WYAP Board Meeting
Dec 20, 2003
Meeting Minutes

     Present: Delbert Davis, Charlotte Davis, Henry White, Wanda Chambers, Pete Triplett, Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell
 Listener stats provided Board by Andy indicating a growing number of listening hours and “presets” by listeners.
       Senior Citizens Henry White and Wanda Chambers came to work since the last board meeting. No Financial report given.  No grant update report given.  Nov 2003 meeting minutes motioned by Henry, second by Dana P, passed unanimously.
Henry  and Wanda provided a station update report
indicating continued growth at the station.
 Discussion on need to get tower up and ready. Pete said he knew of a tower that we could use. The FCC minor modification application has been certified mailed to Washington DC.
 Discussion on need for fund raisers. No decisions made
 OK given to Andy and Pete to head to WV Surplus properties and look for transmitters, broadcast equipment, and computer hardware to set up fourth on site work station.
 Motion by Andy, second by Pete to postpone Dec elections until Jan 2004. Motion passed unanimously.
 Delbert informed the Board that he instigated a capital campaign to raise $2000 to purchase broadcast equipment. Over $1300 has already been received with commitments of $700 to come. Delbert explained the money comes in the form of no interest loans which we must pay back with no fixed pay off date set in stone.
 A Holiday party with 20 in attendance followed the 30 minute meeting.

Minutes by Wanda
Transcribed by Andy



Clay County Communications
Board Meeting
Feb 23 2004

Old Business
Stats, Listnership, etc
Approve old Minutes
Financial Status
 Mixer $150.00
CORA Loan Pay off
Need for CORA Year Old Report
FCC Update
Antenna Purchase
Coax Purchase

New Business
Station Update
Membership Campaign
Sponsorship Campaign
Huntington Road Trip, Marshall , Radio Museum, RR Museum
Feb 21st Fundraiser Report   Wanda
April 24 Fundraiser- Is it for us?
Donations to date

Clay County Communications Ltd
Jan 26 2004
Board meeting Minutes
Held at the station

      Present: Bd President Delbert Davis; Peter Triplett, Sarah Goode, Dana Perkins, Fred Sampson, Scott Bass, Denise Taylor,  Henry White, Andy Waddell, Marge Bragg, Wanda Chambers.
Dec minutes approved with motion by Andy, 2nd by Dana. Unanimous vote.
No financial report provided and the need to set up a computer generated monthly statement discussed. Scott and Denise said they would contact CCHS for assistance.
Four new members signed up in Dec 2003
Motion by Andy to keep the same elected officers for another term. Second by Wanda. Motion  for Delbert as President, Peter Vice President, Jim as Sec/Treas. Passed unanimously
Board elections were also held. Motion by Andy, second by Wanda for Delbert, Pete, Andy, Jim, Sarah, Paul, Rose, and 2 station workers of their choice to comprise the Board for next 12 months. Motion passed unanimously.
Since last meeting, a used computer and 21 inch monitor from WV Surplus was purchased for $100.00 WYAP received a working laptop computer donated from CAEZ.
A pancake breakfast fund raiser was slated for Feb 21 at the Two Run Nutrition site. Wanda will be the organizer for the event.
WYAP will ask our Legislative delegation for $5000 from Budget Digest funds to enlarge the station and provide a mobile broadcast booth for festival an emergency condition coverage.
General discussions: need to do more business sponsorships, need to get on FCC airwaves, the tower was erected out front of the station; the need to purchase the right antenna and coax; progress on the project due in part to the new support of volunteer Greg Payne and the continued support of Benwood’s Bryan French.
Marge B spoke on school issues, long bus rides, and consolidation issues now before our elected leaders in Charleston.
Motion to adjourn by Wanda 1:30pm, 2nd by Dana, Motion passed.
Minutes written by Wanda, transcribed by Andy


Board Meeting
March 22 2004    1 pm

Old Business
2003 Financial Report
2004 CORA Grant
2003 CORA Grant Year End Report
Station Update
FCC Progress, antenna, coax, tower paint too

New Business
Remodeling the Station
April 24th Fundraiser
2004 Fundraisers
HRDF Supervisors and Workers
Worker’s Comp Claim


