2007 Public Files


Clay County Communications Ltd
Jan 2007 Board Meeting Minutes
Jan 8     5:15pm

Present: Peter Triplett, Dave Derby, Andy Waddell, Dana Perkins, Fred Sampson
Meeting called to order by Peter Triplett. Motion by Fred Sampson, 2nd by Dana Perkins, Nov 06 meeting minutes approved with corrections.
Financial report included: $121.69 in checking , less than $20 in savings. Around $250 in receivables due the station from basketball sponsors. Andy Waddell felt that with the current financial picture, the station can operate through the end of this month.
The annual membership campaign will begin this week with Fred and Andy handling the appeal packets and mailing. Currently, we have 20 members. The goal for this week is to send out 75 membership letters. A renewed on air sponsorship campaign will begin by mid month. Rates for 24/7 sponsors will be:
1 month sponsorship: $20 per month and $10 additional for web site space advertising;    6 month sponsorship: $18 per month and $7 additional for web site space advertising;     12 months sponsorship: $15 per month and $5 additional for web site.
Motion by Andy, second by Dave to start the membership and on air sponsorship campaign with the new rates.
Lengthy discussion on how to finance the station thru Spring 07. Fred Sampson was strongly against shutting down as were others in attendance. It was determined that $1400 is needed to maintain operations thru May 31 2007. The Board committed itself to raising those dollars from community funding.
Andy offered a three point approach to making financial stability. The plan included: Immediately install and use the borrowed (Syner) antenna; greatly increase local content programming by more Board involvement, weekly offerings of audio on various topics;  and, raise $600 by month’s end to meet all current debts. Discussion followed with commitment OK’d by Board present. No vote.
WYAP will know about the applied for ACT grant by end of March. A $40,000 media access grant will be available for application this Spring. Andy plans to attend a Media Justice conference in Knoxville in Feb for further info and background on that grant. The GKVF grant deadline is the first day of Feb 2007. Elizabeth Sampson has agreed to prepare the GKVF application assisted by Andy. The group was the recipient of a $2000.00 Budget Digest grant in 2005. We need to get our receipts in order to receive those dollars. County Clerk Connie Workman will be contacted for the paperwork needed.
Andy Waddell provided a station report for Dec 2006 including: three new news shows now being broadcast; and, Christmas on Air programming increases and received email comments. An individual has asked to borrow our PA system for use at a non profit. Board said no to the borrowing of the “new” PA system but agreed to allow the person to use our old PA system if the person would fix it up. The individual will be contacted and made aware of what’s available by Andy.
An FCC report was given the Board. It looks like the FCC will open a license window for full power non commercial FM radio stations In March 2007. WYAP previously voted to pursue the license. Fred and Andy met with Jim Cercone on needed engineering work for the license. Andy participated in an hour telephone conference where Promethesis agreed to mentior groups seeking a license.  Discussion: watts of the new station; how to finance it; how it would work in conjunction with  101.7 FM. No decisions made.
Our EAS system is not working as required by the FCC.
Motion by  Dave, second by Dana and passed to elect the current slate of officers for another year. Slate: Peter Triplett, President, Fred Sampson, Vice President, and Elizabeth Sampson, Sec/Treas.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm
Minutes prepared by Andy Waddell.


