Clay County Communications
Board Meeting Minutes
Dec 4 2004,

 Just prior to the Holiday Party at the station the Board convened to vote rescheduling the Dec Bd. meeting until Jan 2005. Motion by Andy, second by ?  Motion passed.


Clay County Communications
Jan 8, 2005
Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Delbert Davis, Gene Perkins, Dana Perkins, Fred Sampson, Elizabeth Sampson, Pete Triplett, Jim Creel, Jim Perdue,

Prior the meeting: Discussion on Nov and Dec internet stats and station report.   Delbert Davis opened the meeting.
Motion by Andy, second by Fred to elected: Jim Creel, Andy Waddell, Jim Perdue, Fred Sampson, Dana Perkins,  Delbert Davis, Pete Triplett to the Board of Directors. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion by Fred , second by Andy to elected Delbert Davis President, Peter Triplett, Vice President, and Jim Perdue Secretary/Treasurer for 2005. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion by Pete, second by Fred to accept the Nov 2004 and Dec 2004 Board meeting minutes. Motion passed unanimously.
After the Financial report was read, motion by Andy, second by Dana to accept the report as read. Motion passed
Fred opened a discussion on a need for a committee to review programs prior to broadcast; the need for all performers during live summer outdoor shows to be from this county only, and a disclaimer statement to limit exposure. Discussion with the disclaimer part already implemented 2 months prior. Fred agreed to bring to the Feb meeting a draft copy of the duties and responsibilities of the Review Committee.
Jim Perdue announced he was resigning from the Board.
The station report was read and discussed with Jim Creel agreeing to accept the thank you letter writing duties.
Motion by Fred, second  by Pete to allow three $20 stipends to Laura, Dwayne and Crystal. Motion passed unanimously
Discussion on needs for additional staff, on air personalities, and the need for sales person. No decisions made.
Meeting adjourned.
Minutes prepared by AW and JP.


March 2005  Station Report

   During this month WYAP added “A World of Possibilities” and For Your Health and Fitness”. World is a progressive discussion group with international thinkers expressing views often lofty. Health is a common sense approach to health issues facing us. World is free. We are still working with Pacifica Network in CA to secure free access. The producers are forwarding us CDs of the show (no charge) until a Pacifica decision is made.
  Pete purchased two sports show style earphone/mics for $60 plus shipping. We need to reimburse him.
  I talked with DHHR (April1) about supplying YAP with CWEP  workers. According to Bev Schoonover, they have no one available but keep us on their list.    We have gone 9 months without a paid high school or senior worker at the station.
   Our tape recorder pooped out two weeks ago. We use it to record PSAs and telephone interviews. Jim P talked with Sen Love about the problem Love responded with an offer for $1000 from discretionary funds. The request letter has been sent to the Sen.
  Avis is doing an on air membership drive during her show. We have new membership cards and better bumper stickers to give out.
  YAP received 2 CDs in the mail during March. Tracks from Shuteye Train are now in the playlist (DooWop). Trudy Jane was the second CD received and well… it’s not too good. Lead singer from ShutEye is from Braxton County and the group agreed to perform during Summer Jam 2005
   A Hurricane Church called and asked us to air PSAs for a class they offered in March. We did so.
   Last week, the power going off and on messed up our transmitter for four hours. It is now working again. The live booth is working but for those of us with bifocals, using the “up high” monitor screen is tough. With little room available, we need a flat screen monitor and for it to be lowered down for us aging, on air, folks.
   Our broadcasters continue to be dedicated and on the job. We still have many programming slots open and volunteers are still needed. Jim Perdue and friends are now doing a live Wednesday night bluegrass show beginning at 8pm. Last week, musicians included: Jim P, Randy Triplett, Brett Stover and Dave Prezioso.
   Here’s our daily line up:   Jimbo in the Morning, 8 to 9 am M thru F; the Jim Creel Show, 1:30 to 2pm, M thru F; Avis in the Afternoon, 3 to 5pm M thru F; and, Newscast,5:30 to 7pm, M thru F.
 Our evening shows include: Shon Boy and Boggsy, Tuesdays after the newscast, 7 to 8:30pm;  For Your Health, Wed., after the newscast, 7 to 8pm; Dear Laura and Dwayne, Wed., 10 to midnight; Eagle Rock Church Time, Thursday, 8 to 9:30pm; and Saturday, 7pm, World of Possibilities, 1 hour.
Prepared by Andy Waddell