Board Meeting Minutes
April 24 2004    3pm

Present: President Delbert Davis, VP Pete Triplett, Dana Parkins, Andy Waddell, Paul Myers.   Members and Guests: Gordon Bird, Charlotte D, Fred and Elizabeth  Sampson, Sarah Goode, Lindy Myers. Online Broadcast statistics were provided; recent emails were passed around. Funds raised during the earlier in the day Meet the Candidates Luncheon amount to over $300.00.
Motion by Pete, 2nd by Paul to approve the Jan 2004 meeting minutes. Motion passed.
Pete provided an FCC update including: our minor modification permit was getting closer to being approved; should be within 30 days as a guesstimate; our buddy in Benwood ) Brian)  felt certain we would be allowed 100 watts of ERP (power); Pete said Sunday night (25th) he and Andy would rig up a mini transmitter and try a signal test. General discussion on having a celebration when WYAP actually goes on the air. Consensus: our high school broadcasters should begin making plans for the party.
Three weeks prior, the antenna was brought down, repainted, and our new Comet antenna was installed  as well as the coax with the help of supporter Gregory Payne of Elkview, Delbert, Pete, Alex D, and Andy. After installation, Mr Payne provided a 50 watt ham radio test which revealed at that level, our signal would reach Baird’s Jewelry Store to the North, Clay High, and Bullard’s Exxon toward Maysel.
Lengthy discussion on whether to go way over budget and purchase a 300 watt transmitter ($3000) or to stay within our $2100 budget and start out with a much smaller 30 watt ( under $1800) unit. Motion made and passed to stay within budget and go ahead and purchase within budget as soon as the FCC gives the thumbs up.
Motion by Andy , 2nd by Dana to change future Board meetings to: the second Saturday of the month at 9 am. Motion passed unanimously
Marge plans to attend the Spring CORA convention in Breaks VA April 27, 28 and 29th.  A $50 conference fee has been forwarded to Marge. Our high school broadcasters have prepared a new three panel display for the conference. Marge will also take for the booth; Clayberry maps, business cards, and brochures.
Pete gave an update on our 2003 Budget Digest grants. According to Pete:  Senator Love and Delegate Perry came to the station earlier in the month and  assured us we had our $4000 and $2500 grants and the $4000 award would arrive within a few days. Additional paperwork for the $2500 was mailed to Charleston by Andy. As for our $5000, 2004 Budget Digest request, according to Sen. Love, “it looks real real good right now!” The $5000 will be used to purchase an office trailer which will serve as a new live broadcast booth and mobile unit during fairs and festivals around the county.
Gordon Bird asked about advertising his business on the outside of building. Response: Yes, for a fee
Discussion on our ever changing labor force. Brian S will be going to the Army in June; Rachel R will be graduating May 26th; senior worker Henry White passed away April 13th, and Wanda Chambers sold her home and is moving to Glenville. By mid summer, only Brittany F will be left working at the station. New senior citizen worker Fonda B has come on the job and is blending in nicely.
WYAP-LP now has 5 business sponsors.
In 2005, low power stations will be allowed to own up to 9 other stations according to FCC rule changes coming now.    Andy reported the newly donated Peavy amp used to distribute the 4 live mics was making a nasty “hum”. Motion by Pete, 2nd by Paul to spend up to $150 to replace the Peavy. Motion passed unanimously.
Pete played the recently recorded “hick hop” public service announcements produced by the CCHS broadcasters.
Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.

Minutes prepared by AW


Board Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2004

Board Members Present:  Jim Perdue, Brittany Ferrebee, Brian Scott, Dana Parkins, and Andy Waddell

Visitors/Members:  Fred Sampson and Denise Taylor.

Meeting was called to order by Jim Perdue, vice-chairperson, at 9:20 after quorum was established.

Agenda Changes:  Mr. Waddell asked that items be added to the agenda.  (1) Items included the need for board members to become active in the day-to-day activities of the radio station.  (2) Norman Johnson and his contributions (3) Peavey update (4) Yearly fee required by the Secretary of State’s office and (5) Flowers, paint and gravel for the station.

Minutes:  Mr. Waddell made a motion to accept minutes, second made by Mr. Sampson.