Clay County Communications
Board Meeting
Jan 8   5:15pm

Present: Fred Sampson, Dana Perkins, Dave Derby, Andy Waddell, Peter Triplett
Corrected minutes from Nov 06  approved by a motion from Fred and a second by Dave. Unanimous vote. There was not a Dec Bd meeting. Instead a Christmas party was held. Cost $33.
Financial report revealed the group has #121.60 in checking with royalty invoices coming due this month. Motion by Fred, second by Dana, motion passed to approved the financial report.
Membership campaign will start this week. Fred and Andy will mail out membership appeal letters with Fred buying the stamps (donation). The goal is to have 75 requests out by week’s end.
Discussion on the need to increase on air sponsors. Rates for on air sponsors will be: one month sponsorship -$20 and $10 for one month web advertising;  6 month sponsors - $18 per month and $7 per month for website advertising; and, 12 month sponsors - $15 per month and $5 per month for website advertising.  Motion by Andy, second by Dave, motion passed unanimously to use the new on air rates, mail the membership appeal letters, and start the on air sponsors campaign.
Due to poor finances, discussion on shutting down and regrouping after securing a stronger financial base. $1400 is needed to stay on air thru May 07.  Consensus: Not going to shut down.
WYAP has a request for the use of the PA system at the Nutrition site. Consensus: the group can use our “old” PA system if they agree to fix it up. No vote taken with Andy informing Clay Mullins.
No word yet on the ACT grant submitted by Andy. Should know something in late March or April.  The deadline for submitting the GKVF grant is Feb 1st. Elizabeth was not present to give an update. A media justice grant ($40,000 total) will be applied for this Spring by Andy.  WYAP has not applied for the already awarded 2005 Budget Digest grant. Connie Workman will be contacted to hurry the paperwork along.
Station report submitted by Andy. The live booth is working well and no repairs are needed at this time. New programming (War News Radio, National Lampoon Sports Minute) have been added to our line up. Frank Tobia is interested in being a volunteer DJ.  The basketball season is underway. Sportscasters this season are: Dale Mullins, Linda McKinney, Michael Jones, and Rev. Thomas.
Full power FCC license: Andy participated in a teleconference with Promethesis in Dec. The five day window should open in March or April. WYAP will need an engineer and lawyer before submitting the online application. Fred talked with Jim Cercone about doing the engineering end of the application. Can apply for up to 100,000 watts of power. General discussion with no votes taken.
Motion by Dave, second by Dana to elect the existing slate of officers for another term of service. Motion passed unanimously. 2007 officers are: Peter Triplett-President, Fred Sampson-VP, and Elizabeth Sampson-Sec/Treas.
Meeting adjourned 7:25pm.
Minutes prepared by A Waddell


2007 Summer Jam  Final Report

All in all Summer Jam 2007 was a huge success. We had many accomplishments including: better signage, posters, a new acoustic roof, a new backdrop, and  better volunteer support.   Avis , Jane and I worked every show. Dave worked the crowd at almost every show. Frank T and Josh T added greatly keeping the audio recording thang going. Fred, Terri K, and others came thru during the pinch to keep us on track.
 For the musicians  the gas stipend and meal vouchers were well received. Some benevolent musicians even returned their stipends for reinvestment in the station. Comments from each musician were positive . New artists (Rich Allen, Dixie Moons, Holy Cow) were added this year
Crowds grew a little more this summer with a record crowd of over 150 for the season finale with Avis.  Other than grumbles for louder sound, there were no complaints or “incidents”  this season.
We  tried to grow economic development this year with limited success. There were 5 shows where we did not have any crafter tables. We also wanted some local group to sell hot dogs. Other than 5 nights, that was a bust.
Issues of note:  we need a louder sound system. Our 100 watts just isn’t big enough to handle the large area and numbers. Mid season, Pete allowed us use of a PA amplifier which doubled our output to 250 watts which helped a bunch but still, we need to get up to 500 or 600 watts of power to handle Summer Jams in the future.
Financially I believe we averaged about a $100 per week take.  That was a little more than was estimated last Spring but keep in mind, the GKVF grant covered expenses this year. It was all clear profit for WYAP in 07. That might not be the case in 08.
What’s been learned: It takes five volunteers each night to make this thing happen. Any less than that, something suffers.   We need to add motorcycle and hot rod theme nights next year.  Someone other than AW needs to handle the crafters.   Some church or other group needs to be secured for concessions (hot dogs). We need to add outdoor lighting under the roof so as not to blind the musicians.
This was a season for Summer Jam growth. It was hard work, labor intensive, and hard hot work.  It was also a bunch of fun and without a doubt our best PR of the entire year.
And finally,  the Martin Luther King All Male chorus has agreed to be our season opener for Summer Jam 08.
AW end


Board Meeting
Sept 10 2007
At the station

Financial Report
Flex e Grant Application
05 Budget Digest  we could really use the $ now
Summer Jam Report
Station report
 Football sponsors and season
 2 Pent IV computers
 PA to shed
 EAS repairs in Athens
FCC License Update
 Keith Hammond engineer
Work Party Needed
 Carpet cleaning, windows, backdrop, paint roof