Clay County Communications
Bd Meeting  Minutes Feb 5 2004 1pm

  Attendees: Dana Perkins, Gene Perkins, Fred Sampson, Delbert Davis, Avis Rose, Andy Waddell
   Delbert called the meeting to order. First on the agenda Charlene Adkins who explained the new accounting procedure on computer using Money software. Our 2004 nooks are now in order and on disc. Discussion on what additions are needed for proper non profit records. Ms Adkins is to forward the new software disc for our use.
   Fred introduced a new form to be filled out when a new show begins. The form will be kept in the public inspection file. Andy made a motion to accept the new form and Avis 2nd and motion passed.
    Andy gave station report….needs are many including the need for more volunteers, new shows are starting to be aired ( Luke and Beth), the transmitter is working fine, the live booth has been rearranged.
   Request for $20 each for the two guys doing the boys basketball sports casting and gift cert for Linda and Dale and their helpers in the amount of $30. Fred made a motion to accept the CORA stipend motion, Dana 2nd and the motion passed.
   FCC discussion…. Still some needs for full compliance with Pete and Andy in agreement, they don’t have the time to do the job right and timely. Efforts will be made to hurry up the EAS wiring problem.
   Board election…. Andy made a motion to put Avis on the board to replace Jim Purdue who resigned and to correct an error on the Jan ballot by putting Paul Myers in the remaining vacant seat. Fred made the motion to accept the 2 nominations and Avis 2nd. Motion passed unanimously. Avis will also serve as our treasurer/secretary.
    Discussion on the new canopy ( by Delbert and Alex) and about painting it. Donations last month include a bunch of CDs given by Jimmy Miller and a very nice reel to reel tape player for the station.   Andy talked about the status of music for the play list and many new additions to the sometimes stale music programming. Discussion on filling out invoice for 2003 Digest grant for $4000 and 2004 Budget Digest grant ( $5000)for a trailer. Delbert suggested before we buy the remote trailer a committee of 3 or 4 to go look at one before spending the money.  Avis made a motion to put Delbert in charge of the committee Andy 2nd. Motion passed
   Discussion on Summer jam 2005 bookings, policies, show dates, and the need for our own PA system. Avis made a motion that Andy and who ever he chooses  to make a list of rules for Summer Jam 2005 to be brought before the board the next meeting. Delbert 2nd and motion passed.
   Delbert made a motion to adjourn Fred 2nd.

Transcribed by Avis Rose and Andy Waddell


March 5, 2005  1:15pm
At the station
WYAP Board Meeting

Present: Fred Sampson, Gene Perkins, Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell, Avis Rose, Peter Triplett
Call to Order by Avis. Minutes, motion by Fred, 2ns by Avis, Minutes approved as presented. Financials, motion by Andy, 2nd by Fred, motion passed to accept Feb 2005 financial report as presented.
 Gene and Dane Perkins donated $20 to WYAP
 Station report presented. Notice given by Frank Murphy of rent change beginning in July 2005. EAS issues remain. Discussion of 2005 Budget Digest request including: backup equipment ( transmitter, PA), HVAC, general operation dollars, taller antenna/tower, sound proofing, get on public access channels, money to build a stage. Concensus: $10,000. Need more volunteers discussed.   Station report motion by Andy, second by  Fred, motion to accept passed.
 Summer Jam 2005 needs discussed including: need to purchase a PA system and developing a summer tourism package with the town. No vote taken
 Adjourn 2:30pm.
Prepared by AW



May 7 2005 Station Report
A  Station Update     B  Immediate Needs

DHHR community service worker Paula Bird came on board the first week of April. Paula is learning basic skills of recording and is hosting top of the hour 5 minute broadcasts. Soon she will begin the as campaign for Summer Jam 2005.
Soon to be married Shon Parsons resigned as host of the Shon Boy and Boggsy Show. Aaron Shamblin has agreed to host “Around the Boards” each Tuesday night after the newscast.   Nationally syndicated Gnat Sports by Bryant Scott discontinued operation as did our one minute news update, LPFM News.
Pacifica News agreed to accept us  as an affiliate station which opens the door for us to use many of their programs including a five minute news service daily at noon, 1, 2,and 3. Pacificia is also the source for our Wednesday evening show “For Your Health and Fitness”.
Many new tunes have been ripped and added to the playlist.
Still within  the $150 budget, portions of the exterior have been painted white ( Paula), flowers have been planted (Paula, Andy, Avis), 2 flags were installed 9 Jim P). Avis is looking for an analog answering machine.
In April, live bluegrass shows were aired, Eagle Rock Church Time resumed on Monday nights, Mary Lou Douglas and Dana Perkins provided a live performance April 6th.
As soon as someone volunteers to organize and host, it’s time to get debates and discussion groups on the air on a regular basis.
Emily Hughes interviewed Andy and Paula for the May 16th , between 7:30 and 8 am, Public Radio documentary on LPFM stations in WV.
County Clerk Moore phones and confirmed receipt of the 2004 $5000 Budget Grant approval. After the Commission Oks the grant, we’re ready to buy a mobile broadcast trailer.