Financial Report:  Mr. Waddell presented copies of all financial transactions and gave an update.  At this time, the budget has 2,407.90 which includes a $1,400 loan from Delbert Davis.  At the present time, there is approximately $1,000 which has not been committed.  There is $399.21 in the savings accounts which brings the total balance to approximately $2,800.  The organization continues to receive CORA monies regularly which have assisted the organization in not having to take out loans to cover overhead and necessities.  If anyone is interested in reviewing the financials, they are located at the station.  (There are also two outstanding pledges which have not been received for $350 and $400.)  Motion made by Mr. Waddell to accept the financial report, seconded by Mr. Parkins.  Motion passed.

Old Business:

Budget Digest Grant Updates – The station has been presented a Local Economic Development Assistance Grant in the amount of $4,000.  The monies came from the assistance of Delegate David Perry.  The certificate will be given to the Clay County Commission who will act as fiscal agent.
 The Department of Health and Human Resources also awarded $2,500 for an Emergency Alert System.  Required forms were completed by Commissioner Peter Triplett and Andy Waddell and mailed.
 Senator Shirley Love has stated that the past Budget Digest request of 2004 for the amount $5,000 will soon be received by the station.

FCC Update:  The FCC has given permission to begin training.

Station Report:  Brian Scott gave a monthly update of activities during the past month.

Mr. Scott undertook the project of hooking up a new broadcast table for the low cost of $38.  This table cuts down unnecessary noise during live broadcasts.
Mr. Scott also installed a new workstation and Carlos is now running.
The background hum heard during live broadcasts has been eliminated.
The attic has been cleaned.
Climbing guards have been installed on the radio tower.
The tower, climbing guards, and base have been painted.
Flowers have been planted ($30 expense)
An antenna and coax cable were ordered, received and installed.
Mr. Waddell put together a 1/3  watt transmitter to which has allowed the broadcast to be heard on car radios.  Broadcasting began on April 18th and can be heard from Two Run to Clay.
A construction permit was received from the FCC.
WYAP held a fund-raised on April 24th and raised over $300.
Fonda Butcher is now employed at WYAP.
There is great sorrow for the loss of our friend and mentor, Mr. Henry White.
Wanda Chambers has moved and will be missed.
Rachel Roop will leave the station sometime near the end of June.
Brain Scott will be leaving for the Army on June 8th.

Reimbursement:  Mr. Waddell had previously paid $150 for the Mixer, a CD player/combo, cables, etc. and is asking that he be reimbursed.  Mr. Scott made a motion to reimbursement Mr. Waddell $150; second made by Mr. Perdue.  Motion passed.

New Business Sponsorships:  Brittany Ferrebee gave an update on new sponsorships.  Ms. Ferrebee said that the station now has five sponsors:  King’s Wrecker Service; Dawson’s Auto Repair; IGA; the Henry Clay Hotel who will be sponsoring the Web site; and Gordon Bird who received board approval to advertise on the tower.

New Business:  The need for purchasing a transmitter was discussed.  The transmitter costs approximately $3525 and the organization has $2416.  Mr. Waddell stated that he had spoken to Gassaway Bank about securing a $3600 which will be repaid when grant monies arrive.  The group would like to begin transmitting by Memorial Day.  Delbert Davis has agreed to sign the loan papers.  The transmitter cannot be purchased by credit card; it must be paid by cashier’s check or some other method.  Ms. Ferrebee made a motion to pursue with obtaining the bank loan through the Bank of Gassaway for the transmitter, etc.; seconded by Mr. Parkins.  Motion passed.
Motion made by Andy Waddell to pay the $25 required fee to the Secretary of State’s office due July 1, 2004; seconded by Jim Perdue.  Motion passed.

Board Involvement:  The organization needs for board members to become more active during the live shows.  At the present time, there is a calendar available for members to volunteer by signing up for specific days.  The daily broadcasts now occur between     4:15 – 6:30.  During the summer, times will change.  Members also need to assist in keeping up with memberships, sponsorships, financials, etc..  At the present time, Samantha Johnson is doing data entry but her employment is scheduled to terminate at the end of July.

Upkeep of Station:    WYAP agreed to the upkeep of the premises.  The outside of the station will need to be painted, new carpet needs to be installed, and blinds for the windows are needed.  Mr. Sampson may be able to secure five gallons of white commercial grade paint.  Mr. Perdue will check on having the parking lot repaired.  Mr. Perdue may also be able to obtain carpeting at no cost to the organization.