Sept 07  Station Report

Frank Tobia has been away from his Saturday night time slot due to family issues. In August he emailed and said he would be back in Sept.  Frank ‘s show was well organized, came out very professional, and offered great diversity.
 Steve Butler will not be returning to his early AM  slot. Steve is a school bus driver. His route changed this year and he no longer comes thru town each morning.   Steve’s Widen Warrior show was one of the most listened to programs.
 17 year old Josh Taylor came to WYAP thru Jerry Stover. Josh worked most Saturday nights during the  Jams and did week day afternoon programs in August. He said he planned to do an after school show once school reopened. That hasn’t happened. As a matter of fact, emails to Josh have gone unanswered. I have no idea what happened and really miss having Josh on the radio.
  It’s great to say that Avis Rose is back behind the mic each Saturday afternoon from 4:30 to after 6pm. She does a country/bluegrass program that is well received.
 Another lady is considering a weekend show beginning in Nov 07. The show would be directed at soldiers serving in the oil war and feature parent call ins, and written messages from home. It is an attempt to serve the friends and family of military personnel.  I am very interested in getting this show on the air.
 Right now, Dave, Avis, and I are the only ones on the air. We need many more voices and shows.   Basically, our announcements are dated, stale and in need of a face lift.
 WYAP is in the  middle of the CCHS Football season. We will be broadcasting 6 home games this year . Linda and Joe are our sportscasters  this year. With three games under their belt, they are doing excellent. We have 11 ($50 each) sponsors  this year.
 Equipment wise, we replaced the “slave” computer at the transmitter shack Sept 8th with a Pent IV 1.5 ghz with 512 RAM from WV Surplus Properties ($75).  The old computer has been locking up for some time requiring someone to run up there every 4th day to restart. It often went down at the most inopportune times. You can see the problems with that.  The old puter (Bert) will be brought to the station to replace the one in Room C which is the oldest weakest machine.
 After talking with the makers of our EAS machine, it was sent back to the factory in Athens OH. The total charge for repairs and shipping was $160.00. We expect it back in service within the week. The owner of the company is also updating the software for the unit.
 All other equipment appears working with the exception of  Wally 1 (WalMart puter) which continues to have sound card problems.
 All in all, we are a little better off machine wise and waaaaaay down in community programming.
Andy Waddell

WYAP Minutes 8/13/07

Present:  Fred Sampson, Dave Derby, Dana Perkins, Peter Triplett, and Andy Waddell

Guest:  Steve Allison

Meeting called to order 5:35 PM by President, Peter

Minutes Read from July.:  Andy moved, Dana seconded to accept minutes as presented.  Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report:   Motion by Fred seconded by Liz to accept Treasurer’s report as presented.  Motion carried.

Tax Lien:  Andy reported received Tax Lien due to failure to pay annual Registration in a timely fashion.  Two $25.00 paid;  one accepted, one not yet returned.  Andy will call Secretary of State,  Charleston to get clarification and hopefully relief.

Jerry Stover brought from the middle school students.  Josh Taylor  9th grader will work at station M T W F  2 to 4 and Th. 4 – 6.  After school will work 3:30 to 5:30.

Reported to CAEZ the use of the Grant received from them.

Internet not shut down on 7/15/07 as previously advised.

Three groups given master copy of performance for Summer Jam.  Summer Jam going well.  One group cancelled.  Mixup in email communitcation.

Need to get a bigger PA head.  Cost appprox.  $600./ $800.

Some complaints volume too low but was connected.  Concessions petered out.

2 acts plus Ferrebee Kid during Apple Festival.

Hamburg Helper Grant.  Time for new grant is 11/15/07 for $2500.00

Received approval of Budget Digest request of $4,000.

9/14/07 during Apple Fest need 5 people at 5:30 PM to help with live show

FCC Opportunity 6 weeks away , October 12, 2007 for high power watts.

Foot ball season.  5 home games.  need sponsors for $50.00 each .

Motion by Fred, seconded by Dana to adjourn.  Next meeting September 10 at 5:15 PM.


Board of Directors Meeting
Monday Oct 15th 2007   5:15pm
At the station

Financial Report
 $1000 spent
 Need Fundraiser of some kind
Station Report including Football Season
FCC Update, deadline Oct 12
 $1000 spent
 1000 watt and frequency guess
 Keith Hammond hired
Frank T's programming needs
 Rearrange live booth
 800 number
 Flex E Grant   $6300
 Hamburger Helper
 ACF workshop, Huntington, Nov 5th deadline
 05 Digest grant still no receipts
 07 Digest Grant   see request and form submitted
Work Party needed, carpet cleaning, winterizing, outside clean up
Anything else?


Nov 12 2007
Financial Statement

Note:  The Bank of Gassaway Bank Statement included tallies for Sept and Oct. Their error. Both months are included in this financial report.  AW

Beginning balance:   908.36
Total spent     2172.49
Total deposits    1854.00
Closing balance Oct 31 2007  589.87

Live365 2 months    29.92  and 29.92
Cancelled checks:
1825 Gas Stipend    10.00   Greathouse
1864 Gas Stipend    30.00  McComas
1867 Mat Carte    25.00  grass cutting
1868 Gorman     160.00 repair of EAS
1869 Charleston Newspapers  121.82  FCC ad
1870 WV Surplus    150.00  2 puters
1871 Keith Hammond   1000.00 FCC engineering
1872 WV Surplus    75.00    one puter
1873 Farmer/Mechanics   112.83  ¼ payment
1874 Elk Power    200.00
1875 Simpson Neal   30.00 repairs to PA head
1876 Frontier    150.
1877 Tiff Tees    48.00 9 shirts