Russ Legg from Newton ( I think) seemed to be willing to loan his PA system for our summer use. After approaching him twice in April, Legg has not committed. We should cross that idea off the list of options.
With the Apple Blossom Fair coming May 20th at Maysel Park and the 14 weeks of Summer Jam 2005 upon us, it is imperative that we commit to purchase PA equipment: 2 speakers ( up to $400, ); 2 monitors (up to $200); 6 mics ( $175.00); 6 mic stands and brackets ($150.00): and connecting cables ($100).Without that $1000.00 commitment today from the Board, Summer Jam plans have to be scrubbed as well as YAP radio night at the Apple Blossom Fair.
Pat Naylor of Music Mania bid the above listed items for a little under $1000. 2 nice Peavey speakers are available from Will’s Pawn Shop in Charleston for $300. It is illegal to sell used mics in WV. Online, MusiciansFriend.com  can sell the same package for around $900. Pete personally purchased a nearly new Peavey PA head and has agreed to loan us its use this summer saving us big bucks.
Additionally, Clint Salyers will provide an 8’ x 3’ Summer Jam banner for the front of the station ( $75)  and two plastic 101.7FM signs for the outside of the broadcast booth. Total around $100. Both are needed.
I have just started booking acts for Summer Jam. If anyone has a group interested, please let me know ASAP.  The plan is to have two acts nightly with a 15 minute half time break. At half time, limited walk ups will be allowed and audience involvement (announcements, hellos, etc.)  will be encouraged. Total show will be 1 ½ hour long. After the official finale, other groups could perform and we may consider airing them too. Nothing decided on that yet.
To engineer the shows, to host the shows, and organize the shows, it’s going to take more than one person (wa). To make this work, we need a total of three willing to work each of the 14 Saturday nights. Raise your hands please!
AW end


May 7, 2005 Bd Meeting
Clay County Communications
At the station 1 pm


     Present: Andy Waddell, Sara Good, Mary Lou Douglas, Avis Rose, Dana Perkins, Gene Perkins, Dana Perkins, Paula Bird, Pete Triplett

    Minutes from the month of April read by Avis. Motion to approve by Gene. Unanimous vote yes
   Discussion April live 365 stats.  Listening hours via the internet down by 20 hours.
  Station Report by Andy including: $150.00 Oked from last meeting, budget for the month utilized for building    maintenance ie: Painting, flowers, two flags, answering machine, two flower boxes, and potting soil.
     Motion to purchase PA System for Summer Jam.  $ 1,000 budget for system.  Items included: Microphones, monitors, and speakers.  Pete has agreed to loan the PA mixer for the summer. Motion made Paula, Andy second, Unanimous vote yes
    Motion by Avis, 2nd by Pete to purchase to 8 by 3 foot Summer Jam banner for $75 and two signs saying 101.7 fm for outside from Clint Salyers.   Unanimous vote yes
    Discussion on need for more volunteers for Summer Jam 2005. Andy stated “One person cannot put on Summer Jam, we need three people to volunteer.” Pete, Andy, Avis, and Paula committed their time for Summer Jam 2005.
Motion by Avis to provide Paula a CORA $30 stipend for purchase of a new tire for automobile.   Second Andy. Motion passed unanimously
Pete motion to adjourn meeting. Second Avis. Unanimous vote Yes
Minutes prepared by Paula B


Clay County Communications
Board Meeting
Aug 6 2005   1pm

Agenda Changes
Old Business
Budget Digest
Station Report
CORA Fall Conference
Policy and Procedures