Fund Raisers:  Board members are needed to raise needed funds on an ongoing basis.  Debbie Procious has suggest having karaoke during the summer months.  Other ideas suggested include car washes, rummage and hot dog sales, and live entertainment.

Youth and Senior Update:  The organization could still use three more Senior workers.  The Youth Advantage Program now has a hiring freeze on and at this time it looks as through Brittany Ferrebee will be the only youth staff to oversee new workers in September.  To be eligible for the Senior Program, a person must be 55 years of age and meet certain income guidelines.  Those present will attempt to locate Seniors who may be interested in supervising at the station.

Board Vacancy:  Mr. Waddell nominated Fred Sampson to the Board, second made by Brittany Ferrebee.  Motion passed.

The board is appreciative of the keyboard donated by Josh Kearns.  Norman Johnson has also graciously allowed the station to use albums that hard quite hard to find.  He will supply CDs and staff will make him copies of the recordings for allowing the station the opportunity to use them.  A motion was made by Mr. Perdue to purchase two needles/cartridges for the record player; seconded by Mr. Scott.  Motion passed.

A motion was made by Mr. Sampson to adjourn.  Meeting was adjourned at 10:30.


Clay County Communications
June 12, 2004  1pm
Meeting Minutes


Present: Delbert D, Pete, Dana, Andy, Brittany, Fonda, Avis, Fred

Call to Order Delbert
Changes to Agenda ? None made

1.Andy Motioned the agenda be approved, Jim second it, motion passed.
2. Fred motioned minutes be approved, Dana second it, motion passed.
3. Andy moved we postpone financial report until next meeting. No up to date monthly computer print out was available.  Jim second, motion passed.
4. Pete made motion that no workers were allowed up the steps to the attic until fixed, liability issue.  Dana second, motion passed.
5. Fred motioned that Jim repair and/or replace stairway with a $150 max spending limit.   Dana second, motion passed.
6. Andy motioned we reimburse Pete back $45. Dana second, motion passed.
7. President Delbert thanked Sarah for returning to duty as Thank You lady.
8. Andy motioned to pay royalty fees to ASCAP, $210.00 and any other royalty dues. Paul Myers second it, motion passed.
9. Andy motioned we reimburse Sarah $14 for postage stamps. Jim second, motion passed.
10. Pete motioned that we adjourn at 3:10, Delbert second, motion passed.
Minutes kept by Brittany F


Clay County Communications Ltd
Board Meeting Agenda
August 7 2004


Call to Order                            Delbert
Additions to Agenda
Minutes from May and June 2004
Financial Report to date            Fonda
Membership Update                  Avis
Royalty to be paid , 2 more
Thank You Lady Report          Sarah
CORA Conference and  2004 Grant Update
Station Report:  new paint, new sign, Summer Jam 2004, progress , New Programming: Avis in the Afternoon, Brittany top of the hour news, Robin’s Nest Report; Need for more broadcasters, Avis CD additions to station; Town donates Trash pick up service and use of traffic cones

New Business
New Station Policy on Potty Mouth
Rose Cantrell Resigns, New Bd Member Vote, Sarah Goode
Work Force, keeping CCHS worker
New equipment needs, 2nd CD player, tape player
Web Site Hosting fee
Participation during Apple Fest
Political Advertising

