with reality at the forefront, make sure a police presence is seen during every show for those just in case moments that will surely come.
Prepared by A Waddell

08 Jam Income
Final Report


June 9    62.50
June 14    44.40
June 21    139.25
June 28    57.
June Total    303.15

July 4    108.00
July 5    168.50
July 6 wa wa    8.00
July 12 Pool Donation  30.00
July 12 Cake walk 29; Membership 20; Basket raffle 35; 50/50 100.50; wa wa 16.  200.50
July 19 cake walk 41.50; tony samples 50.00; 50/50 84.50; wa wa  8     184.03
July 26    76.00 (Jane didn’t do book)
July Total    745.00

Aug 2   cake walk 22.50; 50/50 42.00; wa wa 16.00
Aug 9 cake walk 26; 50/50 66.00; wawa 10; t shirts 20.00; membership 20.00    142.50
Aug 16 cake walk 20.50; 50/50 54.00 but gave back 27.00 total 77.00; water 5.00    106.00
Aug 23  cake walk 42.50; membership 20.00; 50/50 89.00; water 11.00      162.50
Aug 31  cake walks 20.06; 50/50 49.50; water 30.00;
Aug Total      591.50

2008 Total      1639.50

Financial Report
Celebration Account
Sept 8 08

Beginning Balance     460.95
Deposits      0
CCGDF      100 porta potty
CCGDF      50 hoola hop  T shirt
Kates       187  ballons
Total       337.50

Ending Balance     123.46

Deposits since statement
 County Commission   300
 Town of Clay    300
Total       600

All checks in

Total in Celebration ACCT as of today 723.46


Board Meeting
October 13, 2008 5:15
At the Station

  Operation Grant (ACT)
Station Report
  Football Season
  Halloween Party
By Laws Change Vote




Lisa Heidebrecht returned to the station on a five day a week basis. Her morning program brings back newsy stuff and more on a regular schedule. Lisa's program should allow her to be with us thru the next Spring. She has also committed to do some kind of local content paranormal show one night a week.
 Amy Brown entered the Works program and came to YAP Tuesday the 7th. Brown in brand new to the station and is learning the ropes real fast. Amy will be available to us for 15 hours per week and through out the winter months. Most Likely M-W from noon:30 to 4:30 and Thursdays until 3:30 PM. Already many emails have arrived on Ms Brown. She plans to start using a call in line soon.
 14 year old Kayla Farmer began her Wednesday after school show featuring tunes from generation z. Her first venture went very well. Amy and Boardster Tif Farmer are partnering to do a afternoon show. The Bashers, where they talk about their grips in life and allow call ins as well.
 With Lisa not leaving until 1:15 and Amy coming in around Noon:45 they are working up a mid day show on current events maybe.
 Around 400 new tunes have been added to our stable of music. Those songs have already been added to the Oct playlists.
 Late night listeners will hear a change in programming beginning last night. Around midnight each Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, jazz, swing  and classical playlists will be airing. Each morning the regular show will be back on the radio.
 The puter room A died and was given a fitting resting place in a green dumpster. It was replaced by one of those purchased from surplus. The new unit is doing much better and keeping the we camera working longer without a restart. Another surplus puter was put into use in room C. Marge Bragg and Delta each donated and received an up and running unit.
 The second puter (surplus, P4) in the live booth has been moved closer to the main puter for ease in operation by the broadcasters. With that unit so close by, all downloads, emailing, text messaging and general searches will be done on it which frees up the main puter for an easier life and hopefully a better sound without bogging down and clipping tunes.
 The main puter is the oldest unit we have, a P3 from surplus. The plan is to replace t with a P4 model with deluxe sound card, tonight. When done, we will be upgraded to all P4 puters at the station and the transmitter shed.
 My plan is to head to surplus this week and come up with2 more puters and try to locate a couple flat screen monitors. Puters $75 each and monitors $50 each.
 Veteran sportscaster TG Griffith joined the 101.7 staff replacing Shon who decided to stop sportscasting during a football game. Griffith brought some great new ideas to the sportscast which have already been put to use. Our other sportscasters include Brian King, Josh Shamblin, and Linda McKinney. WYAP did NOT broadcast the first home game of the season due to telephone company problems, To make up for lost broadcast, sponsors are being mentioned daily instead of just during the games. We have two more home games this season.
 Mr. Eakle down South donated a brand new battery backup which is working great. Additional units may be coming from the benevolent Mr. Eakle.
 Boardster Tiffany is organizing a 4:30 to 6pm Halloween carnival in the parking lot on October 31st before Trick or Treat night. My guess is, YAP will be spending around $90 on this event. Cake walks should return to us some of the outlay. I think Lisa will also be doing some kid of Crystal Ball or Tarot Card readings that date. See the website for details on the event.
 This has been a very good month with our product, the audio, much improved content and quality.