Aug 2005 Station Report


Summer Jam   continues to draw a good crowd and has become our public relations flagship. This year’s 2 hour format is much more workable with no complaints from the audience on the shorter format. Each week we expense around $6 and take in between $25 to $45 on the 50/50 raffle. Volunteer help has been much better this year. Avis, Paula, Sophie and myself have been at most all the Jams this year. Has worked out much nicer. Last week a man fell down in the Gino’s parking lot after crossing the Rt 4 from the show. The incident brought to light a need for renewed vigilance on safety.
Work Schedules have allowed WYAP to have on air personalities nearly 24 hours per day seven days a week this summer. We are close to have the community station full of new voices and sounds that we imagined just a few years back. On the down side, I expect us to lose Roy Cottrell in the next week, returning to employment; Sophie head back to school, she will work a short shift after school hours; and, Paula leaves the night time spot when school opens. Paula will return to the 9 am to 1 pm slot M thru F. Even with vacation time off for Avis, Jim P and Luke and Beth, the summer schedule has been great but coming to a close. Expect a new and improved Laura Beth and Dwayne Show by mid Aug 2005.
Equipment wise, since the last meeting, we purchased two headphones ($41). Both battery back up units pooped out this summer. The one in the live booth was replaced in July at a cost of nearly $60. Our computer hard drives are nearly full and there is an urgent need for more back up space. Translation: We need to buy another external hard drive for storage. Cost around $90 if on sale. I urge Board OK for that purchase.
PROGRAMMING  Since last meeting YAP has added two new  public affairs shows. Law and Disorder is a 30 minute discussion show where four attorneys talked on current topics. New Dimensions is  a 3 minute weekly show which sorts out all sides to thorny current affairs. We are looking at Merry Knoll’s Voices in the Air show. No decision yet. Our two minute bible study show, Getting the Message is no longer aired as of the end of July.
FALL Sports season is coming. I emailed Frank Bennett asking if he and Ray would be doing the Football broadcasts this Fall. No response to date. Aaron Shamblin will be asked if Frank doesn’t respond soon.  I plan  to talk with CCHS Principal Phil Dobbins this coming week to iron out any football wrinkles.
 New Show. Bill Triplett has asked to do a weekend Live music show this fall. Bill wants a Tuesday or Thursday night slot to best accommodate the musicians. Hope to have it up and airing in Sept.

July 2 2005
Bd Meeting Minutes

Present: Pete, Dana, Andy

Call to order by Pete
Financials $1460 available less one $45 check out,
Pete gave a Budget Digest report which included: We have sent in the invoices for the 20003 grant, $4000. No word from Charleston on our approved 2004 grant for $5000. We applied for $5000 from the Digest in 2005. No word on the 2005 request.
Andy reported the emergency alert system does not work and needs corrected immediately to be in FCC compliance. Pete and Andy agreed to try again and get it working.
The May meeting minutes approved. Motion by Fred and second by Dana. The June minutes were approved as presented. Motion by Fred and second by Dana.
The June station report was presented by Andy. In addition to needing new earphones and a n external hard drive discussion on providing more station identification notices during evening programs.
Consensus, no vote taken , no ad in the Apple Festival book.
Summer Jam discussed with all in agreement, this year’s show is better organized and has a better mix of music. More musicians still needed. The 50/50 raffles are netting around $30 for the station weekly. Tee Shirt sales, a new addition this year, are being maintained by Charlotte.
Rent begins in July 2005 and money needs set aside for that added expense.
Discussion on new station polices by Fred. Mr Sampson presented 4 ideas for new policies relating to politicians and election year campaigns, complying with FCC on air language content policy; prior approval of new show content; religious promotion and on air programming.   Discussion on football sponsors by elected and candidates for office. Discussion on calls to action; preaching on air; difference between for profit and non profit sponsorships; sponsorships by church groups and on air credits for such; and revising existing potty mouth policy.
Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm

Minutes prepared by Andy W


Board Meeting
Sept 10th 1pm
At the station


Agenda Additions
 Paying Royalties
 Stipends for gas
Donations since last meeting

Station Report
 Summer Jam and CDs
 Fall Schedule
 New Show- Bill Triplett
   Sister Faye
   Maybe Greg
 EAS equipment
 Hard drives, earphones,
CORA Conference  Fred
By Law Additions, 2 possible