Clay County Communications
July 3 2004  1pm
Board Meeting

     Present: Fred Sampson, Andy Waddell, Sarah Goode, Dana Perkins, Pete Triplett, and Fonda Butcher
     Consensus made to change the locks on the building.
      Pete made a motion to table the minutes of last meeting until the next meeting Fred second the motion. Motion passed.
    Andy told the meeting that Fonda Butcher was taking over the checkbook
      Fred made a motion to table the Financial Report until next meeting the motion was second by Dana. Motion passed.
       We received official word came June 28 2004 that the $5000 Budget Digest Grant to buy the trailer .
The Transmitter is in, the ALS Decoder should be in by Tuesday  July 6. We hope to have everything up and running in a week
Discussion on 3 Royalty payments for programming which are ASCAP-$230.00, BMI $100.00 , and SESAC for $75.00 . Total our Royalties may run as high as $500.00 a year. The bill to ASCAP for royalties of $211.00 was paid.
        Summer Jam Report:    There have been 2 Jams so far, the 1st jam had 3 groups and about 10 to 12 people on the parking lot 2nd Jam we had 4 or 5 groups and 30 or 40 people on the lot.  Discussion on selling C.D.’s  of the Saturday Shows for $2.50 at the door and $3.00 if mailed, Fred made the motion and Dana second it. Motion passed.
Fred ask us to contact Greg Carroll at the W.V. Culture Center to see if they could keep our C.D.s of  Saturday Jam and Sam’s W.W.II Documentary in their archives.
We discussed the need for mikes and a P.A. System –Fred told us about a one at the Big Otter Fire Department he said he would contact the Thorne Family.  Sarah will talk to Roy Wood about a P.A. System.
Our goal is to keep the Summer Jam going through Labor Day weekend.
We have received $2,500.00 of the 2003 Budget Digest Emergency Services Grant. We have yet to receive the $4,000.00 grant from 2003 budget digest process.
We discussed having just people and instruments for the Summer Jam but since we had already let people use taped music, we decided to let it stay that way for this summer. We will work on  Summer Jam guidelines for next year over the winter months.
We have two new workers, Avis Rose Senior Worker and Steve Perdue community worker. Another community service workers is expected soon. Andy reported that Fonda might be a permanent worker after July 15.
Motion to call Clay Library about keeping our documentaries. Dana Perkins second the motion passed.
WYAP bought a new mixer in June and our Web-Cam was set up on June 17th 2004.  Will rip new C.D.s off Summer Jam shows. Will send Sam Johnson a thank you card for her work at the station. Sarah Good will send the card.
     Pete talked about the need for liability insurance. Fred made a motion to contact W.V. Board of Risk and Coffman at W.V Ins for a quote. Dana second the motion .Motion passed.
      We listened to Samantha Johnson’s exit interview tape which dealt with what she had learned in the 12 months she had worked here. Andy is giving a copy to Scoot Bass.
      Fred made a motion to adjourn Dana second the motion , motion passed.-time 2:50 p.m. July 3 2004.
Minutes and transcribing by Fonda Butcher


Clay County Communications
Aug. 6, 2004     1 pm
Board Meeting

        Present:    Delbert Davis, Jim Perdue, Sara Good, Fred Sampson, Dana Perkins, Andy Waddell and Avis Rose
Andy made a motion to approve the agenda. Fred 2nd, motion passed.
Andy made a motion to approve the June minutes. Fred 2nd, motion passed.
Andy made a motion to approve the July minutes. Dana 2nd, motion passed.
Discussion on money in bank $2,719.50. Fred made a motion to approve the financial statement. Dana 2nd, motion passed.
Avis gave the membership report. 57 members.
Jim introduced a form that must be signed by all performers before going on stage. Fred made a motion to make the form standard procedure for all performers. Avis 2nd motion passed.
Cora update: Have to send one person to conference twice a year. Avis volunteered to go. The 2004 CORA Grant update: The grant runs from Feb. 20004 to Feb. 2005. This year WYAP asked for a 3-year grant.
Station Report: Steve Painted the building and painted a  new sign to be put up replacing the old one. New metal sign letters to go on tower donated by Jim. Andy reported that it was getting hard to get performers for Summer Jam 2004. Advised of the new programming going on. “Avis in the Afternoon”, Brittany at “Top of the Hour” and Robin with “Robins Nest”.
Discussion about sending Mayor Jarrett and Carl Holcomb a thank you card for the new trash can and the traffic cones.
Fred made a motion to pass the “potty mouth” policy, Dana 2nd and motion passed.
Fred made a motion to accept Rose Cantrell’s’ resignation, Jim 2nd and motion passed. Sara is to send her a Thank you card. Delbert made a motion to replace Rose with Sara on the board, Jim 2nd and motion passed.
Workforce discussion. Brittany Ferrebees’ time is running out and she wants to stay. Andy asked Marge Bragg to write letter of support for Brittany. Avis made a motion to OK and send out the letters, Dana 2nd motion passed.
Andy brought up the need for a new CD and tape player costing to the $100 range. Fred made a motion to buy the CD and tape player, Avis 2nd and motion passed.
Web site hosting Fee: Andy has been paying these fees and wants the station to start paying them. Avis made a motion for the station to start paying the $9.00 per month fees. Jim 2nd, motion passed.
Jim brought up the idea to give Andy some money for all his running around and the huge amount of time he spends working at the station. No money available.
Discussion about what part we would play in the Apple Festival.
Discussion about Mr. Craigo and his willingness to help us financially. Andy will send him a letter and set up a meeting to find out how much and what he wanted in return.
Andy made a motion to spend the $30 needed to class “Alliance for Justice Elections Activity  Web Training”, Fred 2nd and motion passed.
Andy made a motion to give Fonda and Avis $50 each stipends from CORA and $40 to Britt. Fred made a motion to accept Andy’s motion and Delbert 2nd. Motion passed.
Avis made a motion to adjourn, Jim 2nd.