Savings    11.92
Celebration   648.46 No Checks Out

Beginning Balance  1287
9-4-08    199
9-4-08    401
9-22-08 Waddell Football 50; Waddell Memberships 20; walker football 50; choices llc 50; apple festival 100
9-26-08    431.17
Auto     415 newegg
Auto     103.96 newegg
Auto     95.86 newegg
1954 Joyec Gibson  25 fireworks applic gkvf
1955 Kim Brown  25 large dog gkvf
1957 Veronica Butcher 25 small dog gkvf
1958 Joselyn Truman  50 karaoke gkvf
1959 Bullards   35 karaoke gkvf
1960 Rebaccah James  20 karaoke gkvf
1961 Go-Mart   18.54 wa wa
1962 Family Dollar  42.93 cleaning supplies
1963 Tif Farmer   50 canapy, candy, etc
1964 Long Shot   275 band gkvf
1965 Anthony Helms  30 grass cutting
1966 Elk Power   300
1967 Clay Lumber  83.46 building supplies
1968 Clay Water  30 bill
1969 Farm Store   16 bill
Closing Balance   1570.69

Since Last Statement
Summit Media 100; Christa Ramsey 50; Delta 160; Delta 150
CHECKS since last statement
1970 WV surplus  150   2 puters
1971 Clay Furniture  29.67 steamer

Best guess on this date 1900.00
prepared by AW



WYAP Board Meeting
Nov  18  5:15pm
At the Station

Minutes from last two meetings
 Sen White Grant $3000
 08 budget digest grant $4000
 No Flex E Request
 ACT grant
Station Report
Basketball Season Coming
New Policy for Broadcasters
Christmas Party Plans

Station Report  Nov 08

   Major changes were made to the live booth in October. A second puter was added to the operators side allowing for all downloads and puter searches to be launched from the operators chair. That change provides for better DSL flow with  fewer drops. Our original main drive Pent III puter was changed out to a Pent IV. This major change was made Oct 11th. With the upgrade, YAP is better arranged, easier to operate, and with a better sound.
  On Oct 13th and lasting for nearly two weeks, 101.7 FM experienced horrible audio laced with many drops and down time. It was so bad, our on  air staff were unable to do programming. The problem was slowness of the Fronteir DSL. Instead of a promised 2000 down and 500 up speeds, we noted, day after day, of  just 300 down and 30 to 60 uploads. Those speeds made broadcasting impossible. Local tele reps made repairs and upgrades without  improvement. The problem was fixed when a local rep called NY and told Calvin to turn our speed up. Poof! Immediately we were back to good. Since Oct 30th, the speed of the $60 per month service has been great.
   The Daily Planet and Isla Earth were added to our stable of available programs. The Daily Planet provides weekday horoscopes with a twist. Isla Earth  is a 2 minute daily, reporting on environmental issues.  Dave Derby loaned the station a beautiful, huge, monitor. The Widen Warrior is considering a return to the station after Thanksgiving in an early morning slot.
   New Boardster Tif Farmer took charged of the Halloween Carnival Oct 31st.  The results were excellent with a great turn out of kids and parents participating in the games and contests. Tif’s organization skills and support from Board members Elizabeth, Andy, Paul/Lindy, volunteers Brian & Amy Brown, and Kayla Farmer pulled the event into something memorable. Our community foot print grew in Oct! The event cake walks offset the cost to around $50.
  On Nov 4th the station aired top of the hour election info from FSRN,beginning at noon. At 7pm we switched over a live Democracy Now feed which gave independent accountings of the election. Often we broke away from the Democracy Now feed and interviewed locals at the station, provided  local election results, and pulled from internet sources for district and state races. It was a great night of community broadcasting.
     All of a sudden, the dream of having live voices on the radio has come true. Weekdays we have someone on mic from 9:30 to 4:30pm. High School broadcaster Kayla Farmer continues to grow her Wed after school show. If Steve Butler returns Dec 1st, we would have personalities daily beginning at 8am. Frank Tobia has committed to return to his Saturday night slot beginning the last week in Nov. Dave continues with his Time Tunnel show on weekends.
  The station manager is implementing a new “use of mic”  and without exception, public announcement policy for on air broadcasters. Input is needed at this meeting.
   It is time to donate to Pacifica Radio Network so we can continue using their offerings. Last year we donated $75. Also, there is another source of independent programming, Public Radio Exchange (PRX) that we should look at ASAP.  They require $100 per year for their services. Decisions are needed on both.     AW