In addition to the monthly report, a Summer wrap up is included. In addition to the Board Approved and purchased external hard drive ( $150), 2 CD players, 1 cell phone headphone set was purchased as well as a  $25 phone card. The headphones ($20) and the card (600 minutes) are being used by the sportscasters.
Stipends this month went to SS ($25) when her HRDF checks didn’t arrive on time. We made a  $400 loan to RC after learning he was operating his vehicle without a license. $200 has been repaid so far with assurances of the second half in installments.
The live booth is stable. The phone jam remote box connector is now operating again after a bout with rain damage. After months and months of no working toilet, volunteer Greg Wagner repaired the tank and we can flush with confidence. After adding the external hard drive and a new donated 60 gig internal hard drive to Direlos, our ‘puter bank appears stable.
No progress has been made on getting the EAS operational. Llyn Drake donated a Fax machine in Aug.
This summer we lost Jim Perdue as a broadcaster, the Luke and Beth Show , and the Monday night gospel show.  Avis in the Afternoons remains at three day per week. Avis advised that until gas prices become more reasonable, she can’t afford the 23 mile trip five days per week.
Bill Triplett has expressed an interest in doing a weekly live music show. Early plans call for a Tuesday night 1 hour slot at the station. Now there is discussion of moving the show to the senior center and doing a live remote from there with an audience.  Maysel’s  Greg Wagner has expressed an interest in hosting a weekly on air discussion group. Still negotiating with both parties. Look for show inclusions in Oct.   WYAP added a new pro union, pro labor on air program in Aug. Luke and Beth offer Labor Radio Report during their Saturday night show.
We are now offering many donated news casts as part of our offerings. With their pledge drives approaching, I think it would be wise to offer each that ask, a $10 donation. We need to discuss the matter.
With increased manpower this Summer, scads of new music has been added to our play list. Fall announcements are already recorded and in use. With the addition of “Audio Grabber” , a CD ripping program, the quality of our new tunes has greatly improved
Without a doubt, Summer Jam remains our best PR vehicle. This year’s organization, hosting, shorter format, and presentation were much improved over the 2004 edition. Avis Rose deserves much applause for tireless efforts and great on stage presence. Experience and more horsepower, Avis, Sophie, and Paula, made the difference. We need to set down ASAP and before we forget, and makes notes on ways to improve Jam 2006.
Our football coverage has problems. During the first CCHS game, during  a monsoon, the Phone Jam got saturated and shut down. We only broadcast half the season opener game. Listeners were peed. We were unable to broadcast the second game because the land lines were out at CCHS. Last night’s game in Montgomery went well. YAP was the only station to broadcast the efforts of our kids. Telford’s Chevy, Mike Asbury,  FasCheck, and the Bank of Gassaway are paying sponsors at $80 per season. Invoices have been sent. Many local businesses told us out right, they were broke and without the $ to sponsor.  Last night, the Fayette County School charged us $50 to broadcast. We need to discuss the matter.
Now into the fall season, our labor pool has dwindled. See Fall schedule included. Roy continues at 40 hours per week. We anticipate his departure, returning to the work force,  soon. Sophie was cut back to 12 hours per week with all funds running out by Thanksgiving for Sohie. Paula is down to 17 hours per week as a result of her taking an EMT class 10 hours/week. Ernie was removed from the DHHR program.
Preparing for Winter, we need to paint the roof. Cost, around $100. We need to remove the stage and store it some place in the dry.
Overall, 101.7FM grew during the Summer months. Our presence in the community expanded. People are now coming in and emailing with PSA requests. The Apple Festival is including us in their mailings. They have also committed to monthly sponsorship for another 12 months.  People are calling in with requests.
There were no major blemishes this Summer.  AW

Clay County Communications
Board Meeting  August 5 2005


Present: Fred Sampson, Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell, Sarah Goode
Fred called the meeting to order 1pm
Motion by Dana, Second by Sarah to approve July meeting minutes. Motion passed.   Andy read bank statement.
Motion by Fred, second by Andy to change future meeting times from the first Saturday of the month to the second Saturday of the month at 1pm. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion by Andy, second by Dana to ask building owner to discount rent if WYAP pays the full amount in advance. Motion carried unanimously
Motion by Andy, second by Dana to repay lenders from last Jan’s personal loans secured by Delbert. Motion passed.
Fred will contact a friend about getting our EAS system into working condition.
Andy will check with CCHS principal Phil Dobbins concerning broadcasts of Panther football games. Fred feels he and Elizabeth will be able to attend the Fall CORA conference in Oct 2005.
 Motion by Andy, second by Fred to adopt Station Policy rule 11. Motion passed unanimously. Policy 11 reads: All persons wanting to use WYAP broadcast opportunities must fill out  a program content form and get approval from the station manager BEFORE getting on the air. All FCC rules regarding content and use of public air waves apply.  Consult with station manager prior to program date if acceptable content questions arise.
Motion by Fred, second by Dana to adopt policy 12 for the station policy manual. Motion passed unanimously.  Policy 12 reads: On air personalities  are to refrain from  making disparaging remarks or remarks in support of any candidate for office.  All candidates for public office are allowed to air their positions for office during on air debates and in  on air discussion settings. The FCC community standards principles apply during those on air programs. Consult with station manager prior to program date if acceptable content questions arise.
Sarah raised concerns over the content of a song performed during a Summer Jam 2005.
Motion by Dana, second by Fred to allow other groups to set up yard sales on the station property. Motion was rejected, 2 nays, Fred and Andy
Minutes prepared by Andy