Minutes transcribed by Avis R


Board of Directors Meeting
Oct 2 2004    1PM
At the Station
Public Encouraged to Attend

Internet Stats
Agenda Changes

Minutes, Sept 2004
Financials    Avis
Station Report   Avis
Thank You Lady   Sarah
HRDF Update   Andy
Station Manager, Duties
& Responsibilities to Board
and Public    Fred
EAS Update    Pete
Pyles Foundation Grant  Andy
CORA Conference   Avis
Sponsorship Campaign  Sarah
Sports Coverage and $  Andy

Broadcasting Girl’s Sports Andy
Heat Pump or keep heater
New additions to Programs,
Jimbo Show, J Creel, Myra Jim
Painting the Roof   Andy


Clay County Communications
Oct 2 2004   1pm
Board of Director Meeting

Present: Dana Perkins, Clay Mullins, Gene Perkins, Jim Perdue, Fred Sampson, Sarah Good, Peter Triplett, Andy Waddell

Board reviewed webcast stats for Sept, financials and expenses for Sept.
Discussion on football broadcasts. Motion by Jim Perdue, second by Dana Perkins to provide additional expense money to sportscasters on “away” games. Motion passed

Discussion on current broadcast schedules and new worker line up ( Myra). Fred Sampson expressed a need for a station manager to oversee broadcast material. Andy Waddell is currently serving as station manager. Motion by Jim Perdue, second by Fred Sampson, motion passed to initiate a broadcast disclaimer for on air personalities.

Discussion on EAS needs and improvements since last meeting.  Peter Triplett suggested contacting Thompson Cable system to see if they offer an FM signal via cable.

Sarah Good provide sponsorship report including: Kate’s Florist, Clay Auto Parts, and Murphy Floral as paying sponsors with KAT Communications signed up but needing another visit with owner John Osborne.

Motion by Fred Sampson, second by Andy Waddell to purchase a new wall mount heat pump for the station with a $250 limit imposed. Motion passed.

Motion by Fred Sampson, second by Jim Perdue to repaint the orange roof before winter with a $30 budget allowed. Motion passed.

Motion by Andy Waddell, second by Jim Perdue to change bank account names on checking and saving to Delbert Davis, Peter Triplett, and Jim Perdue. Motion passed

Motion by Andy Waddell, second by Peter Triplett to adjourn.


Dec 4 2004  Bd Meeting at the Station

Annual Holiday Party             Noon
Dec Bd Meeting to follow

Additions to agenda
Minutes from previous meeting
Station update
Sponsors update                               Sister’s Place diner
New equipment purchases              phone jam from ebay
Basketball coverage update             need for sportscasters
Program content approval process          Fred
Election today or delay
Change next meeting date to Jan 8 2004

