WYAP-LP 101.7 FM
Board of Directors Meeting
Jan 14 2006   1pm
At the station

Approval of Minutes, Dec, Nov 2005
Bank Statement, Dec 2005
Dec station report
Year end station report
Internet webcast compliance
Basketball broadcasting, sponsors
CORA Funding reductions
 Membership drive
 Grant writers and grants
2006 Goals
Election of officers


Clay County Communications
Board Meeting Minutes
Jan 14 2006     1pm
At the station


Present: Fred Sampson, Pete Triplett, Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell

     After opening by Pete, Motion by Fred, 2nd by Dana, to accept the Nov 2005 minutes as presented. All ayes were heard. No Dec 2005 minutes, no meeting was held.
     A year end financial report was presented by Andy. The financial statement was off 5 cents over the last 12 months. Including checks not processed thru the bank but mailed out, WYAP has around $1200 in checking and $500 in savings. Currently the monthly operating budget hovers at $450.  Motion by Fred, 2nd by Dana to accept the financial report. Motion passed with all ayes.
 Fred Sampson recommended that a year end report be forwarded to CORA. The report should include pictures and programming examples. Motion  by Andy, 2nd by Dana to forward the report in Jan 2006. Motion passed.
 With funds dwindling, the Board agreed to calling the current situation a crisis. CORA has not met their monthly payments of $333.00 per month. They are behind for Nov and Dec of 05. With funds on hand and without renewed support from CORA, WYAP has funds available to operate 3 months.
 After lengthy discussions, the Board agreed to approach the crisis on three fronts. First, the membership campaign will begin for 2006. The mailed out packet will include redesigned application which allow individuals to donate more than the $20 membership fee; a brief year end report will be included; and non stamped return envelopes will be provided this year. Motion by Dana  2nd by Fred to do the membership campaign. Motion passed. Fred agreed to donate $50 worth of postage stamps to the cause. A membership campaign director will be appointed. Suggestions included: Jim Creel, Dawn Mullins, Greg W, and Natalie C
 Second,  a 2006 Budget Digest request will be mailed this month seeking $20,000 for, relocating the tower/antenna; rewiring the station; to purchase backup broadcast equipment; a new outdoor covered stage and dance floor; and replacement of steps to the attic. No vote , just consensus given. Pete and Andy will pursue release of the 2004 Budget Digest grant of $5000.
 Third,  the 2006 web site and on air sponsor campaign will begin immediately. Web site rates will be identical to on air rates which are:  $20 for one month, $18/motnh for 3 months; $16/month for 6 months; and, $14/month for 12 months. No motion just consensus given. The Board will find someone to head up this campaign.
 Board consensus to aggressively seek a grant writer. The group did not do any  major grant writing in 2005.
 Motion by Fred, 2nd by Dana to postpone Board elections.
 Meeting adjourned at 3:08pm

Minutes taken by Andy Waddell.


June Board Meeting Minutes
June 10 2006  1pm


Present: Fred Sampson, Peter Triplett, Dana Perkins, Teresa Kerns., Andy Waddell

Fred opened the meeting. May minutes were not available. Board packets were handed out. Financial crisis discussed. WYAP has had zero reply from the Spring appeal letter campaign. We gained three news members in May 2006. We received the Dec 2005 CORA monthly check.  More help is needed in writing grants (Toyota and ACT)
Andy presented the station report. No major equipment issues to report. The Peavey PA needs repairs before Summer Jam season. Consensus to repair the PA system.
Discussion turned to moving the station before Jams begin. All possible locations for the station have turned us down.  Looks like we will use Budget Digest grant dollars and buy an office trailer. So far, RT and Robin Sizemore have Oked moving  a trailer to the Fas Chek of Clay parking lot. Possible trailers include one Paul Myers knows about and Eddie Johnson’s trailer at Clendenin. Andy will check with Jim Shaffer about a possible donation of a trailer. Absolute drop dead date for the move: June 15th. If we don’t have concrete plans for a move by that date, we will stay at the triangle until fall.
Group consensus, whether we move to a new location or not, Summer Jams  will begin July 1 2006. Liability insurance has been secured from Ficon Insurance of Charleston.  FCC application to move the antenna will be submitted online and the antenna will move to a shed on Triplett Ridge. No vote, just consensus.
Motion by Andy, second by Fred,  to appoint Dave Derby to the Board. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes prepared by Andy Waddell