Oct 2005 Station Report


      We finished off the last of the 2005 Summer Jams since the last Board meeting. Summer Jam has been a great public relations tool and is growing into a mainstay in the county.
     On Sept 30th WYAP hosted an on air fundraiser for Ronda Dennis. The cake walks, twist contest and auction netted Ms Dennis over $1000 during the 2 hour event. In addition to a worthwhile cause, the event solidified our footprint in the county as a group to include in fund raising activities.
 In Sept we spent a bunch of money. The new EAS monitor arrived and is ready to install. One of our CD players bit the dust with the replacement costing $110. Additional purchases included: 100 more CDs, $14; 2 new mic cables $45.
 The Apple Festival Committee has renewed their sponsorship for another 12 months. Kevin Duffy has signed up as a sponsor for the next five months.
 Sadly our workforce has taken a nose dive. DHHR worker Paula Bird decided to work at another non profit organization. HRDF high school worker Sophie Swartz ended her assignment here and chose not to pursue another 120 hours of employment. Long time volunteer Avis Rose has taken a full time job in Charleston and ever so sadly we report, Avis is leaving her afternoon on air slot. Roy Cottrell continues to do an excellent on air and off air job. He puts in 37 hours per week at the station plus volunteers a little more time.  We are in need of more volunteers.
 On the plus side, a new Tuesday evening show, Jammin on Tuesdays has been added for a five week trial. Bill Triplett is the lead person for the one hour per week offering.  So far, the show has been great!  Fred Sampson has agreed to host a discussion/debate show for a trial 3  week period. That show will start up in mid Oct on Thursday nights.
 Since our beginning, Delta Communications has paid our live365 webcast fee and then billed us later. That arrangement changed last week. WYAP will now be paying the $24 per month fee via money order. The first three months has already been forwarded to Live365.
 In an attempt to make web listening easier with fewer interruptions, changes have been made. Our streaming signal speed has been reduced to allow dial up listeners a better chance at staying connected.   Also, a new  not so “secret” button has been added to our web site. Instead of going thru a big long process to listen, casual users can hit one button and connect to our signal. Pass the word.
 Our Panther football coverage is in full swing. There have been bumps along the way. We have had telephone connection issues twice resulting in 1 ½ games being cut short. Aaron Shamblin and Brian King are growing stronger with each game. We have four sponsors, Telford Chevy, Fas Check, Mike Asbury, and the Bank of Gassaway.
 It’s time to start thinking about CCHS basketball season broadcasts. For girl’s sports, Linda McKinney and Dale Mullins are on board for coverage. Nothing firm yet on boys basketball. Aaron Shamblin and Brian King feel they can do most of the games. Bogsy from last year is moving to Florida. No word yet on Shawn Parsons.
 With the loss of volunteers and workers, Sept was not a good month for WYAP.
Andy Waddell
Station Manager

Clay County Communications
Board Meeting     Minutes
Sept 10 2005   1pm
At the station

     Present: Fred Sampson, Peter Triplett, Paul Myers, Andy Waddell, Dana Perkins, Gene Perkins, Sarah Good, Charlotte Davis, and Lindy Myers

    Peter called the meeting to order 1:08pm
    Previous meeting minutes approved with two changes. Motion by Fred, second by Andy, passed unanimously
    No formal financial report given. Checking account has about $5000 and savings remains at $500. ASCAP , SESAC royalties have been paid for 2005. BMI info is being researched.
    Motion by Fred, second by Andy to provide a $20 per week stipend to Avis for travel expense for five day a week show. Motion passed.
   Donations in Aug included: Earnie Sirk, Delta Communications.
   Station report included: EAS is down; Football broadcast rights payments discussed, sponsors this year include- Bank of Gassaway, Mike Asbury, Telford’s Chevy, and FasCheck;  Discussion on buying a cell phone for the station.
    Motion by Fred, second by Dana to pay the broadcast fee to away football games when asked. Motion passed.
   Motion by Fred, second by Andy to donate $5 to each non profit news cast program when they ask during their individual fund drives over the next 12 months. Motion passed.
    Discussion on painting the roof this Fall. Consensus, wait until Spring.
   Fred and Elizabeth  will be representing WYAP during the Fall CORA conference in North Carolina. Motion by Andy, second by Dana to provide a $50 stipend to cover travel expense. Motion passed.
    After discussion, policy 13 was approved unanimously. Motion by Andy, second by Dana. Policy 13 reads: Religious Broadcasting Policy, Preaching is defined as, to give religious or moral instruction. Preaching is not allowed on WYAP-LP. Religious calls to action such as alter calls, “go to church xyz to hear the truth”, or “go hear preacher so and so”, etc. shall not be allowed. WYAP broadcasters shall not promote a religious agenda nor proselytizing.  WYAP does allow quoting a religious verse to illuminate a song, religious debates/discussions, gospel music, and airing of community notices of religious events.
     Faye Quinn has asked to do a religious program each Sunday on WYAP. Board agreed to listen to hear current show on WCAW 580 AM before deciding.
    Sarah asked about our membership dues campaign. She was not sure when her dues expired. Avis will be contacted.
    Discussion on Sunday programming. Andy explained that gospel music is played for 24 hours each Sunday except when on air broadcasters provide their own programming, athletic events, news casts or discussions.
   Charlotte Davis reported t shirt sales during summer jam amounted to a net profit of $112 in hand, $20 already in the cash box from the Sept 3rd show, and $24 due from Lindy M soon.
    Summer Jam went well. Consensus, it was an improvement from 2004 and WYAP’s best PR tool to date.
Meeting adjourned around 2:45pm