WYAP Minutes-October 13, 2008


Present: Peter T., Andy W., Fred S., Liz S.

Meeting called to order by President, Peter Triplett

Minutes from 9/8/08 meeting read and approved.

Fred Moved, Liz seconded to accept financial reports.

Grand possibility for Justice and Journalism Fund accepting proposals for Social Justice Reporting projects. Liz will check online.

Fred moved, Liz seconded to accept Station Report.

By-Laws change:  Article 4 to change”Dec to January Elections of Corporate officers and the nine member board shall be held in January.

In other words the only change in Article 4 is from December to January.

Fred moved to accept change in by-laws, Andy seconded, motion carried.

Discussion held regarding problems with Frontier. Andy will work with them to try to solve problems.

Discussion regarding computer in Room A failing and the necessary upgrades to the replacement computer needed. Andy plans to go to Surplus to try to secure necessary parts. Fred moved, Liz seconded, for Andy to get necessary parts changed.

Fred moved, Andy seconded to adjourn meeting with the next meeting to be the 2nd Monday of November.

Presented by Secretary, Elizabeth Sampson

Nov 08 Financial Report
Celebration Account

Beginning Balance   648.46
#1030 William Boggs  $50   repairs
Ending Balance   598.46

General Checking
Beginning Balance   1570.69
#1970 WV Surplus  150.00 2 puters
#1971 Clay Furniture  29.67  carpet cleaner
#1972 WV Surplus   178.00 2 puters and heater
#1973 Staples   22.25 4 port hub
#1974 GO Mart   12.34  wa wa
#1975 Family Dollar  13.14  tp, cookies, pins
#1976 Tif Farmer   94.27 reimburse for Halloween party
10-14     510      (Summit Media 100; Homestead 50; Delta sponsor & puter 160; Delta puter with DVD)
1 check returned ISF  -50
Ending balance   1531.02

Since bank statement:
#1978 Clay Wa   60.00 (2 months)
#1979 Elk Power   300 (2 months)
#1980 Frontier   300 (2 months)
#1981 Family Dollar  9   paper towels, lysol
#1982 Go Mart   12.34    wa wa
#1983 CCHS   40     football donation

Deposit since last statement 144. (cake walks, sponsors, delta, kerns)

My best guess as of Nov 7 2008, WYAP has  in $953.62 our general checking account.
Report prepared by A Waddell


WYAP-LP   Bd Meeting
Dec 8 08     5:15pm
At the station
Public Encourage to Attend

 ACT Grant
 2 Budget Digest
 Other Grant Applications
 Feb Membership Drive
Station Report
 Health Issues, downtime, Manager
Thermostat,  Frozen lines
 New Music Shows
 New more Christmas tunes ASAP
 Basketball Season
 Volunteers on court and at station
Christmas Dance
 Volunteer Help
New Years Eve Celebration
Board and Officer Elections Jan