No checks are out
Cash on Hand    15.00

Bills due:
 Power     181.50
 Farm Store    60.05
 Tele/DSL    144.16
 CCHS Donation   25.00
Total Due     411.00


2007 WYAP-LP Station Report

What a year for change and growth at WYAP-LP, 101.7 FM. Here's a thumb nail accounting from the last calendar year.
 Monday wise we did good!     YAP radio was awarded a GKVF grant of $4300. Those funds were used to grow our Saturday night summer time outdoor music show, Summer Jam. With the money we were able to print brochures & posters, purchase a backdrop for the stage area, provide a small gas stipend and meal voucher for each performer, record each show, and get into the vending business with cold drinks and T shirt sales.
CAEZ awarded a $1700 one time grant for building an acoustically balanced roof above the stage area. The Governor's contingency fund OKed a $4000 grant to update our audio equipment for a better sound. Those funds were not disbursed in 2007.  The Wall Mart Community fund granted the station $600 which was used to replace outdated equipment ('puter, rolling chair, and flat screen monitor).
Sadly, many other grant applications including ACF, The Alliance Fund, Flex E Grant, and Hamburger Helper Community Fund were stamped "DENIED".
Programming  and local content shows increased. Four new progressive shows (EarthBeat, FSRN Headlines, Midweek Politics, and War News Radio ) were added to our line up.  Fun offerings like the 1950's AM style rock n Rock show, the Daddy G Oldies Show and Adventures in Contemporary Jazz  were added.  The Saturday evening slot was filled with the Freedom Factory with Frank T. For the first time in over a year, WYAP had a live morning person which allowed increased used of newsy shows plus Lisa's very own music show. In the Fall of 07 Jane Cook began offering the Operation: Home Ties program each Saturday afternoon. The live call in show is designed to be a support group for military Moms and Dads with children serving over seas.
There were improvements in our equipment. Since the beginning of time, we have had a "60 cycle hum" in the background. The purchase of two AC current filters reduced that nuisance. The WallMart grant provided a brand new computer (Wally 1) . Additional funds were used to purchase a high quality computer from State Surplus. The Surplus computer is now being used in the live booth for Skype Telephony duty and recording.
Community support grew in 2007. Record crowds were seen during the June thru August Summer Jam series. Sponsors during the CCHS Football and Basketball seasons increased from last year. When we got in a financial pinch last winter, members of the community showed their generosity and paid the music broadcast royalties in the nick of time. More people mentioned they listened to our offerings. Our Sportscasts allowed those unable to travel to hear their grand children and neighbors' kids play High School sports.  The Board of Directors held together and met faithfully throughout the 12 months.
Our community foot print grew substantially in 2007. WYAP was the lead agent in organizing the Small Town America Independence Day Celebration. Throughout the warm months, we hosted yard sales in our parking lot which helped grow the local economy with new cash for those most in need. In the fall we collaborated with Clay Elem School and aired short audio clips produced by the kids. Summer Jams brought people and new dollars into the county to hear great West Virginia musicians. With crafters invited to set up booths around the stage, once again WYAP was instrumental in growing new economy "bucks" for Clay County West Virginia.
The big step in 2007 was applying for a high power FCC FM broadcast license. Although we won't know if we were successful in the application process for 18 months or so, WYAP with the help of our friends in Wheeling, completed the lengthy application and submitted it on time, actually twice on time! For now, we broadcast with just 8 watts of power. Maybe by the end of the decade, we can push that to 1000 watts. The increased wattage will allow high quality audio for about 90% of the county of Clay.
On the down side, there are still many issues unresolved. The DSL link to the transmitter often breaks down resulting in no audio. Cold weather affects the slave computer which drives the transmitter on Triplett Ridge resulting in shut downs. Last February we were faced with closing down when our checking account went bust. Only with the help of our radio family, we were able to get thru the near bankrupt situation. We still have a shortage of volunteers for behind the mic and behind the scenes work. The much needed seven second delay button and remote audio cut off switch remain pipe dreams.
During the FCC application process, WYAP expended $1000 for engineering work. That $1000 was our reserve to get thru the winter.  As we end the year of growth, once again our coffers are nearly dry. Maybe that's the way it's suppose to be in the non profit business.
2007 brought many more pluses than minuses. Good!
Report prepared by Andy Waddell, Sta Manager.