Board Meeting
July 15 2006   1pm


Present: Sarah Goode, Paul Myers, Lindy Myers, Fred Sampson, Andy Waddell, Dave Derby, Peter Triplett
Motion by Fred, second by Dave to approve May meeting minutes. Motion passed unanimously.
 Final CORA check (partial) arrived as did ACT training grant check. Andy felt there was about $400 left from the $5000 Budget Digest grant after purchasing and rebuilding the office trailer. Motion by Fred, second by Paul to approve the financials as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
 The first Summer Jam was held last week at the Courthouse. Big turn out, lots of fun and good music but the sound on 101.7Fm was bad. No answers were given for the bad audio over the airwaves. Some problems getting musicians due to high gasoline prices.
 During the station report: the wireless internet system is not working out, bad signal strength; the basics of the recent move to the FasChek parking lot is over, Team YAP came thru and worked their butts off  during the move; the stage is complete minus a wheelchair ramp. Morgan Triplett volunteered to hook up our electric service. Danny Neal will check out our HVAC at the trailer. Andy will contact the BDA about grants available to turn room B into a welcome center. More information is neded before we build a wheelchair ramp.
 A work party is scheduled for Tuesday to clean out the old station building.
 ACT has contacted WYAP about a possible grant to do on air social justice programming.  Paul Myers is securing cinder blocks to better level up our new trailer. Before the next meeting, we need to get info on hooking up water and sewer service. Andy will call the Town office.
 Fred left early.  Andy mentioned the need for a thank you person to handle that paperwork. Internet and email very important.
 Adjourn 2:14pm
Minutes prepared by Andy Waddell


WYAP Bd Meeting
Aug 12,  2006    1pm
at the station


Present: Peter Triplett, Fred Sampson, Dana Perkins, Dave Derby & Andy Waddell
  Motion by Dana, second by Fred to approve the financial report as presented. Motion passed. $500 will be deposited in savings ASAP.
 Motion by Fred, second by Dana to reimburse Peter for a CD player $60, mic stand $45; Audio cables $32; and mixer board $20. Motion passed
 Discussion on the need for back up equipment at the station. Items:  one faster computer, back up battery power supply for live booth; install copper ground rods for the live booth; need to run a second phone line to room A or B;  need for s small 20 watt transmitter; and hook up the gas generator in preparation for winter conditions. No decision made.
 Station report given which included: FCC OKed the antenna move and wattage reduction. Fred will contact Mr Cercone seeking info on FCC appeals on watts allowed and Pete will begin looking for a used circular antenna. FM audio during Summer Jams sucks. Some unknown technical glitch. No answers yet.
 Motion by Fred, second by Dana to send out thank you letters and some small stipend (manager discretion) to each Summer Jam performer to defray gasoline expense. Motion passed.
 Motion by Andy, second by Dave to increase insurance to include new office trailer. Motion passed
 Work Party is planned for Aug 24th. Fred will call Paul on availability of used cinder blocks for underpinning. A budget was set ( no vote) of $100 for the work party (blocks, etc.)
 Motion by Dana, second by Fred to have Danny Neal fix the HVAC system at the trailer ($250). Motion passed.
 Discussion on needing the bathroom hooked up. No decisions with Andy checking with RT and Town maps to see if there was ever a house with “city” water where the station is now. Deposits for sewer and water will be $570.
 Consensus: will not purchase a used canvas awning for the stage area; will start looking for used underpinning;  and, will start looking for a used circular antenna ($75).
minutes prepared by A Waddell
 Consensus to do Sunday programming ( Gospel mix) until 2pm each Sunday followed by existing discussion group shows.
 The Board was informed that a non commercial, high power, FM radio license window will open in early 2007. The up to 100,000 watt licenses will be awarded as long as there are no interference issues. No decision but Board will start looking at grant possibilities ($100,000) in going full power.
 Mention made of potential public access TV stations coming on local cable companies.
 A letter for assistance was mailed to the Business Development Center concerning  $5000 in funding for a County Welcome Center including a wheel chair ramp, interior furnishings, and brochure racks.
 Motion by Andy, second by Dave to budget up to $75 for outdoor lighting near the front and back doors. Motion passed.
 Meeting adjourned 3pm.