2008 Year End Report


 Each year should bring major accomplishments to an organization. That was the case for Non-Profit WYAP-LP radio in 2008. Here's a brief review of the highlights from the last 12 months.
 Hampered with the FCC restriction of just a few watts of power, a new antenna was purchased and installed. The “circular polar” technology was designed for mountainous regions thrusting the signal in a more downward direction. After a few months of “burning in”, the new antenna is doing just what it was designed to do, keep our signal closer to the ground and provide better penetration into homes and to radios without outdoor receivers.
 In 2008 we partnered with the County Commission, Business Development Authority, Town of Clay, Central Appalachian Empowerment Zone, Golden Delicious Festival Committee, and Solid Waste Authority to organize and implement three new summer festivals for Memorial, Independence, and Labor Day weekends. Our goal was to bring to the county new tourism dollars and provide a base activity for out of towners to discover opportunities along the Elk. Our guess is, as many as 1000 people participated in the Festivals. Crafters said they benefited from the new exposure. Complete with parades, music, crafters, fireworks and pageants, WYAP was successful in the effort.
 Our Summer Jam outdoor shows continues into the fifth season. Our goal has been to spotlight great West Virginia talent from all genres of music. Again this year we offered theme nights and added free “drive-in” movie nights on four occasions. The result were outstanding with many Jams filling the parking lot and people dancing the nigh away. This year we added a 2 foot wide addition to the stage to better accommodate larger music groups. More powerful speakers fill the parking lot.
 To better serve the public, we added outdoor public restroom facilities. We called the new facility, The Clay County Welcome Center, seat of county business. Complete with a guest sign in board and brochures, the new addition was well received by nearly everyone in the crowd.
 In the station, running water and a restroom were added. For three years we operated without the much in demand need. Our HVAC system was also rebuilt. In addition to listening to our station on the we, cell phone users can now listen on those devices. Details on wyap.com
 Volunteers run all aspects of the operation. We made it thru 08 with strong support from those volunteers who often went home with sore backs and sun burnt heads. Programming wise out stable of independent news and discussion show offerings grew. Local content programming grew with much of the year filled with live weekday morning voices. Use of an automated play list added even more newsy offerings on 101.7 FM. During the election cycle our station provided all candidates for office a chance to sit down and explain their campaign platform. Even with such a small listener base WYAP attracted local and statewide candidates from all parties.
 In Dec., our station manager was ill most of the month. During that period, other volunteers filled in and kept us on the air. It was truly a growing time for our humble station.
 We made it another 12 months without a major fumble. We did that thru the generous support of local business, individuals and the hard work of our volunteers. It was a year of growth second to none.
 Thanks everyone that helped make the platform for change possible in 2008.

WYAP BOARD Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2008 @WYAP Trailer


 Attendees: Peter Triplett, President, Fred Sampson,VP, Andy Waddel, Station Manager
Tiffany Farmer, Dana Perking, Frank Tobias
 Meeting opened by Fred, around 5:30 PM Andy added to agenda concerning Thermostat in Trailer.
 Motion by Andy to approve Meeting minutes of 10-13-08.
 Seconded by Tiffany. All voted Aye.
 Motion by Tiffany to approve 11-08-08 Financial report by Station Manager. Dana seconded. All voted Aye.
 Peter, President arrived and continues with the rest of the meeting.
 GRANTS Andy reported that WYAP did NOT apply for the Flex-E Grant this year. Andy reported that we DID apply for the ACT Grant for $7,000.00. If funded, we must perform the requirements of the Grant, including how we can provide for a stronger election system in our area.  Andy reported that we did NOT apply for the Media Justice Grand due to time restraints, Frank Tobias volunteered to help with the Grant writing in the future with Andy agreeing to provide him with Grant information and oversight/help.
 Fred motioned to approve the November 18 Station Report.
 Tiffany Seconded. All voted Aye.
 Andy advised that volunteer broadcasters are in place for the 2008 Basketball season. WYAP is looking for needed Sponsors.
 Andy presented the following WYAP on air Policy #14 for the Board to consider. Policy #14:  Without exception, all on air announcements including emergency service notices must be approved by the station manager and/or the Board President prior to airing.
 After much discussion, Fred moved to approve WYAP on air policy #14. Tiffany seconded. All voted Aye.
 Discussion:  Christmas party sponsored by WYAP Tiffany presented the information she, as party person, would like to see for 2008 Christmas Party to be held @ Two Run Community Center on either Friday December 12th @ 7:00 pm, or on Saturday December 13th @ 6:00 pm. Depending on Center availability. Andy agreed to check and provide the date. This party will include invitations sent to board members, supporters, broadcasters, musicians, etc. and their families. The Public will also be invited to attend this year via advertisements/flyers and announcements on air.
 A donation will be requested at the door and we plan to have cake walks, 50/50 drawing, refreshments for all, dance contest, belly rubbing contest, and your picture taken for $1.00.
  We agreed that this should be a good Christmas Party and also provide the Public with a better understanding of WYAP's contribution to the Community.
 Fred motioned to adjourn, Dana Seconded. We adjourned.
Fred Sampson, Volunteer Secretary