Minutes prepared by andy


Board Meeting Minutes
Oct 8 2005  1:17 pm
At the station


Present: Avis Rose, Andy Waddell, Dana Perkins, Pete Triplett, Gene Perkins, Sarah Goode
Avis called the meeting together at 1:10pm.  Minutes not available from last meeting.
Financial report: $4429.82 in checking. Personal loans have not been paid back to date. $350 was cleared from the 14 summer jam shows. Consensus of group, not vote, get a debit card from the Bank of Gassaway. Even with 4 sponsors, broadcasting the 10 CCHS football games is in the red.  The cost of covering travel expense for the volunteer sportscasters, purchasing equipment, and broadcast fees is killing us.
Avis will talk to Leonard Williams about moving the jam stage out of the weather for the winter months.
Motion by Avis, second by Dana to pay Pacifica Network $20 to underwrite their programming costs.
Discussion on holding a yard sale Oct 22 during the Fall Foliage Weekend. No one would commit to organizing the fundraiser.
Motion by Andy, second by Dana Perkins to reimburse Peter $109 for a the new CD/MP3 live booth player and $250 for the new EAS monitor. Motion passed unanimously.
Avis Rose resigned from her afternoon Avis in the Afternoon time slot after taking a full time job in Charleston. She remains on the Board and anticipates returning to the airwaves in a few months.
Motion by Andy, second by Avis to reimburse Peter for 160 feet of coax (EAS antenna) and a $23 telephone relay box used for remote broadcasts. Motion passed unanimously.
Discussion on some kind of outdoor night light at the station. Pete suggested a lighting system for under the front porch canopy. Sarah suggested WYAP hold an auction to raise funds.
Motion by Avis, second by Andy to adjourn at 2pm. Motion passed.

Minutes prepared by Andy Waddell



Dec 2005


   As we finish off year two of operating a radio station, how about a three section, bigger picture, report this time.
 OPERATION   We continue to grow and offer more to the community. In 2005, we have many additions to our offerings in the way of news programming and documentary/discussion live and “canned” shows. Our evening offerings expanded wonderfully with the addition of two DHHR community service workers and volunteers. Today we have live programming after 6pm five nights a week. Our music library doubled (I think) as the community provided us CDs and old LPs. Although we need many more volunteers to achieve our dream of improving the county, 2005 has shown much true growth. We receive compliments on our sound quality.
 EQUIPMENT  Our basic broadcast and recording needs have been met. We have a bare bones, no frills, manual operation that operates with a good success rate. That’s good and is the base for improvements. WYAP has two MAJOR issues facing the future of the station. New webcast rules require us to send music data info in our stream to live365.com. After two weeks of trying to figure this out without luck, we are in serious jeopardy of losing our world wide presence on the web. Our second critical issue is the proper hook up and use of the FCC mandated Emergency Alert System (EAS). We continue to violate those federal rules and when caught by the regulators, WYAP could be fined or shut down. We need renewed dedicated attention in these two areas without delay
 FINANCES    No organization can grow without a strong financial foundation. Our group has always operated on a shoe string budget veering away from our three prong approach to funding: membership, grants, and corporate sponsors.  Our membership campaign has been all but non existent in 2005. We rely on two grant sources, both of which are iffy at best. Locally we have done little to enlist the support from the business community.
 As we end this year of success and growth, we need the strengthen the operation by going back and firming up our financial and broadcasting rules foundation. Without tending to those most important needs, there may be little need for a 2006 station report.