Station Report For Dec 2004

PURCHASES: Heater  $220.00    Puter $45
Our holiday music selection increased to almost 15 hours. The two weeks leading up to Christmas included 25% holiday tunes. The week of Christmas was 50% holiday sounds and on Dec 24 25  and 26, WYAP aired 100% Christmas sounds.
 In Dec our on air shows increased and matured with the addition of the Dear Laura Beth and Dwayne show and Seasonal Sounds with Crystal Coulter. Carolyn Young  wants to do programming but hasn’t found time in her schedule. Expect Young to go live in Jan  Feb 2005.
 Our biggest success is Dec was the addition of  four sportscasters. Linda McKinney and MD Mullins handling all the Lady Panther home games with Shon Parsons and  Josh Shamblin doing boys b ball. Both teams have a great mic presence are  dependable and committed. Shamblin is interested in doing other sports programming as well. Our newly purchased Phone Jam ( $220) mic connector box is a little on the whimpy side mechanically but works well and provides a good clear operation platform.
 Beginning in Nov our P Tek transmitter starting goofing up with iritic performance. On Dec 29th during a Lady Panther ball game it completely died and was shipped ($22.00) to the CA manufacturer Dec 30th. Under warranty, it should be back in  service in 14 days. While in for repairs, YAP borrowed a completely illegal 30 watt transmitter from WEAK-LP in Athens OH and hooked it up Jan 2 2005. Although back on the air, our sound and signal is pitiful. We are non compliant with FCC rules and if caught, they will build the jail around us.
 The live booth was completely rearranged on New Year’s Day for more ease of operation. After doing so, additional adjustments will have to be made to meet physical differences in our volunteer broadcast force. That should be completed Jan 9.
 Our electric heater ( donated by Delbert two years ago) failed us during a cold snap in Dec. The malfunction melted wiring and darn near caught the place on fire. After emailing Board members, AW went to Goldarbs in Charleston and purchased a $225 new unit which is now operating.
 We continue to have serious paperwork and book keeping problems. Some where down the road lack of records and details is going to bite us real hard.
 We continue to have labor shortages prevent us expanding programming and keeping spot announcements fresh. We are shorting our mission statement and purpose by being lax in this area.
 We hosted our first New Years Eve show which included a lighted ball drop, around 30 in attendance, and a three hour live broadcast. Fun was had by all.
 LPFM One Minute newscasts, GNAT Sports, and Media News service was added to our resources in Dec 2004. MSN Messenger and Yahoo messenger was added to Dave and Direlos allowing on air broadcasters an immediate avenue to communicate with listeners. Both messengers are being used by the evening broadcasters.
  NEEDS: Someone to do bookkeeping, thank yous, and sales campaign.  EQUIPMENT: two new mics for sportscasters so we don’t have to gut the live booth twice a week. Cost around $100. Some kind of suitcase to carry the Phone Jam back and forth. Cost ?
      Prepared by AW

Nov 6 2004  1pm
Yap Radio   Meeting Minutes

Present: Peter Triplett, Avis Rose, Sarah Good, Andy Waddell, Dana Perkins, Gene Perkins, Jim Perdue, Fred Sampson
Station internet stats handed out along with recent correspondence
Meeting Minutes passed, motion by Andy, second by Fred
Financials passed, motion by Fred , second by Dana
Sponsorship Campaign- Sarah has not been out much selling, BnA Produce is a new sponsor; Football sponsors brought in over $345 this year.
Membership -  9 members have renewed via the mail out campaign by Avis
Motion by Andy, second by Fred to accept Sarah Goode’s resignation. Jim P will approach Jim Creel to see if he has an interest in being appointed to the Board
Station report by Avis -  DHHR worker Robin continues to be absent from work a great deal;  several of the donated LPs have been enhanced are now in the play lists; more volunteers are needed; the football coverage went very well; new programs this month include the Jim Creel Show and The Bench Crew with Llyn Drake; and Andy will begin hosting a live discussion show; although approved by the Bd., the roof has not been painted this fall; Greg Payne found us a $30 EAS antenna which we will need to pay for; Avis doesn’t want to handle the money unless the cash is locked up and her with the only key, Bd. agreed with her; Avis will continue to do membership and financial paperwork;  we need  a piece of equipment (Zercon) to better do live remote broadcasts. Greg Payne has agreed to install the new EAS antenna for weather broadcasts.
Motion by  Fred, second by Dana to allot $300 for the purchase of a remote broadcast mixer. Motion passed. Jim P pledged $100 toward purchase if over $300 as did Fred pledging  $50.
Dec 4th will be the annual Holiday bash at the station with Charlotte handling the organizational duties.
Marge Bragg volunteered to help with writing the Kanawha Valley Foundation grant due in Jan 2005.
We still haven’t paid all the royalty payments.
Motion by Fred, second by Jim P to start on air disclaimers for each live show. Motion passed.
Fred wants to expand our coverage area and asked that we begin looking at a repeater. Discussion on needing FCC OK after we get our final license.    Discussion on needing new business cards, membership cards, and forms for ad campaign.
Avis attended the Fall CORA conference and reported lower donations to CORA meaning lower grants coming. Discussion on approaching Michael Ronehouse as a grant writer. Discussion on sending Oschel Craigo a letter seeking funding and see if he will become a sponsor , pizza boxes and ads.
Meeting ended at 2:45pm.