Clay County Communications
Nov 12 2005 Board Meeting


   Location: 120 W Main Street       Present: Peter Triplett, Gene Perkins, Dana Perkins, Fred Sampson, Avis Rose, and Andy Waddell   Meeting to called to order by Peter
Motion by Fred, second by Avis to approve the Sept and Oct meeting minutes. Motion passed unanimously
Discussion on the FCC taking public comments on changing EAS rules for low power station. Our EAS system remains incomplete.
Avis said she may return to the airwaves in the Spring.
Luke Gallaher agreed to install some kind of outdoor light under the canopy on the front porch. Board consensus: Get power to the existing outdoor outlet and then hook an outdoor light to the outlet. Contact Luke about hooking power to the outlet
Avis provided the  monthly financial report. All bills are paid. Personal loans were paid back last month with a goof up going to Fred S instead of Fred Davis. Currently WYAP has $2777.36 in checking account.. Sportscasters will be provided a stipend for their volunteer efforts. Motion by Fred, second by Andy to accept report. Motion passed unanimously.
Fred provided a CORA Conference report to the Board. The Conference facility was not handicapped accessible making some meeting sites hard to get to. The meeting did not have the cohesiveness found during other retreats. Fred  attended a fund raising meeting with the Pocahontas station.  Andy will contact Thelma Waddell before the next Board meeting.
CORA has asked WYAP to provide possible funders for their organization from Clay County. Andy will forward a letter to CORA ASAP.
Andy presented the station operation report to the Board.  We only broadcast 6 football games this year due to telephone and cell phone mess ups. We lost money broadcasting CCHS football games this season. May consider just doing home games in 2006. Consensus to return $20 to each sponsor. Motion by Fred, second by Andy to reimburse Peter $70 for two mic/headphone combos; new MP3 live booth player ($109.00). Motion passed unanimously. Pete has not been reimbursed for a carotid discussion group mic approved last month.   Basketball sportscasters this year will be Dale Mullins, Linda McKinney, Dawn Mullins, Aaron Shamblin, Brian King, and Shawn Parsons.
Motion by Fred , second by Gene to reimburse Andy for blank CDs and incidentals. Andy will write a letter to the WV Sec of State to remove a penalty for not paying a lawyer tax in a timely manner. The “Bert” work station is not working properly. No decision made as to repairing it this month. Leonard Williams moved the Summer Jam stage to the old State Road garage for safe keeping this winter.
Fred will host a live on air discussion for two weeks beginning Dec 8 2005. Board consensus to have Roy start mailing Summer Jam CDs to the musicians.
Motion by Fred, second by Gene to provide RC a $40 stipend and canned ham for the holidays. Motion passed unanimously.
The annual Christmas party will be Dec 10 2005 in lieu of a regular Board meeting.
Meeting adjourned 2:35pm.

2005 Year End Report
WYAP-LP 101.7 FM


2005 brought many accomplishments to our community radio station. The following are highlights from the last 12 months
The Commission on Religion in Appalachia (CORA) Oked funding our operation with a three year commitment. Our annual grant amounts to $4000 or $330/month and is the backbone for our enhanced programming. A Budget Digest request for $2000 was approved.
On May  11 2005 the FCC gave the final approval of our 100 watt low power broadcast license. After seven years of trying, we had success. WYAP-LP went on the air officially that evening.
During June, July and August, our Saturday night outdoor music shows grew in many ways. Summer Jam became the thing to do each Saturday night for locals and visitors alike. Even during 5 rainy nights, the crowds came and the show went on. We did a much better job recording the shows and have many tunes in our Thursday and Friday playlists. We invested nearly $1200 in a new PA system.
During mid year, four workers, three from DHHR and one from CCHS worked at the station and gained meaningful life  work experiences. We added Saturday night programming with the Luke and Beth show plus new Monday thru Friday offering, The Jim Creel Show. Roy Cottrell worked Tues Wed and Thursday nights ‘til 3am.
We had a tough football season broadcast wise. Truth is, we lost money on the 6 games we wre able to air. In 2006, we have to sit down and reevaluate our options. On the up side, home game basketball sportscasts are going well with good sponsorship $ from four supporters.
During the Oct and Nov., we added indoor live music shows on Tuesday nights and on air discussion groups on Thursdays. The response from the offerings was great. Two listeners was so fired up with what they heard over the air, they came to the station and voiced their opinions. Guests were often so riled up, they also became part of the on air offering.
New shows added in 2005 include: For your Own Health and Fitness, World of Possibilities, Law and Disorder, Creative PR programming,  Voices of our World, New Dimensions, Alternative Radio, Labor Radio,  The Mimi Geeges Show,  Planetary  Radio, and  Talking History. In June, Pacifica Radio Network (much like NPR) allowed us to join their organization and provided us specialty broadcasts  including top of the hour, five minute, headlines news.
2005 was a year of growth in most ways. On the down side, our membership campaign and grant writing accomplishments went in the gutter. In Dec 2005, CORA notified WYAP , their funding had been cut and the agreement to fund YAP for three years was on hold. Financially we are in real trouble. Program wise we had a remarkable year in 2005

Andy Waddell
Station manager